You Can Find Love In The Simple Things

When you look in the mirror, do you like what you see? Are you consumed by society’s measures and deadlines and keeping out what is truly important? Do you take it all for granted? Are you seeing the important things in life?

Have you built walls around you so that no one can get in, not even you? Are you protecting every material thing around you and taking more than you are giving? Are you not even seeing the marvelous beauty that surrounds you?

No more excuses—open up your windows. Listen to the birds singing and children laughing. Look for love in the breeze through the trees; look for love in the quietness of your mind. Look for love in the simple things. Love isn’t always about having a partner in your life that gives you love, it’s about slowing down, enjoying rainbows, watching lightning storms, smelling campfires, and listening to that song that grabs your heart. Start giving more than you’re taking and enjoy the simple things in life.  Love the beauty around you and give without expecting anything in return; love without sorrow and selfishness.

Learn to quiet your mind and listen to your heart. Learn to live in abundance even when you don’t have it. Learn to feel love even when you’re not in a relationship, and learn to give gratitude even if you were shown hatred.

Go back and tell your younger self to speak their mind, to not care what others think, to not be afraid to have a voice, to embrace their body, to walk into any situation with confidence, and to tell anyone that underestimates them to go to hell.  Look in the mirror and smile at the reflection looking back at you. Shine and grow through your own eyes and embrace this day. Embrace the Universe for giving you another chance for another day to love the simple things.


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