Scientists Have Discovered Which Women Are Most Likely To Cheat On Men

Scientists have found out which women are most likely to cheat on men.
Nobody likes to be deceived. This can cause serious consequences, from decreased self-esteem to health problems.

Here are the women most likely to cheat on men

To prevent or minimize the possible consequences of betrayal, you need to choose your partner wisely.

Many tricks help expose an unfaithful person to clean water.

According to a study conducted by Illicit Encounters, women most likely to cheat are those whose parents cheated on their partner.

The findings are disappointing: 71% of unfaithful women had cheating mothers.

Of course, it is a rare woman who openly admits to her man that her mom or dad cheated. However, once you get to know her parents, you can draw certain conclusions based on their behavior.

Something to think about…

Why do women cheat

While society says that mostly men cheat on their wives and girlfriends, in fact, women also cheat. We will share with you why such a stereotype arose, and also why ladies still cheat. By the way, they do not do this for the same reasons as men. 

Why does society perceive men as cheaters?

1. A woman feels underappreciated

If in a marriage a woman is considered a housekeeper, nanny, and servant, then she feels undervalued. A lady wants to receive attention and appreciation from others simply for the fact that she is a woman, and not for the functions she performs around the house. 

2. Loneliness and boredom

Long-term relationships can develop into routine and loss of interest in each other. My husband plays on the computer in the evenings and minds his own business. All attempts to achieve affection end either in nothing or in routine sexual intercourse without much emotion.

The husband can also go on long business trips, and all the household chores plus work hang on the woman’s shoulders.

3. Desire for revenge

If a man cheated on a woman, she may want to punish him in the same way. Revenge can also be for other grievances. For example: “Oh, so, I’m fat and I won’t find anyone for myself? Let’s see!” – a completely possible thought.

4. New sensations

For this reason, men most often cheat, but it happens that representatives of the fair sex also want to experience new sensations. Sometimes such meetings develop into relationships, sometimes they end in meetings without obligations.

5. Intimacy disorder

Intimacy disorder is a state of inability to maintain close emotional relationships and trust each other. Childhood trauma and/or sexual abuse often lead to such problems in adulthood. Such women are looking for bright emotions, not emotional intimacy.

Of course, there are other reasons, but these are the most common. If you find yours among the problems listed above, try talking to your husband or consult a psychologist. 

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