Why do men quickly find a replacement for their ex-girlfriend?

Why do men quickly find a replacement for their ex-girlfriend? Ever wondered why men so quickly find a new girlfriend after breaking up with their ex? Although this is also observed in women, men still do this more often.

But why? What makes them move on from a breakup so quickly and rush into the arms of another woman?

Why men quickly find a replacement for their ex-girlfriend:

My first thought: it means he didn’t love you if he found a replacement for you so quickly. You may think that he was not at all upset about your breakup, that he did not have serious feelings for you.

Such assumptions are quite reasonable. But they are most likely incorrect.

You see, when men are emotionally involved in a relationship, their feelings are as deep as a woman’s, whether they show them or not. So when the relationship ends, they feel a great emotional emptiness.

Unlike women, men often lack social support when they are hurt and sad.  They can’t cry to friends, mom, or all cry while watching TV shows and eating a bucket of ice cream.

If it was considered acceptable for men, perhaps they would do it. But they worry too much about social stereotypes. As a result, when they are hurt, they cannot tell anyone about it. They suffer in silence, perhaps trying to forget themselves in alcohol.

A man realizes that he has a limited number of options available and must do something quickly to deal with his emotions. That’s why he’s trying to fill the void after a past relationship. 

How he does do it? Looking for someone to focus his attention on – emotionally and sexually. Usually, this is a new woman who helps him heal his wounds, allowing him to return to a comfortable space in which he is again the strong man that he should be.

He is in a hurry to return to a state in which he can again feel courageous, and can again control his feelings.

The speed with which a man enters into a new relationship after an old one is directly proportional to the pain he feels: the deeper the pain, the faster he will find himself a new woman. 

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