Activities for two | 47 Extraordinary activities for couples

Everyday routine, work, boredom or no ideas? Choosing to do things in pairs sometimes turns out to be more complicated than expected. Should he decide? Or should she but worry, after all, she wants to ” keep fresh ” the relationship .

Stop it. Because we probably all know: at some point we have to get off the sofa (and put away the empty pizza boxes and cups) – otherwise it gets boring.

Romantic candlelight dinner in the ” Le Loft “, starred restaurant overlooking the lake (or the construction site)? The classic of companies for two.

“Honey, let’s go to Paris (and take a picture on the Eiffel Tower, just like everybody else!)” . There you were already for Valentine’s Day. Two times.

Cozy Netflix & Chill? We just wanted to reorient ourselves – right?

Today there are plenty of ideas for things to do with a couple, which you certainly have not come up with (or maybe).

Things to do together at a glance

What can you do? Here is our list:

  1. Play the bell

    Slip your fingers gently (and accidentally) on all the bells of a residential building on a leisurely (Sunday) afternoon walk. And walk on quickly.
    Or just let your fingers slide over the bell surfaces at night (in the rabbit costume). It still seems to be forbidden in rabbit costume. Does not that remind you of your childhood bell jokes?

  2. A party night only for two

    Treat yourself to a glamorous party night in the club of your heart. Maybe even at the club where you met. Make chic, get yourself in the mood and dance away everything that pays no rent. Power yourself and above all … celebrate as a couple.


  3. A night walk through the city

    Take a leisurely stroll through the old town, your favorite neighborhoods or the neighborhood where you live. Take your favorite drinks with you, which you then sip at your favorite spot. You will always remember that … nostalgia moments are taken care of.

  4. Night walk through the forest

    You want to scare a little? Take a flashlight with you (or go with your lantern) and walk together through the forest at night. Maybe one person can tell the other – for even more scary factor – a mystery story.

  5. Climb a mountain together

    Maybe there is a mountain (or hill) near you that you can climb. Get up early in the morning, climb this mountain and enjoy the sunrise. Such activities greatly strengthen your connection with each other, as you set a common goal that you can tackle together.

  6. Couple Yoga & Meditation

    One of the most underrated activities for couples can also be yoga and meditation. These are powerful activities that intensify your connection to each other. In yoga, you can choose positions that you hold together.

    Or you support each other in the correct execution of a certain position. And if you also hold hands while meditating, your two hearts will beat each other faster (we are sure of that).

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  7. Something different than Paris

    Drive to the airport and book the first flight on the scoreboard (if it’s just short of time and finances, drive to the bus station of your city.) If you do not have time (or your own money), blindly board the first bus on the bus Central Station (and maybe just a trip to the city center) – what matters is the feeling of adventure!

  8. A day with the disposable camera

    Documents one of the selected activities for two with a disposable camera. You will never forget this day again (figuratively speaking).

  9. Surprise picking up from work

    Get each other off work as a surprise and take you to a nice bar, reserve a table in a restaurant or pack a picnic that you unpack and enjoy at a beautiful spot (the nostalgia site).

  10. With the tour bus through the city

    Even if you have lived in the same city for 20 years, there will always be corners that you can discover (or rediscover). So sit down in the big, red tour bus and look at your city with new eyes.

  11. Sleeping in the open air (1/2)

    Grab your sleeping bag, provisions, warm socks, blankets and sweaters and sleep in the open air. Along the river. At sea. On a high-rise roof. Sometimes, doing business together can be a bit more extravagant!


    Sleeping in the open air (2/2)

    Rent a boat, go out to the lake and sleep on the water, as far as you can.

  12. Write love letters

    Write each other love letters that you send by mail. Even if you live together. The feeling of ” It takes somebody time to write me a letter ” is beautiful.

  13. Playing cards (or board games)

    Sit down, play cards or a board game. Sounds boring? Never ever. Invite friends, the last little ” house party ” was due soon anyway, right? Open a bottle of wine. And the one who buys Schlossallee drinks as a punishment two glasses at a time. 😉

  14. Power this cooking class

    It comes to rest with spaghetti Bolognese, the excitement goes down even with bread with spreads. Time for something fresh! Time for new food and recipes. How about a cooking class together? Because: Quality time, teamwork, fun (and recipes for the next year of relationship). Well, when are you off to the kitchen?

  15. Motto cooking days (after the cooking class)

    Ever wanted to be vegan for a day? Or just eat a clean day? Vegetarian, or only with Fallobst feed? Coming together can also be quite relaxed and easy. Plan a motto day in which you only eat according to a certain principle, pick out recipes and cook them, go to a special restaurant. Try it.

  16. Learning a new language together

    Another exciting activity for two is to learn a language together. In addition to learning a new language (finally more than this ” Hola, una cerveza por favor! “) You have here again a common goal that drives you together (and for which you may motivate together).

  17. Learning a new language together (and traveling)

    Study this new language together and then travel to the country where this language is spoken.

  18. Drive-in cinema or open-air cinema

    When it’s warm outside, treat yourself to a drive-in movie or a visit to the open-air cinema. A Netflix’n’Chill alternative that you need to go outside – and yet funny, cuddly and incredibly romantic.


  19. Rock on the children’s playground

    Leave the children in your direction over this activity for two and play an afternoon in the children’s playground. Climb, jump, rock. Blow yourself out right.

  20. Dancing in the warm summer rain

    If it’s really hot and a lot of warm rain is announced – jump out, dance, jump, let everything go and let your inner children here again the direction.

  21. Try it through (through and through)

    Try a wine fair. Or through various cocktail bars. Run through all the cafés you come up with on a Sunday afternoon and plunder the cake counter. Or feed yourself through a street food festival. No matter what: Try something you have never tasted.

  22. The hairdressing date

    Go together (and at the same time) already dressed smartly to the hairdresser, advise each other, get your style and then go out glamorous. This is really something special.

  23. Rent the dream car

    Rent your dream car for a day and drive to a place in your area that you have always wanted to drive to. Think of the disposable camera and the nostalgic moments!


  24. Play the 1-minute massage game

    Small activities for two can have a big impact. Massage each other for a minute, where your partner wishes. As long as you want.

  25. Left, two, three, right, two, three

    Yes, this tip is often read at the companies for two. Because he has it in him. Making a dance class together is great because you:

    • be prepared for any occasion and dance on it,
    • it connects you unbelievably,
    • and make you real ” Partners in Crime “.
  26. Plan a bike ride

    Grab your bikes and drive on. In the green, through the city, to a certain place – go, and make it together. Feeling the sun and wind on your face will probably please you both.

  27. Play Playstation together

    Play Playstation together is only for geeks ? Not even close. Strengthen your dream team and have incredible fun with it. But beware – also here again couch danger. Try to integrate one of the other activities in pairs, otherwise you might fall into the routine again. Games for couples are still fun!

  28. Sit in a cafe and watch the people

    Sit in a cafe and watch the passers-by. Think stories to them. Ask yourself specific questions , eg what kind of work the person is doing, if he has children, and much more (and also indiscreet questions , stay with you).

  29. Tell an infinite story

    One of you starts an imaginary story with a few sentences. After that, the other’s turn. And on the basis of these sentences, you continue the course of the story with further sentences. Until an incredibly confusing story arises.

  30. The song game

    One of you tunes a song and ends it anywhere. With the last letter of the sung song the other one has to start a new song. An example. She sings: ” Love me like you, love me, love me … “. He starts his song with an ” E “. ” Every move you make, every step you take … ” – and on and on. Can you play for months.


  31. Collect vouchers

    Collect all vouchers that come into your home with the ad and redeem them. Even if there are only 50 cent discounts. For this you have made a new of many things for two and discovered something new.

  32. One of the underrated companies for two: planning a trip around the world

    Plan a world trip for two. Search flights and hotels. Think about your route. Find pictures of your destinations. Even if you can not take them seriously at this moment, you will be filled with happiness.

    And if you want to continue it, get a big map and stick the individual goals. So it is even more real and you get right in Vorreisestimmung.

  33. Become a digital nomad

    Become a digital nomad – work completely online, start your own blog, earn money and travel around the world (and do all the things you want for two !). There is always something going on (and you make money while traveling, how exciting is that?).

  34. Is a craft project together?

    Repair your loo together. Or build a new PAX cabinet. Plan your garden. Go buy flowers together and dig up the earth. Make it together.

  35. Classic: All you can eat

    Go together in the ” All you can eat ” restaurant of your heart and really bang your bellies that you just roll home.

  36. Picking together in strawberry land

    If there is one in your area: drive to Strawberry Land (or whatever fruits you prefer), pick the fruit directly from the field and plan something special with it. Make a tasty smoothie, cake or ice cream out of it.

  37. Ikea madness

    Drive to Ikea, give yourself some inspiration for your apartment (and play hide-and-seek there).

  38. floating

    Buy two inflatable flamingos (or unicorns) and practice “floating” – that means you just let yourself drift on the water. Whether at the lake, in the swimming pool or in a river near you.

  39. Photo booth

    Sit in the photo booth near you and take some nice snapshots.

  40. A photo shoot for both of you

    Take some money in your hand and invest in a nice photo shoot for great couples pictures. Perhaps you are less aware of this today, but in 10 years you will remember that very day and look forward to these photos (and your children will say, ” Oh my god dad, were you a vegan then? “).


  41. Visit the night flea market

    Visit a night flea market, pick out some nice parts (pretty cheap) and practice bargaining for your world tour.

  42. Sold on a (night) flea market

    Misfire, make more room, buy a few bottles of beer (or whatever you like to drink) and sell whatever you want to give away at this (night) flea market.

  43. Put puzzle together

    Surely you will find on the said flea markets a puzzle that someone gives. Put the puzzle pieces together and hang the picture in your apartment.

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  44. Challenge yourself together

    Do you know these challenges that you find online again and again? How about a fitness challenge, productivity level, or sales volume?

  45. water Fight

    If it’s really hot in the summer, take a bottle of water, put a hole in the lid, fill the bottle with water and, well, make each other wet. You can also walk together under a sprinkler. Both provide a great cooling.

  46. Spa weekend

    And if there were no tips for you, make a classic spa weekend. Book a hotel, relax in the whirlpool and in the sauna. Enjoy the food. And relax completely.

  47. Last of the many activities for two:

    Try to do all these activities throughout the year (except for the real world trip – please, take a lot of time).

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