A Man Who Doesn’t Love His Woman Does These 5 Things To Her

A man who doesn’t love his woman does these 5 things to her. Correct relationships can only exist between those people who are sensitive to their partner’s feelings.

If you notice that your loved one allows these things to happen to you, then it’s time for you to come to your senses. This person is using you.

A man who doesn’t love his woman:

1. Makes you doubt yourself

The worst thing a person can do is deprive you of the opportunity to sensibly evaluate yourself. If someone makes you doubt yourself, then this is a sure sign that he does not love you.

2. Controls what you do

If a person is trying to control every aspect of your life: where you go, who you communicate with, what you wear, then you probably find yourself in a “cage” relationship.

The next level of control is prohibitions. Don’t talk to him, don’t wear it, don’t go there…

3. Blames for problems

Blaming another person for your problems, you see, is childish. Everyone is responsible for their actions, choices, and actions.

Anyone who tries to place the burden of responsibility for their mistakes on you will probably never be able to truly be an adult.

4. Sees only the worst

He notices all your shortcomings and voices everything. Sees more bad than good in you. This is the path to self-doubt, complexes, and thoughts “I cannot be loved.”

Know that only those who are complex themselves behave this way towards a loved one, this is how he tries to make you feel that only he needs you.

5. Makes fun of you

Dreams, words, some mistakes… you can joke and laugh together. But if these jokes offend you, and he ignores your emotions, then perhaps you are with the wrong person…

Because a person who loves will not deliberately offend.

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