A Man Is Taking Advantage Of You, 8 Signs By Which You Can Tell

A man is taking advantage of you, 8 signs by which this can be understood. It’s easy to ignore warning signs if a woman is blinded by love. However, sometimes it is worth acting wiser and honestly analyzing your partner’s behavior. There is a well-known axiom: in a relationship, both partners must give and receive. But if a man only knows how to accept, then the harmony of the relationship is disrupted.

Although there is a stereotype in society about women more often using men for money, the stronger sex can do this no less skillfully. Their goal most often is not money, but sex.

A man takes advantage of you:

1. You meet only for the sake of intimacy.

This is a classic method, but it is one of the most serious signs. If you have never had a full-fledged date, and during meetings, you only engage in sex, the answer is clear – he is taking advantage of you.

2. He is often unavailable for your communication.

You are required to be constantly available. One reason for this may be his desire to maintain his independence. Perhaps he spends this time with other women. But if a man wants to meet you, he expects to see you at the appointed time and in the appointed place.

3. If he doesn’t take your needs and wants to heart.

Thinking only about himself, most likely he is using you. Or he have a narcissistic personality? Attempts to build relationships with such people turn out to be a nightmare for many.

4. He never pays in a restaurant.

It’s one thing if you’re already dating and sometimes offer to pay the bill. But if you had to fork out money on the first date, and then on all subsequent dates, his intentions are unclean.
Although the tradition of paying for a woman is somewhat old-fashioned, it is still one of the generally accepted social norms.

5. You feel like his personal driver.

He takes advantage of you if you constantly have to give him rides. Of course, the man may not have a car, or his driver’s license may have been taken away. But even in this case, it is worth asking yourself whether you want to date an irresponsible person.

If he has a car, and at the same time he constantly asks you to pick him up or come to him on the other side of the city – this is a clear sign. Why waste time and money on gasoline if a woman can do it?

6. You do housework for him.

When you stay with him for a while – say, for a weekend – of course, you may want to show off your housewife skills. For example, you can cook for him, clean, and even wash things. But if you have just started dating, this is already an excess. This is the role of a housekeeper, not a beloved woman. If he cares about you, he won’t let you do all that dirty work.

7. He hides your existence from his family and friends.

Usually, when people date for a month or two, this is followed by introductions to relatives and friends. If such meetings did not happen, then this is a fairly clear signal that he is taking advantage of you. In this case, a man can be asked a reasonable question: “If we are dating, why don’t you introduce me to your loved ones?”

8. He cancels dates if he has more interesting plans.

It’s a bad sign when a man doesn’t spend time with you on Fridays or weekends. Most likely, he spends this time with other women or with friends. It’s even worse when he cancels appointments and this situation repeats over and over again. This indicates that he found a more suitable option for himself.


If you find these signs to be true in your relationship, then this man is someone you need to run away from ASAP. Some guys specifically look for vulnerable women who won’t stand up for themselves even if they know they’re being used.

If you found only 2-3 signs among those listed, perhaps the relationship has a chance. Then it makes sense to work on them, especially if you discuss existing difficulties among yourself and try to find a compromise.

It’s easy to ignore warning signs if a woman is blinded by love. However, sometimes it is worth acting wiser and honestly analyzing your partner’s behavior. By detecting a man’s unclean intentions right away, you can save yourself from serious emotional turmoil in the future.

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