Games for couples – 50 things (+ 1) that couples can do at home

Nowhere is it as comfortable as at home, especially with the loved one. But at home, routines are particularly easy to grind. Playing TV and playing a console are not the most exciting things for a couple in the long run. Here come ideas for 50 + 1 games for couples who work in their own home.

Games for couples: 50 (+1) exciting ideas for the home


10 very cozy ideas

  1. Put together a puzzle together:Quietly set part by part in the right place and thereby create a beautiful picture. Then not only a Sunday afternoon is just comfortable!
  2. Massage each other’s feet:What is more relaxing than a foot massage? If you are too ticklish, just let your hands be massaged.
  3. Get the old game collection out again:Which board games do you have in the house? Spend a whole evening with Mikado, chess, do not freak-out or another game!
  4. Compete against each other in the game console:As a couple everything is much more fun!

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  1. Play all your favorite songs:Enjoy the music and let it go really well.
  2. Home cinema instead of stupid movie shows:Choose a movie that you both like, and celebrate it properly. Make a nice bottle of wine, eat ice cream or popcorn and enjoy your very own private cinema.
  3. Visit interesting places from the computer:Travel with Google Street View, view exciting locations in the satellite image, or take a virtual tour of a museum.
  4. Cuddle, cuddle, cuddle:Just lie for hours on the sofa and cuddle. Is there anything more beautiful?
  5. Listen to an audiobook or podcast together:Choose a theme that interests you, make yourself comfortable and let yourself be surprised.
  6. Watch people on the street:Who is walking outside? Sit at the window and make up stories to the passers-by!


10 creative activities

  1. Plan your home as colorful as you can:Roll through furniture catalogs and design homepages and plan your dream home.
  2. Paint a common picture:Her with brush and colors! Everyone starts at one corner and together they create a colorful painting.
  3. Create your own memory:Get blank memory cards, decorate them with quotes , photos or drawings. Then you can play your own personal memory.
  4. Upcycling:Which item in your home has earned a new, better life?
  5. Send greeting cards from home:Make colorful greeting cards and send them to friends and relatives!
  6. Bakes cookies or cupcakes.Then decorate it really colorful and delicious as possible.
  7. Invent a new recipe:Loot fridge and cupboards and conjure up a whole new dish.
  8. Write your own story:Invent an exciting, funny or erotic story. Everybody alternately writes a sentence.
  9. Mix face masks and try them out:Cucumbers, quark, avocado, etc. Many ingredients for great face masks can be found in the kitchen.
  10. Learn to juggle. Or handstand. Or …YouTube tutorials make it possible. Who will do it first?


10 funny games that are just fun

  1. Kitchen Experiments:Who mixes the scariest smoothie? It’s a matter of honor that you also cost your brew yourself.
  2. Fashion Show:Make funny outfits for the other and photograph the most successful creations.
  3. Phone pranks with your friends:How long do you need to find out who you are? (Do not forget to turn off your number transmission.)
  4. Karaoke, and really loud!Sing each other the tastiest songs. Please especially loud and wrong.
  5. Sync your own movie:Turn on your favorite movie, turn off the sound, and speak the voices yourself. Of course, you do not have to stick to the template.
  6. New table manners :Try eating soup with a fork, do not use cutlery or sit down to eat under the table. The main thing is fun and violates the Knigge.
  7. Hide in the dark:Darkens the entire apartment and plays hide-and-seek – but very slowly so that nobody gets hurt!
  8. Pillow Fight!A classic among the games for couples, but always fun.
  9. Grimaces competition:Who pulls the funniest snow? And who laughs first?


10 romantic ideas at home

  1. Organizes a picnic on the living room floor:Pack a picnic basket, put a blanket on the floor and let it taste you!
  2. Build a cave of blankets and pillows:Do not forget the fairy lights in your fort!
  3. Read each other:For example, a funny short story, your favorite children’s book or just a chapter from the book you are reading.
  4. Pure nostalgia :Click through shared photos and reminisce.

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  1. Forge Future Plans:What do you want to achieve as a couple? Where do you see yourself in ten years?
  2. Tell me:What was your first date together? Your view is probably very different. Exciting!
  3. Your own candlelit dinner:Cover the table like a fine restaurant, throw yourself in your evening attire and look deep into your eyes.
  4. Light off!Spend a whole day on electricity and spend an evening by candlelight!
  5. Writes a bucket list:A bucket list contains all the things you want to do in the course of your life. Do you find 50 things together that you want to do as a couple ? Or even 100?
  6. Make a time capsule:Fill a box with all the things that are important to you today and put them in the back of the cupboard. To be opened at the earliest in five years!


10 sparkling-erotic games for couples

  1. Erotic messages in the apartment:Send messages to each other or make a hot call while you are in two different rooms.
  2. Tenderness after the clock:Caresses, kisses or massages each other, but only for a minute, then the other is on.
  3. Strip Poker (or Mau Mau):If you lose a game, you take off a piece of clothing. Who is naked first?
  4. Bathing together:Take a cozy bubble bath and enjoy the (rising) heat together.
  5. Scavenger hunt in the apartment:Hide small messages for your partner. If he follows them, he will find you …
  6. Do everything as usual, but naked:Cleaning, cooking, watching TV. Many everyday activities have a completely different effect if you do not care. Just try it.
  7. Play role play Who are you today? Imagine two people whose role you want to play. Maybe you are a secret lover? Or do you have just as a couple your first date , where it should go to the point?

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