Dating Italian Ladies – Crazy and also Passionate, What’s Not to Love?

Italian women are the cream of the crop when it comes to dating Europeans. Even when born in a different country, true Italian women take their heritage to heart. Dating one is like guaranteeing yourself a lifetime of amazing food, deep respect, close family ties, and fiery passion both in and out of the bedroom.

What you should know dating Italian women

That may sound like a dream come true, but there are some precautions you need to know before you venture down the path of dating Italian women. These are strong, s*xy women, and they need a real man to know how to take care of them. That means you must prove yourself, otherwise, it’s “addio!” to you. Here are all the things you should know before dating an Italian.

#1 She’s crazy passionate—emphasis on the crazy. It’s no secret that Italians get pretty passionate on pretty much any topic. She’s obnoxiously loud, pushy, and puts her heart and soul into what she loves 100%.

In even more awesome news, this passion transfers over to the bedroom—an area in which she is truly going to knock your socks off. She’s also going to passionately defend you should anyone have something negative to say about you.

#2 Family, family, family. Picture a group of six Italian relatives around the table sipping wine, breaking bread, and shouting over one another as loud as humanly possible amidst a fury of laughter. This is your girlfriend’s Italian family, and she *loves* them.

She loves them so much she probably devotes one day *or more* each and every week to spending time with a group of family members. Not a family type of person? Then dating Italian women is definitely not for you. Don’t expect to pull her away from her close-knit family, ‘cause it ain’t gonna happen.

#3 She knows how to argue. Being loud, obnoxious, and trying to get her point across was basically just another part of growing up for your Italian girl. This also means she’s well-versed in arguing. She’s stubborn, and she enjoys a good vocal wrestling every now and again. You think you can be loud? We guarantee she can get louder.

#4 Italian women love a gentleman. When it comes to lovers, Italian women were raised to expect only the best from their men. She expects you to be just like her dad, in the non-creepiest way possible. She expects you to be a real man who treats her like the absolute diamond that she is. And maybe even if she isn’t, too.

She wants a guy who knows when to be tough and when to be chivalrous. That means opening doors for her, pulling out her chair, pouring her wine, and grabbing the check.

#5 Did we mention food is everything? When it comes to activities, eating is probably going to top most Italian women’s list. This is because they grew up with some kickass, authentic Italian meals.

Her family likely gathered around on Sunday afternoons to cook dinner, laugh with family, and make some incredible “Sunday Sauce” for their spaghetti. Did we mention this means you also get to bask in endless carbs with your lady love? Cha-ching!

#7 She’s all style and never frumpy. Milan, Italy, is one of the fashion capitals of the world. Now, we’re not saying you’d never catch your Italian girlfriend in a pair of black leggings and a t-shirt every now and then.

But when she RSVP’s to a night out, she goes all the way. Big hair, smoky eyes, well-dressed curves from here to eternity. When you say you’re taking her out on the town she expects to be shown off and you can guarantee she’s going to dress the part.

#8 You’d better like wine. Italy is the top wine producing country—in the whole world! Even if your lady-love wasn’t born in Italy, odds are the thirst for those sweet and savory grapes run deep in her blood. Trust us, you’re going to love this one. This means red wine with dinner, red wine at night, red wine with friends, and red wine just for the hell of it. Did we mention she’s going to *love* red wine?

#9 You’d better like her friends. Italian women are fiercely loyal to their family, their lovers, and their friends. She’s not the type of girl who bails on friends just because she’s in a relationship. In fact, she’s probably going to see her friends all the time.

When it comes to Italian women, her friends are your friends and your friends are her friends. These friends then intermingle and become a conglomerate who constantly bask in each other’s company. She also probably tries and sets some of your friends up during this intermingling process. Hey, the more the merrier, right?

#10 You’d better love hair. Because she’s gonna have it… everywhere. We’re talking gloriously wavy, thick, gorgeous head of hair, coupled with leg hair, arm hair, and, oh yes, a mustache too. When you’re intimate, you’re probably going to find her hair in your boxers the next day. In fact, you’re probably going to find her hairs all over your apartment.



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