7 Important Things You Shouldn’t Give Up For The Sake Of A Relationship

7 important things you shouldn’t give up for the sake of a relationship.
Even pleasant and desirable relationships are rarely cloudless. In trying to achieve harmony, many of us make concessions, which can ultimately develop into serious sacrifices. But is this relationship worth such sacrifices?

7 important things you shouldn’t give up for the sake of a relationship

1. Personal space

Some women, having found love, become so immersed in the relationship that they completely forget about the life they led before. Of course, it’s very nice to do something together and share his beliefs with your loved one. But this is not a reason to forget about your interests, thoughts, or hobbies.

Giving up personal space will lead to you starting to demand the same from your partner, and he may not be ready for such a turn. Your relationship will be much stronger if you can find a balance between the time you spend together and the personal time you are willing to devote to each other.

2. Own dreams and goals

Continuing the topic of personal space, do not forget about personal goals and dreams. Of course, you may have common plans and goals. But this does not mean that when you meet your loved one, you should immediately forget about your dreams, even if it is something not very significant or even seems stupid to your partner. Take care of your dreams and never laugh at the personal goals of your loved one.

3. Self-esteem

Self-respect and love, correct self-esteem, and confidence are those things that should never be sacrificed for the sake of a relationship. If you endure humiliation, you will become much weaker mentally, so you should never allow another person to hurt your self-esteem. And if you still have to make such concessions, then you should think about whether you need such a destructive relationship.

4. Family

When choosing a loved one, you never know whether he will have a good relationship with your family. Of course, anything can happen in life; conflicts and misunderstandings can arise in any family. But if your chosen one suddenly demands to stop visiting his parents or communicating with his sister, then such a relationship can be called unhealthy.

You must devote time to communicating with your family, and your loved one simply must treat this with understanding. Even if this relationship is very important to you, remember that family is no less important to you. That is why you need to achieve balance in the distribution of time to maintain personal relationships and not lose touch with your family.

5. Friends

You should never ask yourself the following question: what is more important – friends or relationships? These are completely different things, and if you are required to answer exactly such a question, then this is inappropriate. In a relationship with your loved one, you have the same emotions and needs, but with friends, they are completely different but also important. Therefore, it would be stupid to make any choice. Don’t neglect good old friends, try to find a balance here too.

6. Financial independence

If you are married, then it is not at all necessary to create a joint account or maintain an exclusively joint budget. There are all sorts of unpleasant surprises in life; you should have at least small personal reserves to feel calmer. This is not a betrayal at all, but a way of protecting against unforeseen situations or problems.

7. Individuality

Each person develops his habits, his own beliefs, and his view of things. Sometimes after the wedding, one of the partners begins to strenuously try to “re-educate” the other to fit their patterns.

Don’t try to change your partner and don’t let someone change you. If a person himself does not want to change, then attempts to break him will ultimately end in conflicts. Think about the future of the relationship if your partner stubbornly refuses to accept any of your characteristics.

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