7 tips to appeal to girls

Be more successful with girls, anything can happen in a flash!

Many find the art of seduction complicated. From prejudices that are sometimes unfounded, we hesitate to take the step. But should we always try to understand what girls really want and play it very tender or pretend to be the alpha male in the rutting season who shows off his masculinity? Used to their optimum, the following advice will make you a real weapon of mass seduction, no girl will escape you, whether she is in your sights or not.

1.Yes, the physical counts!

You watch a girl on the street, what you look at first; is her appearance and shapes, the converse is also true when she is observing you. However, you don’t have to be a tall, dark-haired handsome man just out of her fantasies to be able to seduce her. Your hairstyle, the way you dress, your look, the way you talk… girls need to know that you take care of your appearance. This is how a stylish looking white guy succeeds where the others failed!

2.The attitude of the confident man

The physical is the very first impression, but the most determining is your attitude. Girls are drawn to guys who exude unwavering confidence that immediately arouses interest in being around them even more. “He has that je ne sais quoi that gives off so much sensuality, it’s his very way of being…” a girl whispered to another who asked her about the fact that she was attracted to this apparently banal guy. Also, you have to have esteem and know-how to juggle the different attitudes to adopt; from gallantry to laughter and why not spice up with a little bit of arrogance, but just enough.

3.Always and again a sense of humor

Do you want her to have a good time with you and want to meet again? Combine flirtation and fun. So learn to lighten up the atmosphere by using your best asset: your sense of humor. The laughs you get from him are already a great victory and will only boost your self-confidence. And this is how the conversation will flow more naturally. And if the opportunity arises, talk about intimacy, but in a relaxed and natural way. Don’t pretend to avoid this topic, because after all, it makes sense, doesn’t it?

4.Girls stuff

To please a girl, the minimum is to soak up her universe. Seek to arouse hze interest! Yep, it won’t be easy at first! The best is that you prepare yourself by taking an interest in all the subjects likely to interest her; talk about people, clothes, diet, fitness, films, series, music… The trick is that you make the most of the subjects for discussion in order to save even more time by his side. listening

Don’t reveal yourself too early! Listen carefully to everything she tells you. Take the time to analyze their opinions and every move, because it is important for the future. But don’t forget to compliment her once in a while. Bet on his spontaneity and originality, his revolver gaze as well as his smile that makes you melt, only basic criteria that have always had their effects!

6.Perfect timing

Synchronize your strategies according to the context of the moment. Start with her emotions and her body language. You’ll know when to stroke her cheek, when to run your hand through her hair, or when a very first kiss is welcome. If you are faced with a refusal because of bad timing, it’s not too much to drink! Admit it with humor and wait again for the opportunity to present itself.

7.What’s next?

The secret to finding a second date is to trust the common interests that you have identified throughout the dialogue. Have you talked a lot about Bradley Cooper’s new movie? Consider a movie night with her; the discussion centered on the trendy pub in town that just opened? Invite her to join you; does she love fashion? Let yourself be tempted by a day of shopping with her… Anything can pass if you know how to use everything she has told you wisely! You can also take a whole different approach by showing a lot more interest in her activities so that the invitation could come from the girl herself. Don’t be too predictable or too pessimistic, anything can happen! You have to know how to improvise. And by the way, you don’t arm yourself with a bazooka to hunt a guinea fowl!

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