20 Things Men Will Always Do When They Want Out Of The Relationship

It would be great if guys would come up with a document or list of reasons why they’re breaking up with us. We would look at their logic and totally understand why the relationship that we expected to be a thing forever is actually falling apart. Unfortunately, that’s not exactly how break-ups go, and we are often confused about the events that led to our boyfriend sitting us down and saying “we need to talk.”

Before our boyfriend says that staying in the relationship isn’t going to work for him, he could honestly act like a total stranger. If we’re tempted to ask what’s gotten into him, it’s probably because he’s got his mind on a break-up.

Here are 20 things men will always do when they want out of the relationship.

20Blame You For Things That He Totally Did

Your boyfriend’s the one who broke a glass and didn’t bother cleaning it up or didn’t buy laundry detergent when he swore he’d stop at the store. But instead of owning up to that and saying that he forgot, he blames you. This is something that all men do when they want out of the relationship.

19Call You Crazy

Guys will also call their girlfriends crazy when they want to say goodbye and don’t want to stick around. For one thing, he’s not in the best mood so he’s going to say some mean things, and for another, he’s got one foot out the door so he doesn’t care how he acts or comes off.

18Whine When You See Friends Or Do Anything Without Him

Since your boyfriend totally wants out of the relationship, he’s going to whine a lot. He’ll act like it’s the worst thing in the world when you go out with your friends (or literally do anything without him, even going for a walk). The truth is that he’s stopped seeing you as someone that he should be super sweet to (and while that sucks, it’s inevitable sometimes when a relationship is ending).

17Make Plans Without Even Checking With You First

Why would he tell you that he made plans to go out with his friends this weekend, or that he’s heading out to a ball game with his coworkers tonight? While you still see him as your boyfriend, he wants out of the relationship, so he’s not going to update you about these types of things.

16Go Back On His Word

Another thing that men do when they want out of the relationship is going back on their word. After all, just because he told you that he’d love to visit your parents with you next weekend doesn’t mean that he’s going to.

He’s not thinking that you’re going to be his girlfriend much longer so it honestly doesn’t matter to him.

15Say That Marriage Is A Stupid Idea

It definitely makes sense that if a guy is in love with you and knows that you’re absolutely his future, marriage won’t freak him out at all. But when men want out of the relationship, they can’t help but decide that marriage is a silly idea.

If your boyfriend tells you that marriage is a stupid idea, you can know that he wants to break up.

14Say You Never Told Him Something (When You Definitely Did)

Your boyfriend will also say that you never told him things when you definitely did. Whether he says that he can’t go to a birthday party or he peaces out of a vacation, you’re not going to be happy that he’s acting this way. This is more proof that he wants to break up with you.

13Whine 24/7

All men also whine 24/7 when they’ve decided that they’re not going to stay in their current relationship. They would probably dislike hearing that but, hey, it’s the truth.

You’ll notice that he’s in a bad mood and that he doesn’t seem happy with anything. You might even ask him why he’s acting like this and he might not even have an answer for you.

12Flirt With Random Girls In Public

You would never actually date someone who flirted with random girls in public on a first or second date. Would you stay with a guy who did this once you were actually in a serious relationship?!

Probably not. And that’s why this is something that all men do when they want out of the relationship. They want to make you dislike them… and they don’t really care about not flirting to be honest.

11Forget To Text You Back

It’s easy to make excuses when the new guy that you just started seeing stops texting you back. You say he’s busy, he forgot, etc. But when it’s your actual boyfriend, things get a little weirder.

This is a clear sign that he wants out because he would never do this if he still loved you and wanted to stay with you forever.

10Stop Inviting You To Things

You know that feeling you get when you see social media photos that prove that you weren’t invited somewhere? It sucks… and you might start experiencing this a lot more often when your boyfriend wants out of the relationship.

He might not even think to invite you, and that’s not great.

9Get Closer To His Female Friends

Some girls are totally cool with their boyfriend being close to other girls. And some girls aren’t okay with it at all.

No matter which one you are, you’ll probably wonder if something is up if your boyfriend gets closer to his female friends. He definitely wants out of the relationship (and he might even like one of them).

8Nap A Lot

Since he’s not happy, chances are, when your boyfriend wants out of the relationship, he’s going to start napping a lot.

At first, it might just seem like he’s super tired lately or his job is busy or whatever he feels like telling you. But coupled with the rest of the signs on this list, you can figure out what’s up.

7Stop Cleaning

For many girls, the story goes like this: they start dating a new guy, he’s pretty messy, and she convinces him to learn how to clean up. Well, first she might clean up for him, but that gets old fast.

You’ll know he’s going to break up with you when he stops cleaning… like at all.

6Complain About PDA

PDA is one of those things where you’re frustrated to see it when you’re on your own but once you have a boyfriend, well, holding hands and cuddling becomes no big deal.

Your boyfriend’s going to get pretty sick and tired of PDA and might even reject you once he knows that he wants out of the relationship.

5Get Mad When You Say How You Feel

No guy should ever tell you that you can’t express how you feel, and it’s pretty lame if your actual boyfriend acts this way. You should know that all men will get mad when their girlfriend tells them how she feels and gets emotional when they know that they want to leave.

4Become A Loner And Stay Home

It’s tough to watch your partner become a loner and only want to stay home and watch TV or honestly do nothing at all. When a guy wants out of the relationship that he’s currently in, he’s going to become a homebody because he’s bored and he doesn’t know how to get out of his situation. He just has zero motivation.

3Be Rude To Your Family And Friends

Men will also be rude to their girlfriend’s family and friends when they want out of the relationship because being nice doesn’t matter to them. What’s more, it might not even occur to them.

Your boyfriend is halfway out the door, so to him, he doesn’t need to treat the people in your life very well. It’s definitely a drag when this happens.

2Text His Ex-GF

When he starts texting his ex-girlfriend, he could feel that his current relationship is so dull that he wants to see who else is out there… or he could honestly want to start dating her again.

No matter what, this is a sign that he wants out of the relationship. He shouldn’t be texting her if he loves you.

1Make You Wonder Why You’re Even Dating Him (Which Is The Point)

Often, guys will get you to break up with them so they don’t have to. Yes, it’s a crappy way to behave, but it’s what they do sometimes.

When men want out of the relationship, they’re going to act so badly that their girlfriends will wonder why they’re even dating them. You should know that this is the whole point… and this is how you know that it’s over (and you can dump him).

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