Letter Is For The Man Who Broke My Heart

To the man who broke my heart, but also made it feel whole at one point, here’s all the things I wish I could have said, and all the things you probably didn’t know, but should.

Before I met you, I was in a dark place. And so were you. We were both two lost souls who somehow found each other, and suddenly life started to feel great again. We connected in a way that seemed almost unreal. Our chemistry was so intense, and I felt that I have found my soulmate. My life felt so incomplete, that when I met you, all the love I had in my heart that had nowhere to go, I gave them all to you.

And for a brief moment, I know you loved me too. I know that when you said you haven’t loved anyone the way you loved me, that you meant it. I know because I could see it in your eyes. You looked at me in a way that no one has ever looked at me before. I could hear it in your voice too. And for a brief moment, everything was right, and everything was perfect.


But it felt too good to be true, because as it turns out, it was.

Reality kicked in and life got in the way.

Maybe it was timing, that’s what we try to tell ourselves anyway. But maybe the truth is, maybe we just weren’t right for each other. And maybe, just maybe, we were meant to cross paths together, but not to be together, but to learn from each other. Maybe, we were meant to take all the lessons that we’ve learned, so that we can be ready for the person who comes next, the one that’s meant for us.


I want to say that no matter the reasons why, no matter who’s fault it was, no matter all the arguments and the tears and the heartbreak, I still want to say thank you.

Thank you for all the times that you made me smile.

Thank you for showing me a whole other world that I didn’t knew existed. For opening my eyes to things I didn’t know possible. For teaching me things about myself that I didn’t even know about.

Thank you for telling me each time I was wrong. And thank you for allowing me to try and make it right. Thank you for motivating me to become a better person, and for believing that I was better than my mistakes.

Most of all, thank you for teaching me what it’s like to truly love someone.

I don’t know where you are, or who you’re with, or what you’re doing, but one thing I do know is that whatever happens in our own lives, the love that we shared together will always be cherished, and it will never go away. A part of you will always be with me, and maybe one day, I’ll even tell my grandkids about you. Maybe I can tell them the story of how you were part of the reason that made me who I am, and that if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have become the person sitting right in front of them. And maybe I can teach them that two people can love each other, but not be together.

May your journey in life be as wonderful and exciting as you have made mine. May we meet again.


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