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This 4 Zodiac Signs That Won’t Be Affected By The Upcoming Blue Moon Energies?

Everyone can agree on the fact that 2020 has not been a pleasant year. Adding to that is the upcoming Halloween Blue Moon.

The coming days will be particularly spooky and erratic. However, four zodiacs will be immune to all the unpredictable happenings. Are you one of them? Read ahead to find more.

Why Is The Halloween Blue Moon Special?

On 31st October, the Blue Moon will take place under the Scorpio sign. At the same time, it will be influenced by the Taurus sign. The time will be right to examine financial matters and your love life. The Sun’s intensity will lend you motivation and make sure that you focus on your goals.

However, be alert during this Lunar event because Uranus will also be active at the time. It will bring forth unpredictable changes. Luckily, four zodiacs will be immune to all the Halloween Blue Moon changes.


You are naturally fiery and quick. This Halloween Blue Moon will activate certain traits of Taurus in you. It will encourage you to take a break and ground yourself.

You are not a stranger to biting more than you can chew. This Lunar event, take inspiration from Taurus and rearrange your life. Focus on what you have and how you can make practice changes.


Things have been tiring for you lately. Since the Mercury Retrograde, you have been daydreaming a lot. Don’t worry. You can use the Halloween Blue Moon to take a break and revamp your energies.


What you need to do right now is to accept everything that comes your way. The Halloween Blue Moon will bring in new changes, which might feel a little weird at first. It’s the perfect time for you to simply be.


Full Moons offer us a chance to release our pent up energies. This is exactly what you need to do, Sagittarius. Under this Lunar event, break your toxic relationships. Reboot your inner self.

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