15 worst love kills that scare women off

It takes very little for them to take off!

What can scare women away? Just one small detail, and now it slips out of your hands. A bad word or a little neglect can really spoil a great opportunity to please. Check Out The 15 Worst Love Kills That You Must Avoid.

1.The odors that lash

No, a manly male does not stink! It is only in the wildest fantasies that this is true. When girls speak about a masculine scent, they refer to those Gentlemen who smell good, with a very subtle scent, but so bewitching and so intoxicating. The too strong scent will also suggest that you have soaked yourself in it, they hate it.

2. Foul breath

Ouch! What could be more disgusting than a man who smells of bad breath from morning to night. Gentlemen, you really have to look into this, because it will immediately stop him from wanting to talk to you. Investing in toothpaste and specialty sprays don’t require a lot of money!

3 Those recalcitrant farts and burps

Perhaps between men, they can pass, but for a woman, it is the distinctive sign that makes you a walking trash can! There again, you have to work on your manners, otherwise, it risks taking a tangent very quickly.

4.Large sweat stains under the armpits

Yes, they love halos, but only those of angels. Do you think those yellowish circles on your clothes will be a new fashion trend that women are going to appreciate? So wage war on excessive sweating.

5.Dirty ears, very dirty

You and your buddies may have made a bet on which one will amass the most earwax possible in 30 days, but it gets creepier and scarier when the plug dangles outward! Should we call the fire department?

6.White socks and black shoes Mickaël Jackson style

You succeeded! This outfit will certainly trigger something in girls: flight! If you’re not the King of Pop, you might as well cross out your styles.

7.Laughter that kills

You have always been that merry fellow of the troop, your friends especially appreciate you for your so… particular way of laughing. Be careful, a complete stranger can take you for a completely different kind of indefinable animal. Do not let go too much in public, especially in the face of conquest. However, if the woman in question is an endangered animal activist, you have carte blanche.

8.The alcoholic guy

To make yourself comfortable enough with women, you often take that little extra glass.”Did you see yourself when you drank?” Certainly, women will remember you, besides who will not remember the one who pissed on the dance floor?

9.The arrogant service

Yes, girls pinch it for confident men, but don’t overdo it anyway! You are not the absolute master of the waitress or the valet, not to mention your haughty when speaking in a group.

10.Long nails … and dirty

Can you imagine yourself stroking a girl with your hands with those claws that have just come out of the caves? Still no! You represent a danger according to women. They fear the risk of injuring themselves and contracting an infection, even a yeast infection with these Cro-Magnon nails.

11.Pick your nose in public

A stuffy nose, poop, and presto! The finger in the nose! Worse still when you play with this little treasure that you obtained directly from your nasal cavities, there you are directly out, it’s over!

12.The one who prettifies himself all the time

You take care of your appearance, that’s good! You spend more time in the bathroom than she does, it irritates her! In the evening, will you also go to the bathroom to put on your makeup? That would be quite worrying, wouldn’t it? Virility is what she loves!

13.The humorless guy

You play it big handsome dark, dark and melancholy mood, it can be done, but if you do not react to all the jokes, especially his, you are dead! Either you missed it or your intellectual level does not allow you any prank, so hat!

14.The “checker”

Even when you’re in the company of a beautiful woman, you can’t help but give yourself a makeover to everyone else around you, you don’t let any of them pass without watching them. Sure, you’re a big predator, but who wants a real obsessive?

15.The workaholic

So Monsieur is in finance? Every now and then you comment on the facts as if you were trading the stock market in technical words that only you understand. You don’t have to flaunt it. Hello, earth! It won’t make you as interesting as you want to be. They will take their legs around their necks as soon as an issue presents itself.

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