The Liberation Of Leaving You

I have learned to mistake your deception as a form of love, and it goes over my fragile little head like birds flying in the sky. You had the reputation of pulling at other’s heartstrings, but it had never dawned on me that I would be one of them. You strung me along strategically, leaving me yearning for more. Despite all the blaring red flags, you never failed to leave me salivating after every lie you fed me.

As if you could read my mind when my thoughts are no longer consumed by the idea of you, you reoccur naturally back into my life as if you had not created an eerie distance between us.


You tell me you miss me, but your actions never match your words. This indicates everything I need to know, but these little lies always fool me into wanting you. You tended to disappear when I wanted you the most and got mad when I no longer gave you my peace of mind.

After sleepless nights ruminating about you, I had reached the revelation to cut you off, yet with great fluidity, you came back to me as if you had felt the emptiness that had replaced the black hole you once filled.

Maybe, I gave meaning to your empty intentions because I wanted to believe you could want me as much as I wanted you. However, if you wanted me you wouldn’t have left me running after every step you took for a second of your precious time. You would have stopped and cared about the bloody mess you made from stringing me along.

The truth is you took advantage of my love for you and abused it until I no longer gave you access to me. You only wanted me when I no longer let you possess me as an object.


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