5 Things A Real Man Keeps From His Woman

5 things a real man keeps from his woman.
Men and women are creatures from two planets. We think differently and can perceive the same things in completely different ways. As a result, misunderstandings often arise, which over time can result in serious discord.

Today we decided to study a little psychology and find out what most men (real ones!) won’t tell their women.

Here are 5 things a real man keeps from his woman:

1. “We don’t leave our loved ones. We don’t even leave our once loved ones right away.”

They rarely leave their beloved women voluntarily. Even if the feelings have subsided, cooled down, or faded away, men will not rush to conclusions or make hasty decisions. They will do everything possible to revive the relationship, harboring hope in their souls that very soon everything will be the same as before.

2. “We are afraid sometimes too”

The strong half of humanity, to the surprise of many, has a lot of fears. At the dating stage, they are often afraid to approach a woman for fear of rejection. At the stage of relationships and meetings, many experience fear that they will not live up to expectations and will not be able to conquer their beloved.

Being a family man, they are afraid of letting their loved ones down. It is completely normal to feel fear and overcome it. But they are unlikely to talk about what is going on inside them.

3. “And we are pleased to receive compliments… At least occasionally”

Not only women love with their ears. Men are also pleased to receive compliments praising their abilities and skills in a particular area. Of course, they will never tell us that they expect nice words from us, but you do an experiment and see what wings grow behind his back when you praise him more often.

4. “We’re not perfect either, but we’re afraid to admit it.”

Women and men are distinguished by another interesting feature: the former doubt literally everything (especially themselves) and do not hide it from others. Men also know that they are imperfect, but they do not have the courage to admit it. Outwardly he is Superman, but inside he also has those same cockroaches!

5. “Yes, sometimes we like to embellish our victories.”

It’s a rare man who will downplay his victories; on the contrary, he will embellish them significantly. If his ex , then she was a top model. If his position is, then only the president of a large corporation. In short, exaggeration (small or large) is their strong point!

Have you noticed that men don’t tell us a lot of things? Share your observations with us in the comments!

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