How to make a man in love?

Love is a feeling that cannot be controlled or invented but sometimes needs a little help to light the flame. There are cases where the feelings you have towards your partner are not mutual. Succumbing a man is not done by magic and it is more complicated than it seems. Seducing a man and making him fall in love remains possible, provided you follow a few steps. There are a few techniques that can make a man crazy in love, whether in a new or an old relationship. Knowing how to make a man fall in love requires both mastery and spontaneity.

Uncover little and create mystery

If you always tend to reveal yourself or to tell everything about yourself from the first exchanges, know ladies that it is a bad habit. Mystery is the source of desire and to make a man in love, you have to create and cultivate mystery. So never reveal everything to him too quickly, but rather know how to finely entrust him with some of your personal secrets.
He will, therefore, be flattered to know that you trust him and that he is a privileged person to whom you confide. While if all your little secrets are quickly known to him, in his eyes you will be predictable and uninteresting, he will quickly tire of you and the chances that he will fall in love with you will be wiped out. Clearly, you should not reveal yourself completely at first, but let things happen naturally by letting you discover it little by little.
The ideal would be to remain discreet, to let the mystery hang over your situation, to reveal yourself slowly when asking questions, not to quickly accept an invitation. The goal is not to ignore it, but to make it want to discover you. The man must have the feeling that you are difficult to access, that succeeding in seducing you is a reward.

Learn to surprise him and avoid routine

You must show him at the start of your relationship that he will not get bored with you while avoiding fits of tears, arguments, and melodramas. If these events can break the boredom, they are not effective long-term ploys to make a man fall in love. You have to know how to surprise and unexpected in order to please him and create good memories and not regrets.
To break the routine effectively, you must avoid “love killers” or anything that could make you run away from him (as long as he is not madly in love with you). These are loose pajamas with teddy bears that don’t make you look good, a house that looks like a laundry basket, etc.
You have to learn to surprise him and reveal the different facets of your personality as your relationship progresses to make him fall in love with you. Do not give a man everything and immediately, reserve a part of mystery. To make a crazy man in love, you have to surprise him with actions and attitudes. You have to know how to break habits so that he cannot quickly identify your personality.

Let the man come to you

Most men like to control and hold the reins in a relationship, so avoid being overly enterprising for fear of breaking the mystery. You have to make him think or understand that you do not need him and that you will not be tamed as easily. Never make a man understand that his presence is essential in your life. Some men do not like women who depend entirely on them, it is necessary in all circumstances to keep her identity as a woman.
However, do not go so far as to tell him that you could do without him, this is a bad signal that you are sending and that could end your relationship. You should not try to do everything as a couple, on the contrary, continue your life as it was before meeting him, keep your activities, your friends and leave him his friends and his activities on his side.
If you have are similar, nothing prevents mixing them if there is a good agreement beforehand. Nevertheless, it is absolutely necessary to alternate your moments in solo and your moments in couple, it is the basis to make a crazy man in love with you.

Show the man that he is exceptional and avoid criticizing him

Learn to value your man so that he is in love with you and especially so that he is not unfaithful. According to some studies, unfaithful men are most often those who do not feel valued or admired by their partner. They feel the need to look elsewhere and make him fall in love, in the long run, will become extremely difficult. To make a man fall in love, you have to show him that he is exceptional and admirable without skimping on compliments.
As soon as he feels how proud you are to be his partner, he will gain confidence, will feel beautiful, virile, useful, and attractive, he will have more reasons to be in love with you and to stay with you. Regarding criticism, be aware that men hate criticism and some are more likely to do so than women. It will be difficult to make a mad man fall in love with you if you constantly attack or criticize him. Avoid dwelling on her little faults or annoying behaviors.
In addition, avoid at all costs criticizing those around you, your family, your passions, your activities. Refrain as much as possible from being critical of what you dislike about him. It’s okay not to like certain things about him, but you have to let him love what he wants, just as you would like him to let you love what you like. You must respect his passions just like those around him, he will have to do the same with you.

Know how to be gentle and attentive while keeping your distance

To make a man crazy in love from the start of the relationship, you have to be gentle and tactile without sticking it, which will arouse in him the desire to see you again and to go further. He will appreciate your company, your caresses, your sweetness, and will ask for more. He will feel the need or the desire to see you again, to be in your company, to feel your skin, to be cuddled, or to make love with you.
The idea is to advance step by step without rushing the steps and putting some distance. Try to detach yourself from time to time, refuse some of his appointments if he asks you too much, it is your absence or your lack that will weave the links and make him addicted to you.
So do not hesitate to do activities on your side, you will miss him, probably you will also miss him and it is this lack that will stir up the flame and make reunion enjoyable. The goal is to make him wonder why he has not heard from you so that he reflects on your relationship. Allow him to be away from you, for it is not by seeing you every day that he will fall in love with you. However, avoid disappearing for several days without warning or signaling, avoid making him anxious or worrying about you.

Never talk or compare him to other men

You can talk about the male members of your family, your, but, avoid by all means to evoke your ex or to comment before him the physique of an attractive man. Like women, some men like to be the center of attention and find it offensive that your eyes wander freely and unrestrained or that your heart rocks for someone else.
If he is jealous, your couple will take lead in the wing and it will be difficult for you to make a man in love. Likewise, it is detestable for a man to be compared to your exes and to know that he is not up to them. Knowing that your ex was beautiful to die for, that he was divine in bed or that your parents liked him will never help your couple.

If you are no longer with your exes there is a reason, just as there is with your new companion. So let your exs languish in your past and it’s disrespectful to compare them to your partner. So avoid talking about your exes as good as bad. Talking badly about them will say a lot about your personality in case it goes wrong between you, he will certainly think that you will also talk about him in the same way and it is not an adequate way to make him fall in love with you.
In the end, to make a man in love and addicted to you, you have to stay yourself and not rush things or skip the steps, but let things happen naturally.


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