Loving an empath: 6 reasons why it’s wonderful

Empathetic people sometimes seem to be totally out of touch with today’s world. Yet for many reasons, they make great partners.

Contrary to what one might think, the French population has many empaths. The chances that you will cross paths with one of them are therefore relatively high.

The share of empathy in society is estimated to be around 15% of the total population.

Empathetic people are above all extremely sensitive personalities. That is to say that their brain responds differently and more vividly to the feelings felt and experienced.

Understanding this phenomenon and what is at play at the neurological level is extremely important, especially if your partner happens to be an empathetic person.

It is important to understand why empaths react as they react. 

Either way, we invite you to discover 6 of the reasons why empaths turn out to be excellent partners.

They know how to love unconditionally

Loving an empath is wonderful because by its side, you will learn what is the real meaning of this word so often said and yet so little understood!

They have a lot of love to give and are sharing. Intuitive and sensitive, they are not afraid to express themselves. Their love is so great that it will eventually radiate through you. And beware, we are talking about true love here. Unconditional love, love capable of changing the world.

If you are lucky enough to be in a relationship with an empath, you will quickly see that he is someone who will give you everything of him and accompany you in all your difficult moments.

They are inveterate optimists!

Empaths have a genuinely positive outlook on life. For them, there is no question of seeing the glass half empty or half full, but rather to spend all their time refilling it!

What is more, they have no hint of nastiness and have absolutely no interest in criticism or hate speech about others. They don’t like rumor or superficiality.

On the contrary, they love to have long, deep, philosophical conversations about the meaning of life. They are eager for reflection and analysis.

They have an urgent need to help others

Empaths will first need to know (truly) their partner, to understand their way of thinking and to think about the world. But they also feel compelled to help you, either to heal or to simply evolve.

They will be ready to sit next to you and listen to your story. They will even do it with pleasure. They will not hesitate to offer you a shoulder on which to pour out and cry.

And this applies to everyone. They have this powerful desire to heal those around them and to leave their mark on the world, trying to make it better within their means.

They themselves have suffered a lot and they know what it is. Thus, they will always be there for you, without ever judging you or overwhelming you. Their sensitivity will always be at your service.

They bring joy to the lives of others

Life becomes more beautiful alongside an empath. It is as if they were invested with a mission: to put a light in their life and in that of the others, to make their sky bluer, etc.

They radiate happiness and see happiness only as something that is shared. They have done or are doing valuable work on themselves: giving up negativity in favor of ever more positivity.

It is important to know how to appreciate this quality because it comes from a long process of self-analysis. Empaths are real providers of joy and they will be happy to flood your life.

They are open and know how to express their emotions

God only knows that this is a problem in many couples. Lack of communication is one of the primary causes of breakdown. But know that with an empath, this is a problem that your duo will not encounter!

Empathetic people live and experience their feelings with great foresight. In fact, they also have an extraordinary ability to share them and to reveal their weaknesses to transform them into strengths.

In doing so, they also allow their partner (more or less indirectly) to acquire more facilities to share their own feelings and to free themselves from them. And it is extremely beneficial to all relationships.

Empaths start from a very simple principle: suppressing feelings is never a good thing and can only lead to disaster. In fact, they do everything they can to prevent this from happening in their relationship.

They are among the most loyal and trustworthy people

Unconditional love is most often accompanied by unconditional loyalty.

Unfortunately, there are many empaths who know the horrors of abandonment and betrayal. In fact, it is something they will never do to someone else.

They have gotten into the habit of putting the needs and wants of others before their own. They are committed to caring for and pampering their partner.

Whatever your personal story, an empath will love you with all their heart. Be sure to understand that you are lucky to be loved by someone like that. Be sure you can give her back her love and you will enjoy a wonderful and fulfilling couple relationship.


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