15 Signs You Need To Take A Break From Your Relationship

We all reach a point in our lives when we don’t know if we’re happy. We don’t know if we’re happy with the relationship that’s taking up so much of our time, and we really want to know how the other individual involved feels about the whole situation. Maybe they feel the same, maybe they want to work together to find a solution. No matter what they feel, you have to take a step in the right direction and share how you feel with them. That’s the only way it stays fair and pure in terms of the relationship. There’s not hateful cheating or trying to get the other jealous, by just bringing up a conversation and focusing on communication, you’ll see that there might be a chance for you to take a step back from each other and heal yourself, then being able to have a clear head to decide where you want to go from there.

There shouldn’t be any shame in taking a break, but this list of signs focuses on the more negative side of things where it would most likely be the best thing to step away from the situation. Other things than on this list can of course happen to make you want a break, but this list focuses on things always seemingly thrown at us in life when we least expect it. Talk to your partner and figure out what you want to do together, without yelling or screaming, just having a back and forth conversation to start with.

15Wandering Eyes

All lovers take a break at some point, sometimes without even talking about it (which I wouldn’t recommend), but it can help, and it can help you heal a broken relationship. If you see that your partner has suddenly learned about the concept of wandering eyes, which basically means that every individual that passes his line of vision that he finds attractive, he will let his eyes wander and follow them. When this usually happens, it’s very obvious, not only to you but to everyone around you as well. Wandering eyes can be something frustrating and completely not necessary! If you see that your partner is constantly letting their eyes wander off, it’s time to sit down and talk to them about it. Ask your partner about how he and if he wants to take a break. While in most cases this could be an issue bringing up, if you see this happening, it’s most likely he will agree to a break.


Dealing with taking a break in a relationship can be a confusing and often relieving time, it’s confusing and sometimes frustrating. If you have noticed recently that your partner is constantly questioning you, it might be time to step away. If you want to salvage a relationship and you really do care about this individual, mention the break. Mention that we all take breaks, little ones in our relationships, from going out with friends and watching our favorite Netflix series by ourselves. Being asked questions every day and all day can be very frustrating, it can make you think that there is no point in continuing the relationship because of being asked very intrusive and accusing questions. But talk to your partner, talk about taking a small break and if he ends up overheating, then maybe it’s best to move on. it ‘s up to you if you want to keep pursuing this relationship, so make your choice!

13No Support

Having no support from your partner can really eat away at your confidence, it can tear you down and really make you feel lost when it comes to your relationship. Having no support is probably one of the worst things to feel when in a relationship you care about. It’s so easy to just leave and leave it all behind, but if you want your relationship to grow you need to push hard for a small break in the hopes that it will bring you two closer and more stronger than ever. No support isn’t the end of the world even though it generally feels like it. All it means is that you need to really try to do your part, don’t give up and encourage your partner to do the same. Sometimes it can be hard to make things work when it’s just you trying, so express that to you partner and hopefully he will get the message.

12Feeling Lost

Feeling lost can be a very separating feeling, it can make you feel so alone even though your partner is there for you and always supports you. Sometimes it makes it worse when your partner doesn’t seem to be feeling the same way as yourself! For the sake of sanity it can be very healthy to take a break in a relationship, especially if you’re feeling negative and lost in the direction of your life. Feeling lost is normal even though it shouldn’t be, but doing something like taking a break which usually isn’t done, is actually what you could need in your life in this moment. You’ll find yourself again, you’ll be able to stay grounded, and you won’t constantly see yourself as worthless and a waste of space. Don’t apologize for how you feel, appreciate yourself always, and all the hard work you constantly put towards your life. Be real with yourself always, first and foremost.


Communication is key to any relationship, it’s what acts as the glue to holding you two together. Keep communication lines clear and if they don’t seem to be resolving anytime soon, just talk with your man, look up how to communicate better together one evening. Work towards new goals and spending more time together. If you need time to think or sort your feelings and thoughts, sometimes a small break can really be the key to understanding your relationship dynamic. If you’re lacking communication when it comes to your relationship, it needs to be addressed first thing, don’t ever let this flaw slip by you two unnoticed because it will start to tear you apart without a doubt. Talk about how you feel and be very open with each other, ask questions and learn together so you both can grow more as strong individuals. Communication is the key to a successful relationship.


Having trust issues in a relationship is never a good sign, trust issues can tear you apart and always make you feel on edge even if you love the person you’re with. Taking a break because of this will feel hard and confusing, but two weeks of being apart can really end up giving you a final and very serious answer when it comes to what your options are with the relationships. Mistrust can be a very confusing thing, it can make you feel like you can’t trust anyone, because if you can’t trust the man you love, who else can you give your trust to!? Don’t just make a quick decision if you find yourself mistrusting your partner. Talk it out, spend more time on yourself and with your partner. Try new things and talk to him about how you really feel. Now isn’t the time to hold back, be honest even it hurts. Don’t waste each other’s time, aren’t we too old for that!?

9The Past

If your partner keeps bringing up the past on a daily basis whenever you two argue, it might be too late to recover the relationship. This can be a sign of control issues on their end, it shows that they really don’t want to move on and that they’re stuck in the past. These sorts of people have a lot of pent up energy that needs to be released and a break is a very valid and solid option to sort out that energy without it escalating. Take a break and learn how to take care of yourselves, come back together, and start fresh. Dealing with the past isn’t always nostalgic fun, it can bring back bad memories you wish you could forget. If your partner keeps bringing it up even though you’ve both agreed you would both move on, sometimes it’s best to just tell him one more time that you can’t deal with being treated like this. Tell him you just can’t take it, either move on or take a break to sort out those grudges he’s holding on to.

8Giving Up

Giving up is something we all deal with, sometimes just thinking about how easy it would be if we just quit sounds great. But with our relationships throughout life, we can’t give up if we really do value them. It’s important to not give up on yourself or your partner if you really do want to make it work. Giving up should only be the last option, the option you take because that’s what is best for you and you’re one hundred percent sure that that is what you want, but giving up on your relationship is what a lot of people do then immediately have regrets a few days later. To avoid this too quick decision making, try instead: journaling about the issue and why you feel like giving up. Journal and sketch and eventually you’ll come up with an answer that might be more deeply rooted than your relationship, that way you can take the steps you need to move forward.

7Emotional Stability

If you feel like emotional and mental health are at risk because of your partner, you can of course take a break, but if you have constant conversations about this issue with your partner, it might be best to step away until you both feel like you can refresh yourselves and start over. This would require you to take a break but not planning on a date to talk. While this might seem even more scary because this will affect the relationship status, it is something that should be done if you feel unsafe and your mental health is withering. We all need emotional stability in any relationship we have in our life. Even with family and friends, stability and reassurance is something we all need as people in this world. If you aren’t getting that support then you need to make that known so you can both be on the same level of understanding.

6Losing Self

Sometimes when we look back on our relationships in the future, you’ll find that you did lose yourself a bit to the person you were dating. This is normal, it’s normal to attach to the individual and morph to mannerisms they use, they do the same thing to us as well in most cases. But when you are a completely different person, it can be hard to see what really is happening right in front of you. When you feel like you’re on the edge of losing yourself because of the toxic relationship you’re in it can be very hard to pick yourself back up again. Just like above, you’ll feel like giving up, but promise yourself that you won’t because you can get through it. If you’re feeling like this when you’re around your partner, it might be time to take a break from your relationship. I think we can all agree.


This is very serious. If you don’t feel safe and you feel like your partner is taking advantage or crossing the lines that you have agreed on, get out of there. If he tries to keep you involved by wanting to go on a break after doing something like this. Let him know he’s not worth your time. Get away from him and DON’T go on a break with him, it’s way too risky. Your health and sense of safety should be most important to you and your partner, it’s not something to take any risks with, and it’s not something you should put up with on a daily basis, not even once! Don’t take a break if you feel like this is your reality, Instead try to express how you feel and just leave. Leave and keep yourself safe, stay with family if you have to, like I said before, it’s not worth the risk!

4Pet Peeves

Pet peeves seem to always effect to the most sometimes. Sometimes even a stranger’s pet peeve gets on our nerves and it drives us insane. Learn to either work on discussing what bothers you when it comes to things your partner does on a regular basis, or discuss taking a break and moving on from there. We all have pet peeves that make us upset, but it’s up to us to figure out how to deal with them in a way that doesn’t eat at us and the relationship we’re in. Sometimes if it gets too extreme it’s completely okay if you feel the need to take a break, maybe a week long absence so you both can try to work on improving yourselves! If even after that break things just fall into the comfort of routine again, have a serious talk and make the decision if it’s worth dealing with or not!

3Separate Ways

If you’ve been thinking about going separate ways lately, that should be a light bulb moment because you should realize that maybe your relationship isn’t in the healthiest state at the moment. If you want to go separate ways, mention taking a break so you two can decide on whether it’s worth the time and if you want to actually go through with it. Going separate ways can sometimes happen in a very healthy relationship for a variety of reasons, work, school, children, etc. It’s important to keep the communication lines open with your partner so even if this happens, you’re completely in control of what is going on and understand how you two feel about each other even if you can’t get close in this moment of your lives! Take care of your lives and maybe give each other some simple understanding that both of your schedules are busy, that doesn’t have to be a negative thing!


We all deal with stress, but when stress becomes too much and we’re constantly dealing with it when it comes to our relationship as well, then we need to step away from the drama. Stress is something that’s always there, we learn to deal with it, but when individuals in your relationship aren’t understanding about the stress you’re feeling, it’s time to rethink choices. Stress will probably never go away, but there are ways to help it not be as forward as it usually is. Learn to take a breath, plan a small date this weekend, have a spa day to yourself, experiment and try things you love and incorporating them more into your life so you can have a refreshed and clear head when it comes to your relationship with your partner. Don’t succumb to stress, you can beat it if you don’t give up! Support your partner and they will return that, (they better)!


If the individual you’re with continues to slack, it can be quite the red flag. In so many relationships it’s the norm that one individual does less work than the other and it’s complete BS. There should be a balance if you plan on spending your lives together. If you are the reason he keeps giving you as to why he’s slacking, because he wants to spend time with you or something, you need to remember that maybe taking a break so he can get his life together is worth it.

Going on a break doesn’t always mean that you have to break up after, if done right with communication, understanding, and a level head, it can be very productive and worth your time to take a bit of a breather when it comes to your relationship dynamic. Don’t go into a ‘break’ thinking that it will just turn out negative, instead use this time to improve yourself and grow as an individual.

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