Here’s Your Top Relationship Deal-Breaker (Him & Her), Based On Your Sign

Everyone’s experience in relationships is different, and while there may be similarities, no one’s is exactly the same. Some of us get dumped more than we do the dumping, some of us can’t help but go back to our old bad habits again and again, and some of us would rather be single than date anyone less than perfect. Sometimes, we blame the other person, but we might also recognize our part in the breakup of a relationship. “It’s not you, it’s me”, right?

Well, what if it’s both? And what if your zodiac sign has something to do with it? Maybe that’s the reason why you can tolerate certain behaviours that your BFF would never abide by, or why you have deal-breakers that don’t even raise a red flag to others. Picking and choosing our partners based on what we want in a person and what we’re looking for in a relationship is part of the fun – and the problem – but perhaps we have a solution. Through our knowledge of the zodiac, we’ve selected the dating deal-breakers based on your sign – and your guy’s! Knowing what works and doesn’t work for you is important, but what about the dude you’re interested in? The more you know!

24Leo Man: Ugliness

Yes, it sounds shallow, but what do you want from a sign that values beauty and image above all else? Leo guys get a bad rap for being superficial, and we can kind of see where it comes from, but it’s important to know why these guys see ugliness as a relationship deal-breaker.

First off, Leo men take a great deal of care and place priority on their appearance. They like to look good, keep fit, and have the finer things in life, and they want the same for their girlfriend, too. A lady who doesn’t care about her appearance, who fails to brush her hair, and who would rather shop at thrift stores instead of high-end boutiques are a turn-off to Leo lads, because they think it means that their partner doesn’t care about how they’re perceived by others. Since Leo dudes ONLY care about what other people think, this will prove to be more of an issue than you might otherwise have guessed.

23Cancer Man: If His S.O Is Not In With The Fam

A big heart and a love for family and friends are some of the defining attributes of a Cancer man, and he needs someone who holds these in such high esteem as well. While they tend to have a lot of emotions, Cancer is also a sign that gives a lot to others, and loves with all their heart. That means that the opinions of their loved ones are incredibly important to them, and any potential GF who doesn’t get in with their family and friends won’t be going any further with this sign!

Partly owing to the suspicious nature of Cancer, a guy born under this sign might suspect something is amiss with a potential SO if their loved ones aren’t warming up to them. Getting the green light from Mom and Dad means the world to them, but if they’ve brought someone home who just isn’t hitting it off with the parental units, they’re more than ready to say buh-bye!

22Aries Man: Clinginess

An Aries man is a guy who follows the beat of his own drum and takes on leadership roles in every aspect of his life. He can’t have some simpering, clinging girl hanging onto him at all times! When an Aries dude is in a relationship, he’s looking for an equal partner who can take on the world with him, not a wallflower who can’t strike out on her own.

With a “my way or the highway” attitude, an Aries man values his independence and doesn’t like to be dragged down by someone else. If you’re a woman who constantly needs her guy by her side and reassurance that you’re the one for him, you’d better keep on moving, because an Aries dude has no time for you! Being suffocated by love is so NOT a turn on for this sign of the zodiac, and if you’ve been turned away in the past for being a bit too much, we’d advise you against hitching your heart to this sign.

21Aquarius Man: Any Sign Of Ignorance

Some of the signs are known for having big hearts, but few are as able to look outside themselves as Aquarius. An Aquarius dude values empathy above almost everything else, and expects the same from his partner. He commits himself to charitable efforts and will fight for what he believes in. Getting into intense intellectual conversations about the state of the world is one of their favourite things to do, and if they’re paired with a partner who is dumb to the current state of affairs, then an Aquarius guy’s interest will completely evaporate.

Ignorance is one thing Aquarius men can’t let go of, and if you’re someone who’s prone to selfishness or willfully ignores the rest of humanity and the world, guys born under this sign won’t be able to deal with you for very long. (And, it should be noted, his charitable streak doesn’t extend to people like you!)

20Pisces Man: Feeling Unappreciated

Emotional and sensitive, Pisces guys are the type who need reassurance that they’re doing well and that they’re loved. Without that acknowledgement, they can spiral downwards into pits of despair and insecurity. Don’t worry, though – whatever you give them they’re more than willing to return ten-fold, because they’re naturally selfless.

However, while Pisces guys often go all out for those they love, they need a little thank you for it. Not only does this appreciation assuage their insecurity and worries, but it allows them to feel that romance they so desperately crave. Their fragile emotions make it easy for you to hurt them or take advantage of them, and since Pisces men can sense when they’re being used, they won’t be too keen to stick it out to see if you change your tune. While they sometimes give the benefit of the doubt, Pisces guys would rather protect themselves and cut you loose.

19Libra Man: An Anti-Social Person

The people-pleasing sign of the zodiac, Libra men tend to have huge groups of friends that they flit from one weekend to the next. This guy always has a packed social calendar and wants a woman who can not only keep up with him, but ingratiate herself with his buddies, too! He judges his girl on her ability to blend in with others and make people feel comfortable, and if you’re not doing that, he’s going to be looking for ways to ghost on you.

Being anti-social, for a Libra guy, means that you don’t like people, which is a no-go for this friendly sign. They’re always trying to get on everyone’s good sign, and the fact that you don’t bother would rub him the wrong way. He might sense impending drama with you, and since Libra dudes hate confrontation and loudmouths, he’ll probably just dip out before you know it.

18Sagittarius Man: Homebodies

Getting outdoors and exploring the world is a Sagittarius guy’s favourite thing to do. His greatest complaint with life is that he only has a finite amount of time to explore everything and he wants to see it all, which is why he needs to be with a woman who shares his wanderlust. If you’re a lady who prefers to Netflix and chill or who takes the most pleasure in doing absolutely nothing, then sorry, but this relationship isn’t meant to be.

While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a homebody, it’s definitely a deal-breaker for a travel-hungry Sag guy. They’re adrenaline junkies and need to be with a partner who shares their fire. If he gets involved with a woman who’s happier at home, he’s likely to get bored and ditch her. He’ll probably soon be searching for greener pastures – which he’s likely to find as he’s trotting the globe!

17Capricorn Man: Unambitious People

Capricorn dudes have a fantasy of conquering the world with an equally impressive woman by his side. Nothing appeals to him more than a sense of ambition and a hard-headed determination. Capricorn dudes love a strong woman who knows what she wants and is willing to do whatever it takes to get it. He relates to that and respects it, which is high praise from this notoriously prickly sign. If you’re not exactly passionate about being remembered for great things or don’t have a desire to climb that precarious social ladder, then a Capricorn dude isn’t the one for you.

This sign of the zodiac has a bad habit of feeling superior to almost everyone around them, and so if you’re lacking professional drive, he’ll happily hold it over your head. This creates a toxic relationship and after the Capricorn guy has fed his ego on what you’re lacking, he’s soon to leave.

16Taurus Man: Impulsivity

Taurus men are known for their practicality and reliability – it’s what makes them such great husbands and fathers! They have an order to doing things, simply because they know what works, not because they’re particular. Their slow and steady way of life means that they are not down to get with a girl who can’t control her impulses. This sign of the zodiac is considered one of the more mature of the bunch, and an impulsive woman seems childish to them. Since this sign knows what they want out of life, they’re not about to start wasting their time with someone who can’t make a decision or acts on a whim.

The Taurus man might seem a little too careful or cautious, but it’s because they’re not big risk-takers and weigh the pros and cons of doing something before deciding. If you’re a girl who’s into spontaneous trips and daredevil activities, a Taurus guy won’t be waiting when you’ve finally decided to settle down.

15Gemini Man: Introversion

A Gemini guy is the person you want at a party or family dinner, because he’ll ensure that there are no awkward silences and he can charm the pants off of just about anyone! A bright and energetic sign of the zodiac, a Gemini guy is always on the search for fun and adventure with an equally peppy and vivacious girl by his side.

Sorry to say, then, but a girl who’s more into staying at home or chilling with a good book probably won’t be sticking with a Gemini guy for very long! Geminis, for all their positive traits, can be very fickle and they tend to get bored easily. If they have a partner who isn’t constantly challenging them and engaging with them in fun activities, they’re likely to have a wandering eye. Introverts, you’re probably better off just doing what you do best: staying at home, alone.

14Virgo Man: Messiness

Virgo guys are highly anxious most of the time. Sure, it might seem finicky and particular at times, but it’s just the way this sign is. They need to have things a certain way to feel calm, as they tend to overanalyze basically everything. Keeping things clean and tidy decreases their anxiety levels and to have a partner who respects and appreciates this tendency is a big turn-on for practical Virgo.

With that being said, a girl who’s messy – both in her appearance and her home – will definitely ruin things for a Virgo man. For a Virgo guy to open up to someone else, they need to feel secure, safe, and respected. Keeping a dirty or messy home and getting lazy when it comes to the laundry shows him that you don’t just not care about yourself, but about him too! This sign isn’t great at expressing their emotions, but you can be sure he’ll be heading for the door if your place is a pigsty!

13Scorpio Man: Infidelity

You don’t need to add more to a Scorpio’s suspicious and jealous nature, but step out of line and cheat on them, and you can be sure you’ll be cut! Scorpio guys can handle a lot of stuff in relationships, largely because they know that they can be a lot to deal with. Their passionate nature makes them immune to blowout fights and they’re willing to fight for what matters.

With that being said, infidelity if where this sign draws the line. Scorpio men want to be sure that they’re your one and only, and if they get a whiff of adultery they’ll not only end the relationship – they’ll make you wish you had never dated them (or anyone). Infidelity is a deal-breaker for most people, regardless of the sign, but while some signs might be more receptive to excuses and explanations, a Scorpio guy won’t hear any of it and will send you right back to singlehood.

12Libra Women: Insensitivity

Libra women want to make things easier for everyone. Unfailingly polite, they will do whatever it takes to keep the peace, and they expect the same from their BF. To Libra ladies, politeness, tactfulness, and diplomacy are all signs of emotional intelligence and empathy, which they think are good signifiers of how a man will be in a relationship. If, however, they’re with a guy who’s not only rude but insensitive towards themselves and others, then a Libra girl won’t think twice about shedding her harmonious image to kick him to the curb!

Libra ladies can be unlucky in love, since they often agree with everything but in front of them in order to avoid conflict. If, however, they’re faced with a person who brings to drama and won’t hesitate to cause a ruckus over nothing, then their sense of self-preservation will come into play and tell them to end this relationship, stat!

11Scorpio ­Woman: A S.O Who Lies Often

For Scorpio men, infidelity is the biggest deal-breaker in a relationship, but for Scorpio women, it’s something much smaller: lying.

Lies are the worst thing that can happen to a Scorpio girl, because it calls their trust into question. For Scorpio gals, trust is of the utmost importance in a relationship, and once a partner takes advantage of that through lying, they’re cut loose without a second thought. Jealousy and manipulation run through this zodiac sign, so it’s a matter of “takes one to know one”. Honesty and transparency are key when it comes to dating women of this zodiac sign, and while they can forgive a lot of faults, lying is one they simply can’t get past. Their loyalty is strong, but they’re just as able to turn on someone who’s wronged them, and trust us when we say that that is the LAST thing you’d want, because no one holds grudges as well as a Scorpio woman.

10Sagittarius ­Woman: Individuals Who Carry Negative Vibes

With all their wanderlust ways, Sagittarius ladies tend to be happy-go-lucky and infectiously optimistic. They’re always looking at the brighter side of things, because at the very least, every new experience – good or bad – is a new adventure. They are idealistic and wide-eyed about life, which means they simply can’t bring themselves to stick it out with a guy whose favourite thing to do is complain.

Positivity illuminates every aspect of a Sag girl’s life, and so a negative dude who constantly brings her down is not only not fun, but damaging to her spirit. Sagittarius women love to be around other people and learn new things, but to be stuck in a whirlwind of toxic thoughts and ideas just kills their souls. They regularly want to believe in the best in people, and when they find themselves caught up with someone who constantly sees the glass as half-empty, they won’t hesitate to leap into their next trip around the world.

9Cancer ­Woman: Coldness

Highly emotional and prone to suspicion, Cancer women need warmth in order to feel satisfied in a relationship. Too often, they’ve been screwed over by men who turned cold on them, and that pattern has made them insecure in other relationships. To appease the nervous Cancer, their partners need to lavish affection on them and assuage their fears.

Cancer women are used to being written off as “too emotional” or “crazy”, so they’re learning to cut their losses if they notice a change in their guy. Wearing their heart on their sleeve and feeling all the feelings is a trademark of Cancer girls, and if a guy can’t deal with that – or, worse, belittles them for it – they’ll make the tough decision to walk away. Ultimately, Cancer women are slaves to their heart, and if they’re not getting the love and emotional support they’re looking for, they’re not afraid to go.

8Leo ­Woman: People Who Are Stingy

While Leo guys tend to be shallow, Leo women are the type who ooze generosity. While they enjoy the finer things in life, they also want to share the wealth with those they love. Beauty should be everywhere, according to Leo ladies, so it’s not out of character for them to foot the bill or treat their BFFs on a regular basis.

With that being said, if they find themselves in a romantic situation with a dude who’s tight-fisted, there’s no way things will work out. Not only do Leo women believe they deserve the best in life, but they think that to spend money is to show love and respect. They expect to be treated like queens, and anything less than that is unacceptable. Failing to return the generous favours that Leo women so readily dole out feels like a slap in the face to this sign of the zodiac, and they simply won’t stand for it! (Also, this sign doesn’t need a relationship to determine how cheap someone is, only a first date!)

7Capricorn ­Woman: Irresponsibility Is The Absolute Turn Off

A Capricorn girl wants to rise high in the world, because she knows she deserves it and she knows that she can, through her abilities and talents. She also knows that to get to where she wants to be, she’s going to have to bust her butt, because a penthouse apartment and reserved parking space don’t come cheap! Capricorn women push themselves, often at the expense of personal relationships, and they need someone who understands that that is simply who they are and that they’re unwilling to change that core part of their personality.

Because of that, irresponsible guys who are content to couch-surf for an indefinite amount of time or mooch off their friends are the biggest turn off to these ambitious ladies. Not only can they not respect these man-children, they’re actually offended by them! Nothing annoys a Capricorn more than someone looking for a handout, and they’d rather play an equal role in a partnership than that of nanny or mother.

6Aquarius ­Woman: Close-Minded People

The great thinkers of the zodiac, Aquarius women pride themselves on their progressive minds and willingness to learn new things. In fact, they think there’s nothing better than some quality conversation about the world or the big questions that plague our society. Their need to learn more and see an argument from all sides means that women born under this sign won’t last long with dudes who are close-minded.

Men who are openly (or quietly) prejudiced or stuck in their ways won’t get far with Aquarius girls, who will find them repulsive once they show their true colours. These women have a humanitarian streak that inspires them to look outside of themselves, and if others are unable to do that – and unwilling to learn – then Aquarius girls are going to turn tail and run. While they enjoy a good debate now and then, once they’ve learned that they’re not convincing anyone, they know that this dude isn’t worth their time.

5Pisces ­Woman: Game-Playing

The overly trusting nature of the Pisces woman means that too often they’re taken advantage of, especially where emotions are involved. Additionally, because they tend to trust and believe whatever’s told to them, they’re easy targets for playing games. Pisces women have been screwed over a lot in the past, and while they may have developed a bit of a sixth sense for it (and a shield to combat it), they still think with their heart first, and more often than not let it take a pounding. Because of this, they’ve decided (probably more than a few times) to not allow any petty game-playing to happen anymore. They can’t stand cruelty, on behalf of themselves or others, and so playing with their heart and feelings is a definite deal-breaker for this sign. Sure, they might have forgiven people for the same crimes in the past, but they’re not about to make that mistake again.

4Taurus Woman: A Partner Who Is Impatient

When you’re with a Taurus woman, you need to learn to savour life. This sign doesn’t go with the flow because the flow is too fast for them. Instead, they like to do things in their own time and enjoy it. Languorous dinners that last until ten in the evening or lazy days spent sleeping in are some of a Taurus girl’s favourite things to do, and you’d better watch out if you want to change that!

Taurus women are known for being stubborn, so trying to shift their schedule to accommodate someone else is not going to happen. They resent it when their partners pout and sigh because the Taurus girl is running a little late, and they consider it a sign of disrespect when they’re being hurried out the door. Life is meant to be enjoyed, according to a Taurus woman, so if you’re the type who rushes through, you’re not the one for her.

3Gemini ­Woman: Aloofness

If your phone is blowing up, you might have a Gemini girl on your hand! The Chatty Cathys of the zodiac, Gemini gals love a good conversation, and consider regular communication to be of vital importance in a relationship – and they’re not wrong! This sign means the things they say, but they also find themselves more attracted to men who can keep up an interesting convo. If you’re a dude who can leave their phone unattended for hours or would rather play things as if you couldn’t care one way or the other, you won’t just be leaving a Gemini girl confused – she’ll be leaving you!

Being aloof is a dating deal-breaker for this sign because they can’t understand the reasoning behind it. Refusing to communicate doesn’t make sense to them, since it’s one of their favourite things to do, and they’re not willing to play this kind of game. Deal with the spam texts or get off this girl!

2Virgo ­Woman: Bad Hygiene

If you’re going to date one of the neatest, most orderly signs of the zodiac, you’d better be sure that your appearance – and hygiene – are spic and span! Nothing turns off a Virgo woman more than a dirty man (and we’re not talking between the sheets). This sign strongly believes in the importance of cleanliness, so if a guy shows up with unbrushed teeth, dirty clothes, or stinky armpits, she’s running for the hills!

For the most part, Virgo women like to treat their bodies as temples, sticking to healthy food, regular exercise, and good grooming. They feel that this keeps things in order and the world aligned. Nothing causes more anxiety to a Virgo woman than chaos, and a dude with poor personal hygiene feels like a living, breathing nightmare. Not that we can blame them, though! Who’d wanna stick around when your date is looking (and smelling) all sorts of nasty?

1Aries Woman:­ Laziness

An Aries woman knows what she wants out of life, and she isn’t shy to tell everyone about it. One of the most determined signs of the zodiac, women born under Aries are the kind who go on to become entrepreneurs, CEOs, and Instagram influencers. They take what they love and turn it into something lucrative, and they expect the same level of drive and fire from their partners in order to keep them interested.

With that being said, lazy dudes just won’t gel with an Aries girl’s go-go style – they’ll drag her down. Instead of relaxing her or mellowing out this temperamental sign, lazy dudes will just ignite the anger that always lies within an Aries woman. Major fights are to be expected here, partly due to the passion that course through the veins of this girl, and partly because an Aries woman is too independent to waste her time playing mommy to a guy who doesn’t deserve her.

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