15 Things He Does That Mean He’s Happy In The Relationship

Sometimes when you get into a relationship, we just assume that things are going to be lovey-dovey forever, and we’ll live happily ever after. That’s how all the fairy tales end, right? But sometimes, our assumptions are simply wrong, and we don’t end up getting that happily ever after. Why do relationships that seem so picture perfect from the outside end so unexpectedly? Well, the truth is that sometimes we’re blinded by our own emotions, and we barely stop to think about how the guy feels! We’re falling head over heels, so he must feel the same way, right? How can we tell if a guy is actually happy to be with us, or he’s just biding his time until someone better comes along? Well, you just have to know the right signs to look out for. Here are 15 signs that your guy is genuinely happy in your relationship.

15He tells his mom all about you

Look, if a guy tells his mom about you, he really loves you. First of all, it’s always a good sign when a guy has a good relationship with his mom. This means that he knows how to respect a woman. Seriously, if a guy has a bad relationship with his mom, this could be a red flag in some cases. So, what does it really mean when a guy goes home and tells his mom all about how awesome you are? It means he really, truly cares about you. And not only that, it means that he sees a future with you. It means that you mean enough to him that he would open up to his mom about your relationship. Trust us, guys do not tell their moms about every single girl they meet, so if he does tell her, you must be pretty special! He’s a keeper!

14His friends are happy to have you around

A guy’s friends can be super weird when he gets a girlfriend. They might feel a little territorial: after all, you’re encroaching on THEIR turf now. He was their friend before he was your boyfriend, and they still expect him to be “loyal” to them. If they find out he’s making you skip out on guy’s night to stay home and watch Netflix, well, they’re not going to be super happy about it. If a guy’s friends aren’t your biggest fans, your relationship could be at risk. But what if they actually enjoy having you around? Well, it means that you make him genuinely happy. It means that they can see you’ve made a positive change in his life and that you’re not just going to be a fling. You’re the real deal, and they know how important you are to him. So if a guy’s friends invite you around, you’re golden!

13He knows when he needs to apologize

Have you ever been in a relationship where the guy was just completely blind to his own flaws? Come on, we all make mistakes, right? But in this case, the dude you were dating just always seemed to have an excuse whenever he screwed up. Whether he brushed it off with, “Come on, you know it was all a joke” or told you that you were crazy, it’s such a horrible attitude to have. But when you’re dating a guy who truly cares about you and the relationship that you share, he will not hesitate to apologize when he can tell that he’s upset you. And that’s another major key: most of the time, he will know that he has upset you, and you won’t have to spell it out for him. He may not be a mind reader, but he’ll be able to see when he owes you an apology.

12He loves to plan for the future

A guy who gets freaked out when you try to talk about the future is a guy who doesn’t plan on sticking around for that future. But how about a guy who gets super excited to discuss your future together? A guy who will not only make plans for six months from now but even a year from now? Wow, that’s rare. Here’s the thing: you don’t want a guy who is convinced you’re going to be married right away. That’s just too much, too fast. But you also don’t want a guy who just couldn’t care less about your future together. You want a guy who knows that you may not be together forever, but even if things do end one day, he sees himself being happy with you for quite a while. When you’re young, that’s all you really need! That means he’s truly happy to be with you now.

11He knows your “usual” order

Every girl has a “usual” order at Starbucks. Or your favorite late night takeout spot. Or your favorite breakfast place. We all have those certain items on the menu that we just have to go for, every time. And when you’re having a rough day, nothing cheers you up like being lazy and grabbing some of your ”usual” treats from your favorite restaurant, right? If your guy knows all of your “usual” orders, he’s a keeper. If you ask him to pick up coffee and he comes right back with your perfect drink, he pays attention. It’s all about those little details that he keeps track of. A guy who really cares will pick up on that kind of thing without you having to tell him twice. If he knows all of your “usual” orders like the back of his hand, it means he likes you enough to really listen!

10He surprises you with little gifts

Guys who know how to surprise you are the best. We’re not talking about big anniversary surprises here, we’re just talking about the little things that guys can do to make your day that much better. When you’re having a rough day and your boyfriend surprises you with some flowers or even a little teddy bear, it feels like the nicest thing anyone has ever done. Any guy who can master the art of the little surprise is a total keeper. And guess what? The best boyfriends don’t wait until you’re having a bad day to surprise you. A great boyfriend will surprise you with something cute randomly, just because he really cares! It could just be a regular Monday, and this guy might drop off some chocolate covered strawberries just to show you how much he cares. Awww, who wouldn’t want a guy who loves to surprise you with adorable gifts?

9He never forgets a good morning text

Starting your day with a good morning text from the right guy can ensure that you have the perfect day from the minute you open your eyes until it’s time for bed. Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration, but honestly, getting that adorable good morning text can definitely set you up for a great day. When you start your day hearing from someone who cares about you right away, it puts you on track to have a positive attitude for the rest of the day. Plus, don’t you just love knowing that you’re the first thing he thinks of when he wakes up? Isn’t that just what every girl wants? Getting that sweet “good morning” text each day reminds us that no matter what other crazy situation is going on in our lives, our relationship is stable and loving, and we have someone who loves and supports us on our side.

8He leaves a toothbrush at your house

If a guy leaves a toothbrush at your house, it’s never an accident. Let’s just establish that right off the bat. It means he’s planning on coming back some time very soon. If you’re not dating yet, it’s a not so subtle sign that he likes you and wants to be with you. And if you are already dating, it means he doesn’t just see you as a casual, short-term girlfriend. It means he sees a future with you and wants to be with you for the long haul. Yea, it may seem like crazy girl talk to put this much meaning on a toothbrush. But everyone knows you don’t leave a toothbrush at someone’s place unless you’re trying to send them a message! You may wonder if it’s just an accident, but we’re here to let you know that it’s probably not, and this guy probably really, really likes you!

7He never forgets your anniversary

Now, we know that some couples choose not to make a big deal out of their anniversaries, and that’s perfectly fine. If you’re in one of those couples, this entry might not apply to you. But for those couples who DO love a good anniversary celebration, listen up! Isn’t it the worst when your boyfriend forgets your anniversary? Yeah, we’ve all been there, and there’s a reason that those relationships end up in the past and don’t have a place in our future. As we’ve already mentioned a few times in this list, finding a guy who remembers those little details that are so important to you really makes a difference. When a guy just makes that sincere effort, it makes you feel cared for and loved, and it lets you know that he values you and the time you spend together. If he’s happy with you, he’ll remember your anniversary.

6He gives you space when you need it

Some couples seem to be attached at the hip all of the time. It’s actually pretty crazy. You know that girl who seems to have a new photo of her boyfriend up on Instagram every single day? Or that guy who has his girlfriend in his Snap story every day? When do these couples ever spend a second apart? Now, that might seem romantic when you first get into a relationship with someone, but after a while, it gets old, FAST. Let’s face it, being together every second of every day is just not healthy. You need time to be by yourself and do your own thing! A guy who gives you space when you need it and has no problem doing so is a guy you want to stick with. It doesn’t mean that he loves you any less, as a matter of fact, he loves you enough to give you “me time”!

5He takes care of you when you’re sick

When you’re sick, you pretty much only want one person: your mom. But if she’s not around, your boyfriend is the second best person to help take care of you. Let’s just lay down the law for a second: if you’re sick and your boyfriend acts like he doesn’t have a minute to spare for you, he’s a total liar and you need to dump him. Seriously. There’s a reason the phrase “in sickness and in health” is included in so many marriage vows! Because you need someone who will be by your side in the best of times and the worst of times! A guy who takes good care of you when you’re sick is the kind of guy you need by your side for the long haul. He’ll bring you chicken soup, let you know when to take your meds, and have you feeling better in no time.

4He’s happy to plan date nights

It always seems like girls are a little more Type A than guys tend to be. Maybe it’s just the way we’re raised. Maybe we’re taught to plan a little more carefully and be a little less risky. But whatever it is, it definitely seems like girls are naturally better planners than guys! So when a guy does step up to do some planning, it can feel like a dream come true. We’re so used to guys with total Type B personalities expecting us to do all the work when really, every girl’s dream is to have a guy who loves to plan awesome dates for both of you to enjoy. Hearing a guy say, “I’m picking you up at 8, I’ve got a reservation at an awesome restaurant already, just wear something cute and I’ll handle the rest,” is so nice. Who doesn’t love a guy who puts in the effort?

3He loves to cook for you

Isn’t it so wonderful when a guy cooks for you? Growing up as girls, society sends the message that we’re supposed to do the cooking, the cleaning, and all of the other domestic chores…but honestly, it’s 2017, so it’s time that men pick up the slack and give us a hand! If you ever start dating a guy and it turns out he has NO idea how to cook, he needs to start learning or you need to turn around and walk out the door. Seriously, in this day and age, men and women should all be able to cook for themselves, it’s a basic life skill that will save you a ton of money, help you stay healthier, AND it can impress your dates. A guy who cooks for you on a regular basis cares about your relationship and is probably more invested in keeping things equal between the two of you!

2He’ll watch all your favorite reality shows with you

For some reason, it seems like reality TV is entirely geared towards women. That’s why there are a million shows called the Real Housewives of (Blank) and exactly zero about Real Househusbands. And it’s pretty much all women who are watching both The Bachelor and The Bachelorette! Reality TV shows are usually something that we mostly save for girls nights with our friends. We know that our boyfriends aren’t usually interested in our guilty pleasure TV shows, and that’s totally fine! But isn’t it nice when your boyfriend decides to stay in with you every once in a while and enjoy a cheesy reality show with you? You know that deep down, he could care less about who gets a rose on The Bachelor, but it means a lot to you that he’s willing to spend time with you doing something that you enjoy (and maybe he secretly does care)!

1He brags about you to his friends

Remember how we mentioned earlier that when a guy’s friends actually like you and want you around, it’s a good sign? Well, here’s another good sign: when a guy goes and brags to his friends about you. And we don’t mean bragging about what goes down when you hook up, either, nah, that’s just typical guy behavior, and it actually means he doesn’t care too much about you. No, we mean a different kind of “bragging.” A guy who keeps all the physical stuff between you and him, but goes and tells his friends about how happy you make him, how talented you are, and how you’re absolutely wife material is different. A guy who brags to his friends about how you’ve changed his life for the better is a guy who actually cares. This is a key sign that he’s really happy in your relationship, and he wants everyone to know!

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