10 things not to do after breaking up

” I’m leaving you “. He gave us that, as if nothing had happened, between the main course and the dessert. Since then, we have been heartbroken, eyes swollen with endless tears and, despite everything, an immeasurable desire to remember him. If a disappointment in love is never easy, we might as well avoid making the situation worse by making these ten mistakes that will prevent us from moving forward.

1 – Beg him to come back

There is nothing more pathetic than crawling in front of your ex begging him to come back. All we’re gonna gain is coming off as a desperate girl with no self-esteem, and that’s not really s**xy. Our ex made a decision, we have to respect it. If he wants to come back, he will come back. But certainly not if we run after him, a way of saying “hey man, I don’t give a damn about your will, I want you so I’ll show it to you!” “

2 – Play the virtual freak

When you get dumped, you go through an emotional roller coaster. The right solution: take a step back from what our little inner voices shout at us “remove it from your friends within the hour, I tell you”, “but no, if I do that, I will pass for an angry” . The worst is to remove it and add it a week later, because we regret. He will say to himself that we are completely nuts and that he did well to leave us…

3 – Spy on him on Facebook

In the event that you decide to keep your ex on Facebook, you must absolutely resist the temptation to be on the lookout for your every move. “He liked a photo, who is this whore?” “,” He keeps adding girls “,” he looks happy without me the b**stard … “Apart from hurting us, it is absolutely useless. So, we stop sinking into ourselves.

4 – Throwing yourself on the first

guy Following a breakup, your ego is hurt and only one desire: to throw yourself on the first guy you find and sleep with him, thinking that this will help us turn the page. Big mistake! Ok, at the moment, we will feel good but the next day, we will be disgusted and dive deeper: “but why I did that? I miss my ex ”.

5 – Eat whatever you can find

When you get dumped, there are two phases in relation to food. The one where we can’t swallow anything because we’re still in shock, everything makes us nauseous. And the one, a few days later, where we throw ourselves on everything we find to fill the void. What’s the point? Take 10 kilos, as if being dumped wasn’t enough?

6 – Trying to remain friends with your ex

You can lie to whomever you want, but especially not to yourself. If we want to remain “friends” with his ex, it is simply in the hope that he changes his mind and realizes how he is madly in love with us and that he made a terrible mistake by leaving us. However, if we stay in his paws all day long, he will not realize that he misses him …

7 – Reread his old SMS

We stop rereading his ex’s SMS by trying to analyze them. “But I do not understand, there are still 15 days, he said that I was the woman of his life, that he could not imagine his future without me”. Going over the past is of no use except to undermine our morale and prevent us from moving forward.

8 – pretend to be fine

We have just been dumped, we are at the bottom of the abyss, and this is normal. We all go through this one day or another, so no need to pretend to be fine by posting pictures where we seem to have fun with a whole bunch of people. You have to accept your emotions, become aware of them in order to move forward afterwards. There is nothing to be ashamed of!

9 – Insult him

“You’re just an asshole, I never loved you”, “I would have preferred never to meet you”, “you’re just a good-for-nothing, I hate you … ”No, seriously, what’s the point of insulting your ex that way? It will not bring him back, quite the contrary. We are going to pass for a hysteric and reinforce him in his decision.

10 – Getting confused with loved ones

Our story is over and it is no one’s fault, especially your loved ones. So we stop blaming the entire Earth, blaming them for not having warned us sooner, etc. Unless we want to be alone in the world …

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