10 signs that our guy is better than our ex

When it was over with our ex, we thought for a few days that we would never get over it. And then after a while, we met Jhon, a top guy, with whom we are really good.

But hey, as it’s human nature to compare, there are times when, in spite of ourselves, we find ourselves balancing the two, just like that …

  1. He never talks about himself!

Jhon, he’s not a jealous or drunk guy. Unlike our ex who always asked us 10,000 questions about our previous relationships, Loulou does not even know what our ex is called. And he doesn’t care. So we don’t think about it either. Too strong Loulou!

  1. We think about the breakup with a smile

When our ex left us, we were picking up with a teaspoon, and it took several months to recover. But looking back, we tell ourselves that this breakup is the best thing that has happened to us: it allowed us to meet Jhon!

  1. We look to the future

When we miss our ex, we spend our time rehashing the past. But when our current guy is top, we don’t care about the past, and we look, with him, towards the future: the next vacation, the next apartment … even the house (with several bedrooms ?!)!

  1. The laughter/crying quota has been reversed

With our ex, we spent our time arguing, fretting over a yes or a no, tossing about the names of unapproved birds … Result: we cried a lot more than we laughed. Well Jhon, he managed to reverse this rotten ratio! With him, we laugh, we have giggles, we feel happy and ten times lighter. Pfiou, that feels good …

  1. Our girlfriends love him

Between our ex and our girlfriends, it was not really a good love story (maybe because between him and us, it was not going great by the way). On the other hand, since we’ve been with Jhon, they find us more fulfilled, more serene, and even prettier. Suddenly, they already love him, even if they haven’t met him yet!

  1. It no longer smells warm

Our ex and us, it was worse than The Young and the Restless: 5 breakups, 4 breaks, 8 rickety shifts … In short, it smelled a little warm. And love and warmed up rarely go together. Whereas with Jhon, it’s a real story that begins. And who says a story that begins says first date, first kiss, first crac-crac … And that makes us vibrate!

  1. He appreciates our little flaws

No one is perfect, it is well known. But while our ex didn’t understand or made fun of all our little flaws (our chronic clumsiness, our excessive sensitivity, our goldfish memory), Jhon adores them. So, with him, we are not afraid to be ourselves.

  1. No more effort

When we were with our ex, we saw everyday life as a succession of small compromises and big concessions. With Loulou, it’s funny, but life is simple: we don’t even feel like we have to make an effort to be well together. Life is good, and simple.

  1. We’re sure it’s him

If a few years ago we had been asked why we were staying with our ex, we would have said that we didn’t really know, that we had been with it for a long time, then. But if we are asked today, we answer that we feel, deep inside us, that with Loulou it is for life, because he is the right one! Simply.

  1. In fact, our ex, we have completely forgotten!

We never think about it again, and we absolutely do not regret it. If that is not THE ultimate proof!

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