No matter how harsh and devastating it may sound, it’s true—you can’t love someone into loving you.

You can wait and hope, you can try to impress them, but nothing will work if they don’t feel the same.

Nothing will help; not romanticizing the conversations you had or talking to your friends who will look for the smallest signs of affection…

Don’t feed your feelings with memories, it’s only going to make things worse.

That’s the worst feeling ever; the feeling like you’re not enough for the person you love with all your heart and soul.

If they don’t feel the same, there’s nothing you can do.

There’s no point in trying to change yourself to fit their needs or likes. Nobody can change themself completely and be happy and it doesn’t guarantee you success.


If someone doesn’t like you as you are, why would you like to spend your time with them? They’re obviously not the right person for you.

There’s no point in waiting for somebody to catch feelings for you.

Firstly, it’s not likely that that will happen and secondly, it is degrading to wait for someone to decide you’re lovable enough.

Nobody should settle for halfway love. Love is the one thing in life you don’t settle for but genuinely and truly enjoy. It’s what makes your life.  

Love is an unpredictable feeling—you never know when will it show up and when it’s gone. It doesn’t follow rules and it’s not logic. You can’t plan or predict love.

However, the effect of love on our life is always enormous.


That’s one thing people keep searching for their whole life, consciously or subconsciously.

It’s funny how little it takes to fall in love and be completely immersed in another person and how long and painful the process of forgetting them is.

It’s no wonder why many people just give up on love and close their hearts forever. When you give nothing but love but receive pain and rejection, it makes you want to protect your heart.

Every sign of defensiveness is a sign of a heart that once loved too much.

Being defensive is a way we shield ourselves from pain. Despite the pain and rejection, I advocate for keeping the heart vulnerable.


Accumulating more pain and rejecting love will ultimately result in more pain. On the other side, a vulnerable heart is more likely to come across and recognize a similar heart, even if it takes a little while.


Keeping your heart open and vulnerable is believing in love. A love that doesn’t judge and puts you second; a love that’s pure and doesn’t take advantage.

When you experience that kind of love, you will know that everything before that was nothing but preparation. Every pain you experience will suddenly make sense.

You’re worthy of the love that will always put you first and consider your feelings before anything else.

You’re worthy of a man who will accept you as you are and make you love yourself.

True love will shed light on you and reveal the person you are at your best. Your true potential will shine through and even when you’re not at your best, it will know that’s just a momentary weakness that will pass.

No one is perfect but genuine love is the closest thing to perfection.


A relationship is a commitment of two people who protect each other and respect each other more than anything in the world.

When you’re with the person who understands that, you won’t feel the need to convince them.

They will love you easily and your relationship will be effortless because you will always know the true meaning behind everything you do.

You’ll always have a safe place to come back to.

Don’t lose hope because of one person who was busy with their own challenges but keep believing in love because of that one person who will make your life complete.

As always, all the good things happen when you least expect them and the best thing of all will be the love you deserve.


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