I’m not the kind of girl who hides her feelings. I don’t like playing hard to get nor any other mind games.

It’s not in my nature to pretend to be indifferent just for you to chase me and go crazy over me. I won’t go hot and cold just to make you question my emotions and get under your skin.

In fact, I’m very honest about the way I feel. I don’t run away or repress my emotions, and I don’t have a problem with exposing them to you.

I don’t see it as my weakness. In fact, my ability to love unconditionally is my strength and something I’m proud of.

Yes, I love you unconditionally. However, please don’t misunderstand me when I say this.

When I tell you that I love you unconditionally, I’m promising to stay by your side through thick and thin. It means I’m not walking away from you the moment I find a better opportunity.


It means I won’t abandon you at first glance of trouble. I won’t turn my back on you when you’re going through hard times nor will I leave you hanging when you need me the most.

When I tell you that I love you unconditionally, I’m promising to stay by your side through sickness and health, good and bad days, all the storms and challenges, and everything life throws at you.

BUT, this doesn’t mean that I will put up with you not treating me the way I deserve just because I love you. 

This doesn’t mean I’ll allow you to disrespect me in any way, humiliate me, or insult me. It doesn’t mean I’ll be okay with you putting me down, making me feel like I’m not good enough, or diminishing my value.

It certainly doesn’t mean that I’ll allow you to keep on breaking my heart. Loving you is not a green light for you to hurt me, take advantage of me, or play with my feelings.


Just because I love you doesn’t mean that I will let you walk all over me.

You see, I care for you deeply. However, my emotions don’t annul my self-respect and sense of self-worth.

Therefore, if you’re counting on my endless forgiveness just because of my feelings for you, think again.

If you’re counting on me allowing you to treat me like a doormat, putting up with everything you do to me, trust me – you can’t be more wrong.

If you’re convinced that I’ll let you abuse me in any way or treat me like I’m below you, it’s time to look for another victim.

You see, I want you in my life and I’m very happy with having you by my side. But don’t you ever think that I can’t make it without you or will put up with everything just to keep you.

Don’t confuse my deep love for you with an inability to live without you. Don’t confuse it with a lack of dignity or especially a lack of brains.

You see, I love you very much. That said, if you want my love to stay, you’ll just have to deal with the fact that I will always love myself more

You’re very important to me, but I’ll always put myself first – in front of you and everyone else.

So, I guess it’s pretty natural that I simply can’t allow myself to love someone who hurts me in any way. On the contrary, if I did, I wouldn’t be loving myself as much as I say I do, would I?

Look, these are my terms. They might sound like too much for you and that’s your right.

I won’t beg you to accept them. Nevertheless, I will ask you for one thing.

I will ask you to be honest with both of us. Be honest and decide right away whether all of this is something you can take or not, and spare us the unnecessary trouble. 


I repeat: I won’t be angry if you tell me that my demands are excessive. Instead, I’ll appreciate your honesty.

In that case, please walk away in time. Do it before I catch any more feelings for you – before you break my heart.

On the other hand, if you do decide to stay, I can promise you that I will reveal to you depths of love you never knew existed.

I promise to prove to you that you made the right decision, because I will give you much more than what I’m asking for.


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