You Are Worthy Of More Than A Maybe


I hope one day when someone makes you choose between being their maybe or nothing, you choose nothing.

I hope when someone stops giving you what you deserve and only presents you with the bare minimum, you leave.

I beg of you to let them go if the bad outweighs the good and if your heart is filled with stress and not love anymore.

And I hope if someone makes your heart beg for them to give you another option, you walk away.

You walk away and delete every trace of them, everything they lead you to believe, gone.

I hope you forget their skin on yours and I hope memories that bring you tears and moments of pain leave your memory as they did.

I never understood how someone could look at you as if nothing was there anymore, as if your whole idea of them changed with the look in their eyes to their emotionless testimony while you’re begging them to stay. I still don’t understand how someone who made you feel safe and secure can take that away from you in an instant.


How does your heart’s home collapse on you in an instant? How can they act as though it meant nothing to them? This isn’t love or what you deserve and I hope you realize that before nothing is left for you to give.

But, what I do know is something better has to come of this pain and hurt. Someone who will be certain of your love and praise the ground you walk on.

Who will adore every inch of your body and not tear you apart without a second thought. Who will enjoy when your eyes light up when they bring you coffee in bed or compliment your awful boxed dyed hair job. An individual who will not criticize and question everything you do, they will accept you and that is more than someone who “thinks” they’ll figure out how to love you again.

You are meant to be given 100% and not a look of uncertainty.

Love shouldn’t be painful, your partner shouldn’t make you anxious or unable to breathe when you’re around them. You shouldn’t have shock waves running through your body when they tell you they would like it if you changed something about you or question your intelligence.

You may not understand why someone came into your life and left so quickly without a trace or a care in the world, but I promise you holding onto what isn’t there or never was will shatter you further.

You will grieve as if they passed away and were never there and left feeling crazy and confused about the last year of your life. “How could this happen” you may ask yourself. How could you have not seen the signs or let it get to the point where seeing the light in their eyes leave for you shatter every part of your soul.


You will shatter, but you will grow stronger.

Your life will go on, you will be able to stomach food again, you will have a good nights sleep someday, and your heart will grow back stronger and ready to love someone even more than him.

Your heart will be ready to love what it deserves. 

You’re worthy of so much more, my dear. 

I can promise you letting them go will relieve you from this, so walk away without a trace.


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