When Love Decides To Leave

Remember that time you were in love? It was so real until that love changed. Until love said, “This is no longer enough.”

You were so in love, but somewhere along the way, things started to move too fast. Or maybe things didn’t move at all. Things became a little too complicated and you outgrew one another.

It’s just that you wanted the moon and stars and a sea escape. They wanted none of that.

Or maybe you wanted a family and they wanted “freedom”, whatever that is. Or maybe you went back to school and they left to go backpacking through Asia and just didn’t want to be a part of that journey with you.

Maybe love said, “This isn’t it anymore.” I just don’t feel the same as I once did.” And so it left.

Maybe love followed you through your darkest moments and when the light finally came, it vanished. Maybe love came to challenge you, bring you out of your comfort zone, only to say, “This is when I must go now.”


And you watched it go.

Maybe for a moment, or many, you began to feel that love was never real and that it never actually cared. Maybe you began to question it and what it meant when it said, “Forever.”

Regardless of how love unfolded, trust me when I say that it was real. Even if it was just for a moment. Or maybe it lasted many years; maybe it’s still there growing with you. Maybe it’s not. The thing is that sometimes we outgrow a certain love, but sometimes love outgrows us. Sometimes love comes to help us heal, and once we’re healed, love leaves. Sometimes love comes to teach us a lesson, and once the lesson is learned, love has served its purpose, and so it goes.

Sometimes love comes to save us, to destroy us, or to just be. But when love leaves, it always teaches us. Love always helps us grow. It always makes room for a new love you can now hold space for.

It’s easy to look at past relationships in a negative light and blame love for how things ended. The truth is that somewhere along the way, you and another body, mind, and soul were so in love, and that love was real. Even when it dwindled. For a moment in time, you were the lucky ones. Sometimes it stays, sometimes it goes, but the lessons are always there.

As long as you hold love within yourself, know that love is infinite.


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