What Makes a Relationship Successful?

What makes a relationship successful? That’s the question most people today are asking, both those who are single and those currently with romantic partners. This is because these days, you never know which couple would last and who would break up after a day or two. There are couples who were thought to be strong and bound to be for keeps but end up leading separate lives after all the years they’ve spent together. You wouldn’t want to experience the same fate, right?

In case you are wondering, then here are the things that make a relationship successful-and yes, you can do these things too:

1. Being vocal about your feelings
Communication is the primary key to any lasting relationship, and so is honesty. Hence, it is a must that you are vocal about your feelings, especially those towards your partner. Tell your significant other how much you love and adore them as knowing so will motivate them to love you back even more.

At the same time, when you have issues or misunderstandings, be vocal about it as well. Take the initiative to talk things out, as not doing so will make the two of you harbor unheard concerns against each other. Don’t dread to be honest, as by telling the truth you also give your trust and confidence. Being vocal also allows the both of you to be rational individuals in dealing with problems and overcoming challenges in the course of your relationship.

2. Showing how much you care, all the time
Aside from being vocal about your feelings, it is also important that you show your affection towards your partner. Actions speak louder than words, as they say, so better express how you feel through the things that you do. These include bits and pieces of romance, being thoughtful, and knowing and acting on your partner’s needs and wants.

3. Appreciating your partner
Being appreciated means a lot to any person, especially when they see this from their significant other. Thus, show your gratitude towards your partner, regardless if you are just chilling around or dealing with difficult situations. When your partner is appreciated, the more he or she strives to become a better person and a better lover for you.

4. Sharing yourself
Many couples think that when they are in a relationship, all the things they have to face are just for themselves as a single unit. But that should not be the case, as despite deciding to enter a relationship, you two are still different, separate individuals. You should then share not only your aspirations towards your relationship, but also your dreams, fears, and qualms as a person. This way, your partner would know exactly how to deal with what you’re going through and help you through it, and vice versa. This also increases your trust for each other, as you know that you’ll be facing all these joys and trials together.

5. Being your partner’s pillar of support
Speaking of aspirations, it is important that you act as your partner’s pillar of support, regardless if he or she is working for aspirations involving your relationship or for their own personal growth. Be your significant other’s biggest fan, cheerleader, and comforter when times get tough. The moral support you provide can never be tantamount to what other regular friends provide, and it is through you that your partner becomes inspired to achieve whatever they want to get in life.

6. Giving presents
Gift giving is also essential factor towards a successful relationship, but this isn’t because you and your partner are spending for each other. In fact, giving presents need not be costly; it all boils down to your effort and sincerity. At the same time, presents give an air of spontaneity, especially when they are given out of the blue. This act gives a fresh kick to your current setup, something that you and your partner need in order to keep the relationship upbeat.

You can cook your partner’s favorite meal, or create a handcrafted novelty item that they can use. Perhaps you two can set aside some money for a fancy dinner, or just write letters of appreciation to each other during the dullest of times.

7. Responding gracefully to your partner’s issues
Your partner is a human being, subject to weaknesses, shortcomings, and misgivings. Hence, when these flaws arise, don’t take them against your significant other. Rather, take them with stride. Let the steam off then discuss these together, and see how you can come up with a compromise. It helps a lot that you talk about your flaws and misgivings, as you reduce the occurrences of blaming each other, and rather you work on ways to improve your wellbeing as a couple together.

8. Prioritizing your “alone time”
Alone time is very important for any couple, married or not. Even married couples allot time to spend for just the two of them, without the kids. This is because this is the time that you can bond, talk, and just hear each other’s hearts. Alone time also allows you to show your real self to your partner for him or her to understand what you are going through, and as well give you the opportunity to do the same for them.

9. Not taking anything for granted
While you know your partner is always by your side, there are times when you take them for granted. This is an ultimate no-no, as doing so will make you and your partner more complacent towards your relationship. The more you do this (or you both do this), the more you grow apart. By the time you realize that you no longer know each other and that you both have changed, it’s already too late.

10. Pushing for equality
Lastly, a key to a lasting and successful relationship is when both partners see each other as equals, that no one is better than the other, that no one is smarter or richer or more good looking. It is important that you know each other’s strengths and weaknesses as this is the only way you can complement one another. By being equals, the better you can make and act on decisions not only for your relationship, but as individuals too.

The success of a relationship is not gauged by the time spent together or the memories you made, or even the wealth you have earned as a couple. It is by knowing that you two can show love and respect for each other at the best and the worst of times, and not be afraid to face what the future has in store for your relationship.

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