Anyone can tell you that you are beautiful, but it is by the side of a real man that you will really feel like that.

Never settle for someone who only occasionally remembers that you are s**xy or beautiful.

Wait for the man who will make you his goddess.

Who will make you feel loved and incredible, with whom every kiss you share, will make you a Hollywood star.

Wait for the one who can notice the little things.

Who will see the difference when you change your hairstyle, when you buy a new dress or when you change your lipstick color.

Wait for the man who will really look at you and see you. Never settle for the one who looks at you empty-handed and only responds if you ask him questions or when you bring him food.

You deserve more than being his waitress for life.

Wait for the man who will make you feel good about yourself, even when you feel like the craziest in the world.

The man who has the power to get you out of the dark circles of disappointment and despair and to bathe you in his love.

The man who will show you, this woman he is in love with, this amazing, strong and intelligent woman who is capable of anything, the real you. You, the woman he adores and with whom he wants to spend the rest of his life.

Wait for the smiling man each time you enter the room. I cannot count the number of times I have had this feeling that my heart was sinking when I entered the room and that I only had a blank stare.

And now I have finally learned that I deserve better. I deserve better than that. I don’t have to settle for less, because there will be someone worthy of me.

Someone who will wait for me with open arms with a bright smile on his face when he sees me entering the room.

Wait for the man who will give you unique compliments.

The one who will notice how your eyes change color in the sun, who will notice that your face lights up when you see a puppy.

Wait for the man who notices all these little things that set you apart from other women.

The way you see the beauty of the world, the way you cuddle in his arms when you’re cold, the expression you make when you sneeze – the one who will love you for each of them.

Wait for the man who kisses you when you least expect it, in places where you never dreamed of being kissed.

Wait for the man who will appreciate every second he spends with you, the man who will love every inch of your body and show you his love.

The man who is not ashamed to show his affection for you, the man who boasts of having you to whomever wants to hear him. Wait for the man who will truly see you as a gift from heaven.

Wait for the man who will give you the impression that there are no other women in the world. The man who only has eyes for you, the man you will never have to doubt.

The man who will be ready to let go of all his friends just to spend an extra half hour with you. The man who makes you laugh.

The man who will know when you need chocolate and wine. The man who will know when you just need to be hugged.

Never settle for less, don’t settle for someone who will make you doubt yourself. Don’t settle for someone you don’t feel gorgeous with.

Never settle for someone because you fear you will be alone. Believe me, loving someone who doesn’t love you in return is much worse than being alone.

We all deserve to be loved, to be admired. We all deserve this man who not only will find us beautiful, but who will make us feel that way.

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