You never slept with anyone else, I grant you. But you never knew that there are other ways to be loyal than just keeping it in your pants.

To be faithful is more than not to be deceived, more than being exclusive with someone or embracing no one else.

You never stopped flirting, your behavior went too far. How many girls approached you at the bar when I was sitting right next to you and you didn’t say anything?

You didn’t tell them once that you were in a relationship. Not once did you stop them.

I guess you were addicted to that boost of confidence they gave you.

You liked the fact that someone else was attracted to you.

You had not deleted your Tinder account. “Baby, you know you’re the only one for me, you know I don’t need it.” But guess what, asshole, I didn’t know.

I felt like you were keeping me as a safety net, a speed dial ass, while you were looking for someone better.

I felt that it was not enough, that you were not happy in our relationship.

And all those times when you met your ex? You never wanted to tell me, and it hurts even more to hear it from someone else’s mouth.

“Baby, I knew you would get mad.” Baby, you didn’t know anything.

To be loyal is to know what hurts the other, to know what he finds disloyal.

Lying is one of those things. I prefer to be hurt by the truth than by lies.

You see, I trusted you, even when everything you did to me shouted at me that I shouldn’t. But I did it.

I never checked your emails, I never got mad when you texted other girls, I was never angry when you left me for a night out with guys.

Not once, because I trusted you. But I was hurt.

Do you know how many times I found the numbers of other girls in your pockets? You didn’t even bother to throw them away.

“Baby, I never cheated on you. You know I love you.”

You never cheated, but you were too close. You were constantly trying to get attention, you were constantly flirting with others, you were constantly giving me the impression that I was not enough.

Constantly leaving me in tears because I knew you didn’t love me enough to give up your Bad behavior.

I knew you didn’t love me enough to make me the only woman in your life. What was the point of * someone in this case?

“Baby, come on. You get too dramatic. ”

Baby I’m tired of feeling like the second option, I’m tired of feeling like I mean nothing to you

I want someone whose love for me will outweigh their desire to be with everyone else on the planet.

I want someone who is ready to fully engage in our relationship and who will do nothing to spoil it.

I want someone loyal, and that someone is not you.

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