Don’t go out with her if you can’t stay faithful. And I’m not just talking about not sleeping with other girls here.

I say this if you plan to live life as a bachelor, if you plan to see your ex or talk with girls on * apps.

Do not go out with her if you intend to text or flirt with other girls.

Don’t stay with her if you’re looking for an insignificant adventure or an unrelated relationship because it’s something she won’t just accept.

Don’t go out with her if you’re not willing to make an effort. If you don’t intend to compromise to make this relationship work.

Do not go out with her if you are not aware that any healthy relationship is a two-way street, and that you expect her to be the one to make all the sacrifices. Know that being in a one-way relationship is the last thing this girl will do.

Do not go out with her if you intend to make promises that you cannot keep.

If you intend to lie to her or take her by boat. Don’t go out with her if you’re going to promise her a future just to sleep with her.

Don’t be with her if you’re going to take her for granted.

If you don’t appreciate its value and you don’t see how much it is worth. If you intend to take advantage of every opportunity to belittle or insult them in any way. If you use it to boost your ego or heal your insecurities.

Do not go out with her if you intend to play with her.

If you intend to act like a tough guy playing tough guys. No, she will not beg for your love and attention.

And she certainly won’t chase you. Because believe me, she will see clearly in you. She will see what you are doing and she will beat you at your own game.

Do not enter your life if you intend to leave and return when you see fit.

Because you should think about it twice if you think she’ll be patiently waiting for you to crawl back.

Don’t waste her time if you expect her to give endless second chances.

Remember, you only have one chance not to screw everything up with this girl.

You have only one possibility and if you screw it up, it will leave without ever turning back.

Don’t tell him you love him if you give him only half your heart.

Don’t make her believe in your love if you don’t let her in completely.

Because you will lose her as soon as she understands what you are doing. And you will regret it more than anything.

Do not make it work if you do not intend to put it first and if you think you place it at the bottom of your priority list.

Because it’s not the kind of girl who stays at home waiting for you to remember that she exists.

She is not a girl you can talk to when no one else is free or when your schedule becomes empty. It is not a girl who will be content to be someone’s second choice.

Don’t go out with her if you want to break her.

Because it seems to be much harder than it actually is. Well yes, the truth is that it’s a badass.

And believe me, she has a tender heart. Although she does not show it, it is in fact a vulnerable and sensitive girl who has gone through a lot.

So if you don’t think you can fully commit to her, or if you don’t think you can give her the love she deserves, don’t even try to get into her life.

If having a serious and loyal relationship isn’t your thing, don’t try anything with this girl.

Don’t give him false hopes just to be able to crush them. Don’t make her fall in love with you just to break her heart after seeing your real face. Leave on time, before it’s too late.

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