True Love Happens In Divine Timing

I said it once and I’ll say it again: True love only happens in divine timing. Yeah, it sounds cliche, and it probably is. What is divine timing, anyway? Do the stars align in perfect harmony, only to lead you to one solitary serendipitous moment when you meet the love of your life?

In the age of swiping left or right, the idea of meeting “the one” by chance seems like something that only happens in books or movies. Sometimes it’s scary to go at life alone, hoping you’ll cross paths with someone special, especially when the all-consuming feeling that your chance at love has passed for good.

If anyone knows a thing or two about singledom and cynicism, it’s me. I remember sitting alone at my dining table, eating the same tuna salad I’d made a hundred times. Is this what my life has become?  I thought.  A never-ending cycle of eating alone and thinking about I’d failed to meet my lifetime partner?  I’d been single for an entire two years, and while I’d enjoyed that time, the fact that I hadn’t adequately secured a healthy partnership made me feel like a failure. People would tell me to “put myself out there” or get on dating apps, but I always circled back to the same conclusion: what is meant to be will be, and true love only happens in divine timing.

I know too well that gut-wrenching feeling when a man you thought loved you suddenly has a change of heart. He turns away and disappears as if it never meant anything at all, leaving you to experience the grief of a lost dream. It makes you feel like you’ll never find love again. I don’t pretend to be an expert on love, but I do believe in fate and the universe. Your spiritual path determines the life lessons that need to be endured. There is no “one,” rather many who come and go to teach you life lessons. With each success and failure, we learn more about ourselves, what we want, and what we don’t want. Perhaps the heartbreak of today leads to a brighter tomorrow, where you come closer to finding someone who compliments you.

So that guy who ghosted you, pretended to love you, or led you on is not the guy for you. What is meant to be will be and the rest will fall away. Be guided by your soul and nothing else.

When I met my current boyfriend, I never thought we’d end up together. We didn’t have this electric moment where our eyes clasped; we weren’t inseparable from that moment forward. As a matter of fact, we went along on our own journeys until we crossed paths again years later. It didn’t happen until we had experienced other milestones and disappointments that readied us for a relationship together. I trust the process because I know it works. The stronger you get as an individual, the more the universe will respond to your vibration, calling in your soulmate.

In a world where there is no certainty, it feels good to know the person by your side isn’t going to leave you. Realistically though, all relationships end in some way. When you allow fate and divine timing to move you through the flow of your life trajectory, you’ll find that your interactions with people are all intricate pieces to your life’s puzzle. If you’d asked me two years ago if I’d ever fall in love again, I would have said no. In reality, this is the best answer I could have given. I didn’t allow a relationship status to define my level of success, but rather allowed fate to bring me love in the right timing.

Will we be together forever? Who knows? I hope so, but what I do know for sure is that I was given the gift of a beautiful soul who crossed my path at just the right time.


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