This Couple Proves It Is Never Too Late To Find Love

They say that it’s never too late to find true love. An 80-year-old woman who is now a smitten kitten and the 92-year-old man who is madly in love with her would whole-heartedly agree with that statement. When the Somerby Sandy Springs retirement home held a speed dating event for its residents, Renee Weiss and Miles Miller spent a total of the four allotted minutes not just chatting but seriously connecting with each other at the table decorated with white roses, chocolate kisses, and balloons. “I don’t remember what we talked about — we just connected,” Weiss said. “A click just went off in my brain.”

Resident community liaison Jodi Firestone said that there is a “great demand” for speed dating events for seniors. “Our residents are young and vibrant and we’ve watched them pair up like high school kids,” Firestone told Yahoo Lifestyle. “Many are alone and desperate to meet someone but it’s challenging.”

However, there was nothing challenging for Weiss, a former restaurant manager, and Miller, a former high school principal, who have been dating for six months after their fateful meeting at the speed dating event and have already said those three special words (I love you) to each other. Both seniors live independently in Georgia and say that they spend all of their free time together. Miller happily drives the 25-minute commute to pick up his best gal and they enjoy every minute together — whether they are feasting at fancy restaurants or strolling by the lake to feed the ducks.

“He always pays,” Weiss gushed of her newfound love. She said that she uses an app called “Open Table” to make reservations. “When I make a reservation, I usually go to Open Table,” she said. “They have a little spot for a comment and I always put down a little thing saying, ‘Two seniors in love.’ That seems to get their attention.”

Though the couple is enjoying every moment of their newfound bliss together, each says that they are not rushing, or even seriously considering, marriage at this point. They don’t believe it’s necessary at their age, after having been previously married for several decades. But they both agree that they are in a good place and that is what is important.

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