20 Wife-Material Things To Do That Will Make Him Instantly Fall In Love

This one may just be the one. We are so sick and tired of swiping right and online dating. All of this seems to have been such a waste of our precious time. We pray that we can take this one home to our parents, that he will not disappoint. This guy seems perfect and you are falling hard. You try not to try too hard and perfect the balance between coming off as a bit needy and being downright sweet and loving.

Guys have a certain wiring that we just do not relate to on a normal, everyday basis. Something that women may love or desire can be totally different from what a guy wants or needs. This guide will provide the best tips to help us hack into that dude wiring and enable us to come across as simply amazing and “do-not-let-this-one-get-away” wife material for sure!

These 20 tips will prove your wife-worthiness to him in no time flat. He will instantly fall in love and wonder to himself where you have been all his lonely life. The best part is that they are simple and easy to implement and we are likely doing most of them anyway. Know that the more we employ these tactics, the more he will pine over us and may even begin talking about bringing us home to mom!

20Learn How To Be A Best Friend

Sure, most guys have a dude whom they confide in, scratch themselves around and belch to the “National Anthem with while watching the game. This is not what is meant here. Most guys seem to have a friend they can play video games with and just be, you know, a dude around.

Let’s learn how to be our guy’s best friend. Think about what makes a best friend: loyalty, companionship, mutual interests, dependability. Be those things! Be there for him when he is happy and sad. Be genuine and show interest in his interests, too. A best friend is always there. We don’t need to be clingy and pushy to demonstrate that we are there for him no matter what. We need to let him know we will always be there in our actions and words.

19Have Some Confidence

Men love it when we are confident. They melt when we stand up straight in our uncomfortable heels and command a room like nobody’s business. It is definitely possible to be vulnerable yet confident at the same time. Men describe women having confidence as sexy. Nothing says “we got this” like keeping our cool during tough times and showing our confidence as we navigate through those times.

This can be in the living room while dealing with a tricky argument or while he watches as you give a work presentation to a large group. We can show confidence and remain calm, cool and collected in a wide variety of everyday life situations and big events. Either way, that confidence will make him fall in love even more.

18Nail The Lunch Note Move

Our guys love the little lunch note move. The night or morning right before he leaves for work, we can slip that little note in between his sandwich and root beer. Thinking of what we should include in this fun, little note? It depends on our moods.

Men love the little secrets we hold between us. We can scribble a sexy secret or write a tiny list of things we love most about him or what we plan to do to him when he arrives home from work that very evening.

Almost anything will do. We can be creative and make a little stick figure illustration of two lovebirds. Either way, sneaking this note into his lunch is a definite win-win and a secret to his forever heart.

17Own Your Independence

We would love to be with our guys 24/7. They make us feel happy and loved, but we need time to ourselves as well. Secretly, as much as they tell us they want us around all the time and for every waking moment, men want–and need–their own time to decompress. Owning our independence is hot and sexy. It shows we are confident and capable, not codependent and needy.

Remember that guys love to come to our rescue and take care of us, but they find comfort in knowing we can fend for ourselves. There is something to be said for a strong, independent woman on his arm. It allows him to feel trusted and also know that when he’s not immediately available, we will definitely be okay.

16Love His Dog Unconditionally

Speaking of walking Rufus, our boyfriends love when we show equal love to their fur babies! Sometimes Fido is dramatic and jumps on you, drooling while he licks your newly washed face. Other times, Fido just flat out stinks and his gas clears a room. The demonstration of you being perfect wife material will show in your ability to weather these rough and messy conditions with his beloved Fido.

Going above and beyond and showing Fido some love will definitely earn us brownie points in the wife-material column. Do not forget Valentine’s Day heart-shaped dog bones for his canine companion. We allow Fido to cuddle and move through the uncomfortable stench when he’s exceptionally gassy. Chances are, Fido has been around a lot longer than us and he’s not going anywhere.

15Command Any Conversation

When meeting or spending time with his friends and family, especially in the beginning, great conversation goes a long way. We may be nervous, but as discussed above, a high level of confidence is indispensable. When we are either in a large group of friends or a small dinner party, our abilities to hold our own will be met with awe and love.

Commanding the conversation shows that we can discuss anything with grace and that we are not intimidated. This is similar to how he feels when he sees how confident we are. It is downright sexy and he will know he can bring us home for future visits. It will also help his friends and family get to know us more, which is great for our team future-wife campaign.

14Trust His Truth

We may have come from tough times in past relationships. We may have experienced some trauma. The important thing women must remember is that our current guy is not those past dudes. If we go into this current relationship with all of these hurts still haunting us, we risk sabotaging an amazing relationship and possibly even future marriage!

If our guys tell us they are somewhere, believe him. This is not to say not to go with your gut if you have some physical and tangible evidence to demonstrate that his word may not be taken at face value. He has likely been in many complicated and dysfunctional relationships in the past as well and it could trigger old stuff for him. Show trust and that foundation will truly last.

13Ride That Dirt Bike In Heels

Guys love when we get dirty. This means that we may be dressed all frilly and sparkly, but we are also not afraid to make a mess–with or without heels! Showers, soap and pretty pink poofs exist for a reason. When we are not afraid to get a little dirty or try something new, it is a total turn-on for our man.

Guys love it when they can do those messy projects or fun adventures with their ladies. It shows courage and that we can let our guards down a bit. Don’t be afraid to dig into that oil change or ride that dirt bike. This also lends demonstration to what your future together may look like and that you will surely be a hands-on, dedicated mom!

12Be Hard Working And He’ll Melt

A strong work ethic, in general, demonstrates great character, strength through adversity and upstanding and amazing morals. When our guys notice this work ethic and just how hard we work, they value this dedication and work ethic wholeheartedly. It not only shows that we have grown up with positive values and strong ideals, but we do not solely have to rely on them for everything.

It shows we are not helpless and defenseless, but strong and sassy. We have go-getter attitudes and our guys notice this about us. Being useful members of society and hard-working women in our communities awe our men. Nothing says an amazing future wife like commanding our fields of expertise and knowing how to take care of ourselves regardless of whether or not he is around.

11Accept His Brothers From Another Mother

Motormouth Mike and Drunk Darryl are two of his closest buddies. They went to preschool together. Mike and Darryl are around a ton. The truth is, they are not going anywhere anytime soon.

They are brothers from another mother. Not only will things go a lot easier if we accept these two just as they are, but it shows tolerance and acceptance. We can be certain that our guy has wanted to toss out Motormouth Mike a few times while trying to concentrate on the Super Bowl Halftime Show.

Similarly, our boyfriend has definitely fantasized about taking Darryl to his first Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. It’s endearing to us how much he loves these guys. It shows amazing capacities for patience when we breathe deeply and show kindness and inclusion.

10Disregard The Dirty Dishes (And Don’t Offer To Do Them Either!)

Nothing says wife-material potential like acceptance of our boyfriend’s bad or off-colored habits. This includes the sink filled with dirty dishes from days ago and the random array of sweaty, dirt-stained socks strategically piled behind his bathroom radiator. It may be tempting to dive into those dirty dishes or toss a load in the washer to eliminate that stinky, dirty sock collection.

Neither nagging him nor cleaning up after him will help make us more lovable. Fight the urge to take care of him in this way on a regular basis. Once in a while, surprising him by doing something unexpected is fine, but making a habit of it may make him feel like you are disgusted by his habits or do not accept him for who he is.

9Take His Temp When He Is Sick

We all know that when our man is sick, he casually transforms into a needy child complete with whining and even possibly tears. He has extra needs and may be a little more sensitive to the world around him. Showing love and tenderness during these times, even if we think (or know!) he is acting more than slightly dramatic, goes a long way for showing we are nurturing and empathetic.

Even when we are certain that his sneezes and sniffles are seasonal allergies and he likely does not have a fever, whip out that trusty thermometer and give him a little something to write home about. Kiss his tender forehead and put a cool cloth on it afterward. He will appreciate and love you even more than he already does.

8When You Do Fight, Fight Fair

Fighting is more than likely inevitable. Arguing will happen. Even in the best relationships and marriages disagreements can and will occur. One way for us to “win” without “winning” is to fight clean. This means we do not bring up an unresolved argument from 3 months ago that we swore we put to rest. It also does not involve criticizing and belittling our honey.

Recognizing that we all come from different places with different vulnerabilities, we try to keep the focus on our feelings and how particular actions make us feel. Pointing fingers, blaming and swearing erratically only trigger impulsive reactions in all involved. Fighting clean is respectful and kind. There is nothing more wonderful in a relationship than mutual respect, which is ultimately the bedrock for an amazing marriage.

7Connect With His Parents

Whether we are with a mama’s boy or our guy has a distant relationship with his ’rents, it is important for us to connect with them. We can avoid coming up short by making an effort to connect with them on the regular. We can show our love by mouthing “Tell her I said hi!” in the background of a phone conversation they are having or we can send flowers on Mother’s Day, specifically from you.

We can connect in person and earn points by helping clean up after that family BBQ or talking shop with his dad about football, even if it bores us to tears. Making that effort to get to know his parents will go a long way. After all, they will hopefully become your pseudo-parents one day soon!

6Manage Your Own Money

Money is always a tough subject in relationships. Showing that we have the ability to manage our money well is another way to make him fall in love with you. Demonstrating strategy and impulse control with money and purchases are ways he will begin to trust your decisions. It may be that he’s not good with money himself. You allow him to see this personality trait as a great investment for him.

It could also mean that we are compatible with our guy and his values toward money. Whatever the reason, showing this diligence and knowledge are a great indicator for how the future of our relationships will be with regard to larger purchases like homes, cars, vacations and even the investment of bringing a future child into the world.

5Have Faith When Times Get Tough That They’ll Get Better

Don’t panic when times get tough. Having faith in life is contagious. It will also demonstrate to our guy that we believe in him and value our relationship. Sometimes things in life are tough and it may not have anything to do with our relationship. No one likes to be in the company of a Pessimistic Patty.

Having faith shows self-confidence, too! It also demonstrates that we believe, beyond all reasonable doubts, traumatic pasts and potential future arguments, that our character and relationship is strong. This is a turn-on for guys. Marriage is hard work so if we can show this strength in the developing phase of our growing relationship, we are surely demonstrating that we are wife material and it will surely bring us even closer to a ring.

4Laugh At Yourself Sometimes

It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye! Or so “they” say! We all need to be able to laugh at ourselves sometimes. Taking ourselves and life too seriously causes us to appear stuffy and stiff. It is much sexier for us to laugh at our tiny trip on the sidewalk crack and the graceful way we caught our fall than become angry and yell at all of the spectators who cracked a smile.

Not only is laughing at ourselves in front of our partners hot, it also helps us to release endorphins. We laugh with our partners, not at them, right?! Not taking ourselves so seriously shows that in this crazy game of life, there’s fun to be had. And who wants a wife who is a stick in the mud?

3Let Him Hold The Door

We may consider ourselves strong millennial women. Hear us roar! We don’t want him to pay for dinner…again! We don’t want to seem overly dependent. Remember that these are our feelings that we are internalizing. Letting him take care of you here and there by opening the car door or by surprising you with your favorite treat is nice.

It makes him feel useful. It is also nice to be taken care of. The more you allow him to do these nice things and express genuine gratitude, the more he will realize that you do not take him for granted. The last thing we want is for him to feel like we are annoyed at all of the nice things he does. He may second-guess himself or feel like you don’t appreciate him.

2Take Good Care Of Yourself

The old adage is true. You cannot love someone until you truly love yourself. Then again, who really loves themselves fully and all the time, but that’s neither here nor there. Taking good care of ourselves, which includes practicing good hygiene, listening to and honoring our feelings, eating healthy and taking care of our physical bodies, shows a lot about ourselves and what we value.

If we care enough about ourselves to make sure we are well for those we care about, we ultimately show love for our partner. It shows that we are thinking about the long-term of our relationship. We demonstrate our value for our ongoing well-being together and the health of our relationships. It also shows that we know what behaviors are valuable in healthy and trusting relationships.

1Serve Lunch At A Soup Kitchen

Kindness and empathy go a long way. Giving of ourselves on a regular basis shows that we are not selfish. We care about others and want to take care of others. It reveals a great future indicator (think wife material here!) that we will be great at taking care of our future husband and children. Your selflessness and ability to care for others will shine through brightly.

Call up that local food pantry and volunteer for their soup kitchen. Research local animal shelter needs. There are doggies to be cuddled and kitty litter boxes to be cleaned. Dogs need to be taken out and laundry done. These places are in need of reliable volunteers to aid in their endeavors. The thought of us frolicking with Rufus in a rainstorm is sure to make him pine!


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