The Future Isn’t Promised, So Live In This Moment

I know you’ve pictured your future with someone and everything the two of you could’ve been. Everything you two should’ve been. There was so much you two could have shared, could have had. You pictured it all up to your dying breath and everything in between. Everything would have been perfect; each and every bump on the road could have been resolved like the ones you have already faced.

That’s not reality. Nothing in the world will ever be like that ever again, and nothing in the world will ever be able to recreate that moment, but I can assure you that something just as great is out there. Maybe it won’t be better than that moment, but I am sure that it will be equally just as good.

Don’t get stuck in it.

That’s how the pain and sorrow seeps in and poisons you. As each day passes and you inch closer and closer towards what you see; you forget to enjoy the little moments. That future you see isn’t promised, so live in those moments—they’re the ones you will never get back, because each one is unique. Nothing in the world can replace them, no matter how hard you try to.

I remember all those conversations we had. Every single word that came out of our mouths, all the lies and truths we spilled. How all our teasing turned into laughter and inside jokes that the world will never understand. The giggles and the moments you left me speechless.

Get lost in the moment.

Let it consume you. Don’t let a second pass without drowning in the joy. You will never feel joy like that again, and losing that moment isn’t worth any of the pain you could cause yourself. You can’t live in the future and reap all that it gives you. Feel the things you feel in the moment and don’t let it pass. Every burst of joy is going to be something you will look back to; they should be sweet moments, not bittersweet.

For a moment, I forgot how to breathe. All the light around us was caught in your eyes and I was lost. I was lost in your eyes. Every worry and every thought in my head vanished into thin air. Everything around me disappeared, and it was silent. It was you and me, and it was unforgettable.

The wrong person can give you the right moment whether you like it or not.

There will come a day where you stop making those memories. Maybe they leave your life or it’s just not the way it was anymore. Those moments leave, those feelings leave, and one day you will be begging for one last moment. Just one more second together in hopes that it will lead to another minute or another hour.

One day, you won’t be where you guys met anymore; you will be in different places and different positions, and that will be the most heartbreaking moment of all. The uncertainty and the journey into the unknown will be the most terrifying. How are you supposed to go through the next few years alone when you had someone by your side the last few years? It feels like no one will be able to fill that spot ever again.

And no one ever will.

That may be an uncomfortable thought, but this is what you need to hear. All those moments are irreplaceable and unforgettable, but there will come a day where they will be present in your life as a familiar place of the past rather than a burning desire.

Be present and take it all in.


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