Someday Someone Will Love You The Way You Deserve To Be Loved

Love can hurt. It can be frightening. It’s the kind of gamble that is hard to win. In every romantic relationship you had that didn’t work, there was a lesson that you learned. But also, one way or another, you felt the pain when the other shoe finally dropped.

Time after time, when someone came along, you couldn’t help but wish that they were The One. That this time everything would work out just fine. And you wouldn’t have to scramble and look out there again. But relationship breakups end up shattering you. They blur the idea of finding the right one.

So you put cages around your heart. You numb your feelings in hopes that when someone tries to hurt you again, you won’t feel a thing. You don’t participate in the dating game. You filter guys who waltz into your life, and each time they don’t measure up, you discard them like dirty clothes.

I know the idea of having a great love story sounds like a joke to you now. You’ve been let down so many times to ever think of experiencing a relationship that is like in a movie. You’re not cynical, but you’re realistic. You recognize that people are oftentimes disappointing, unreliable, and flawed.

But believe this: There is a guy for you in this world. Just one guy. One human being who will show you all the ways you deserve to be loved. I understand that sounds cringey, but sometimes, all you need to do is believe in something big. And that’s a good start.

Someday you will meet a guy who is so honest you never have to worry about him lying to you. A guy who will say it like it is. And though that will put him in hot water sometimes, you will appreciate him for it. You will be in awe of his vulnerability. He will make it easy for you to work with him. Because that’s how love is supposed to be—easy.

He will not tell you words he thinks you will like to hear. He’s smart enough to know that words are cheap. But his actions will show you how much he cares, how much he likes you dearly. And you will wonder where he has been all these times. You will catch yourself smiling. And slowly, you will allow yourself to feel again.

Someday a guy will be the reason why the monsters under the bed stop showing up. He will wipe out the bad memories. He will not save you like society conditions him to do because he will see that you’re strong enough to save yourself. He will admire your strengths and never once be intimidated by them.

And that will be the moment when you will let a guy shine on you. Not because you need him, but because he makes you feel good. And you’re also a human being who deserves good. Your heart has so much love to give, and a guy will be grateful enough to receive some of them. Because to him, coming across someone like you is the best thing that has happened in his life. And he will be a fool to let you slip away.


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