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Ranking The Zodiac Signs From Who Would Die For Love Vs. Who Would Rather Die Alone

1. Cancer

As one of the most emotional and romantically-minded signs in the zodiac, it’s no surprise you’re at the top of this list. You truly love being in love, and when you think about going forward with the plans for your future, you absolutely adore the idea of finding someone to share it with! Though some might consider you smothering from time to time in your relationships, there is no doubt that it stems from how much you truly care about your partner and the health of the relationship.

2. Taurus

Though you might be viewed as a more stubborn sign, this doesn’t mean you don’t have a soft and tender side to you. You love the feeling of security that being in love brings, and you aren’t one to be afraid of commitment whatsoever. You may have a fixation on surrounding yourself with the finer things in life, but you certainly want to find someone to share it with- and you aren’t afraid to go after it.

3. Libra

Your desire for balance and harmony in all aspects of your life, including your partnerships, isn’t much of shock to anyone who knows you. While you can come off as reserved initially, you’re an incredibly devoted and affectionate partner, and you truly thrive within the concept of falling in love with someone who helps balance you out in all the right ways. Though you might shy away from conflict situations, it doesn’t stop you from craving finding the right partner to be your missing half and falling incredibly in love with them.


4. Pisces

You’re considered one of the more romantic signs of the zodiac, and that’s incredibly true. You’re incredibly idealistic and you have a daydream of what your perfect partner and relationship will look like- and you desire to stick as closely to that ideal as possible. Though you know it might be a tad on the unrealistic side of things, you just want to be in love with the right person in the most perfect way possible- and you would do just about anything to make that happen (including running away as quickly as possible from anyone who doesn’t quite fit your expectations).

5. Aries

While you may be considered more of a flirt or player in the zodiac realm, this doesn’t mean you don’t want to be in love- you just get bored incredibly quickly. However, when you find yourself falling for someone, it’s incredibly passionate and intense- you honestly might be the sign most likely to claim you’d die for your partner…the only catch is that you may feel entirely different in a week or two. Nonetheless, you do love the idea of falling in love with someone to come explore this life with you and be by your side while you embark on new adventures together- you just need to find someone that you don’t grow tired of.

6. Leo

You enjoy being the star of the show, Leo, but that doesn’t mean you want to walk through life alone. While you’re more than equipped to take care of yourself and take charge of your own life, you have a huge amount of love and compassion in that heart of yours, and you truly desire to find someone to share it with. Though you won’t take kindly to anyone trying to hold you back or boss you around, you honestly crave having a partner to share life with, and if they’re willing to validate just how incredible you are in the process? Even better.


7. Gemini

You’re incredibly outgoing and you being around people and learning everything about them- but love tends to be a trickier subject for you. There are moments where you could passionate see yourself falling in love and building a life with someone, while other times you can only see a relationship as something to hold you back from all the experiences you could chase next. You aren’t totally sure what you truly want, so you tend to just take things one day at a time- but at the end of the day, even if you aren’t desperate to be in love you know you’ll be just fine.

8. Virgo

You aren’t exactly against the idea of falling in love- in fact, you’re a very dedicated and loyal partner to be with. However, you tend to lean more towards the perfectionist side of your personality- you either believe you’re not good enough to be with, or everyone else isn’t good enough to be with you. You could see yourself falling in love with someone who checks off every single one of your boxes, and as long as you could have more of the control in the relationship- but you’re also aware of how unrealistic that is, and you’re not struggling to try and find someone to be with. You know how to take care of yourself and find it hard to trust others in the first place- why out yourself through all the stress?


9. Scorpio

You’re one of the most desired signs in the zodiac realm- but you ironically aren’t one to desire too many yourself. You tend to keep yourself pretty closed off and to yourself because you don’t exactly trust anyone with your heart (yourself included). Though you like the concept of being in love with someone, you can’t really see that happening for you. Your own feelings for someone tend to be passionate and all-consuming when they show up, yet you aren’t someone storming down the gates to try and find someone to be with. You would much rather be alone and not risk being vulnerable or hurt than put your heart out on the line just to be torn apart.

10. Capricorn

You can see the potential value in having a relationship- because you see value in all sorts of partnerships, period. However, you tend to dive head first into all the aspects of your life, and you tend to prefer to do them alone- mostly because you are an extremely hard worker and you doubt anyone else is really able to keep up. Though you do have a soft side to you that wouldn’t mind being in a relationship, you also know you have so much to do in this life, and you aren’t going to take much of a break trying to find someone to fall in love with- relationships are time-consuming, and you aren’t going to be all-consumed by being in one.


11. Sagittarius

You’re a restless and curious spirit, and anyone who meets you can instantly see it. Though you aren’t averse to the idea of being in love with someone, you also tend to see it as just one aspect that this life can offer you- and you are determined to experience as much of this world and this life as you possibly can before your time is up. You can’t really see yourself settling down with just one person for the rest of your life- there are too many people to meet and too many things to see! Besides, though you may enjoy getting to know people and being with your friends, you definitely don’t mind being alone as long as you can chase the things you’re passionate about.

12. Aquarius

You have so much to offer the world, and you love exchanging ideas and doing your part in making it a better place. While you tend to be a more reserved type, you’re far from heartless- you just don’t see much of a point in chasing after love or relationships. You’re always wary of being misunderstood, and you place a higher priority towards other aspects of your life. Though you aren’t averse to falling in love if it means giving up your freedom, space, and ability to pursue the things you want to? You’d much rather die alone than be part of something restricting like that.


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