14 Signs of True Happiness in a Relationship

How do you know if a person is truly happy in a relationship? Can you see it through his/her eyes, smile or laughter? Can we say that people in a relationship are happy when they don’t fight and argue with each other?

We enter into a relationship because we want to be happy. Of course, who wants to experience sadness anyway? We expect that love can give us a unique feeling of joy, something that we’d never felt in our lives. Love and relationships may throw us some trials and cause us some pain. But no matter what troubles come in our way, we can still find happiness somewhere within our own relationship.

To achieve real happiness in a relationship, we have to first identify and recognize what it really is. We have to distinguish fake happiness from a genuine one. To help us identify true happiness in a relationship, here are 14 signs that someone is truly happy in his or her relationship.

1. You feel like your dreams have become realities.
You feel content and fulfilled. You do not feel envy anymore. You are indeed living a true life in the present moment.

2. You’re glad to face trials.
The problems and challenges you face in your relationship don’t make you sad and weak. Instead, they make you stronger and more positive. You count those trials as joy because you know they only exist to test your faith, and that the testing of your faith will help you produce more patience.

3. You’re not bothered by the past.
You’re not troubled about the past because you have already accepted them. You have accepted your partner for who he or she was. You have already forgiven those who have hurt you, and you have already forgiven yourself as well.

4. You’re not worried about the future.
Your love for your partner has made you a complete lover. Your love is pure – you are not afraid to not receive love in return. You don’t waste time thinking about losing. You just love unconditionally, and that makes you simply happy.

5. Small things make you greatly happy.
You don’t mind receiving expensive gifts, dining in a fine restaurant, or travelling around the world. Just seeing the smile from the face of your loved one and realizing that you are having time together are already enough for you to feel an unexplainable joy.

6. You are happy to sacrifice things.
You don’t count the things you give to your partner and feel unfair if you think you are giving more than your partner does. Your love is true, and that is why you can give them more than what they deserve. When you give something more than what they deserve, that is called grace. And you feel truly happy knowing how graceful you are.

7. Your relationship lets you love yourself.
Your relationship doesn’t let you hurt yourself. Instead, it nurtures you and helps you become a better person. It teaches you to take care of yourself. It lets you love your partner as you love yourself.

8. You rejoice in the truth.
You don’t need to cover your life and relationship with lies to fake happiness. You are not afraid to tell the truth because both of you appreciate it. You share and enjoy truthfulness together, making your relationship an honest and transparent one.

9. You don’t need to brag things.
You don’t feel obligated to show on Facebook, social media and other public places that you are happy in your relationship. You can simply enjoy your relationship in private without trying to make other people feel envy and feed your own vanity.

10. You don’t need absolute freedom.
What you need is a balanced freedom. You are working hard to free yourself from hatred, lies and other wickedness. You don’t want to be a slave of those sins. But you are happy to be a slave of love, kindness, truth, and compassion. You do not serve two masters, because you know it is not possible.

11. You can be happy even without physical intimacy.
Physical intimacy is vital in a relationship, especially in marriage. However, it may not be available all the time. You are truly happy in a relationship if you don’t rely on physical intimacy alone. You believe that a healthy and happy relationship also feeds on emotional, mental, and spiritual intimacy.

12. Your heart is full of mercy.
You do not keep grudges and bitterness inside your heart. You forgive your partner for their mistakes and shortcomings. You do not keep a heavy heart and that is why you are truly happy.

13. You can argue peacefully.
Both of you are not too sensitive and reactive. You can speak freely and share your own opinions with each other. You listen to each other. You can argue about things peacefully and productively.

14. You can cry.
You have a soft and open heart. It doesn’t restrain your true emotions. You can freely let your tears flow, whether they are tears of joy or pain. You can keep yourself as a real and natural human being.

Final thoughts
Real happiness in a relationship is deeper than what we think. It’s more than the laughter we share and the celebrations we enjoy with our loved ones. It is not only found during good times but also in bad times. We may feel sad and frustrated in our relationship when trials and troubles come, but with true faith, love, and patience, we can still actually be happy knowing that those challenges only exist to strengthen us.

If you are not happy with your relationship now, consider re-evaluating your choices. Are you making the right choice? And if you have made the right choice, are you practicing that choice? Remember that true happiness is a choice we must practice. It is something we do consistently, truthfully, heartedly, humbly, and bravely for another person as we also do it for ourselves.

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