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How Venus In Pisces Will Heal Your Love Life Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Venus is finally back in a sign she is happy in so eventually we will get the best expressions of this planet. Pisces is Exalted in this celestial body, in other words, it has VIP access to this energy and is able to utilize the planet of love magically. Ultra-Romantic vibes will be the theme of this transit so there will be an air of demonstrative expressions from those you are in relationships with or if you are single your person of interest steps up their game in a very seductive way.

Some of the energies you will see regarding relationships and dating during this significant sign change:

· People will be more open with their emotions and not afraid to show their sensitive side

· You will attract those who prefer substance over superficial things like personal appearance

·Fate and magic will fill the air causing you to stumble upon karmic people

·  The one you are crushing on will show their interest in a cute yet sensual way

·  Flirtation will be at an all-time high making it easy to meet open people

·  Spiritual connections seem to fall out of the sky

·  A higher chance meeting a soul-mate

· Romantic gestures are shown in an over the top way

· Sensitive and sweet people show up and lend a compassionate hand or ear

· Genuine individuals come into your life and want to get to know you for who you are on the inside out


How Will Venus in Pisces Affect Your Zodiac Sign?

Pisces is going to bring some dreamy vibes to your love life and your Zodiac Sign. I recommend using your Moon, Rising, and of course, your Sun Sign to get the most out of this portion of the reading. You can even mix or match to see how your Astrological make-up fairs in love.


Single and Mingling: Your sign doesn’t have a reputation for being inward, but this is a time for you to connect with your introspective side. Take your time and think about what kind of love you want to manifest to yourself. You will be surprised what this month will bring for you because just when you feel there is no hope, you will meet a person you connect with on a true karmic level.

All Coupled Up: Your relationship connects on a level that is better than where it was, you go from being surface level with one another to allowing yourself to surrender and just be in love. The romance between you two is finally at a place where you are on the same wavelength. Use this time to create a romantic evening that involves music and dancing.



Single and Mingling: Venus is your ruling planet and is now in a sign that is compatible for you, so this is going to be a fabulous time for meeting your other half. You might feel more social than usual and ready to enjoy the spring with friends who will put you in the right circumstances to meet someone worth your time. Try hanging out at places that involve group activities that are interactive because that will put you in the right place at the right time to meet that new person of interest.

All Coupled Up: Things in your relationship become more lively causing you and your partner to become extra adventurous. The two of you are all about making plans that take you to new heights, so it’s going to be all about exploring and attempting things you were too nervous to try. All of this fun outside of the box excitement will bring a new-found closeness and a ton of romance to your union.


Single and Mingling: Magnetism is going to be the vibe you are omitting so there will be no problem getting noticed during this transit. It is like your ability to communicate with others sparks new interest in you from those who might have been too much in their own world to notice that you have substance. Without even trying your ability to be social will appeal to others causing dating potentials to come out of the woodworks. Also, a tremendous opportunity comes your way to get fixed up with someone worth your time. The matchmakers in your life will be people you network or work with, those are the ones who can get you in front of the right person.

All Coupled Up: The soul connection with you and your special someone will become more evident than ever before. You two will go through a transformation this month on a spiritual and romantic level that causes your relationship to be more connected.


Single and Mingling: You are so over the Cancerian homebody stereotype you have been labeled as and are ready to show the world how you play. This is also going to be how you handle your dating life, you will be social and optimistic, opening yourself to all the possibilities. One of the best ways to capitalize on this transit would be going out to cultural events because that would be a fantastic place to meet that special someone who has substance. Also, there is a chance of meeting someone on a dating app that lives a distance away, but for some reason, the two of you are able to make it work.

All Coupled Up: The two of you are learning how to be generous with your time. Because of this romance will be off the charts and the bonus is it will bring out the connection. The faith you guys have for one another becomes restored. Also, if you want to add more magic to your union plan a trip away so you guys can connect without the same day-to-day distractions.



Single and Mingling: You’re looking for something that is not on a surface level, and luckily that is the types you will meet during this time. Your natural magnetism will pull in the types that are looking for a deep connection, and the remarkable thing is that karmic energy gives you a higher chance than usual to meet someone who has soul-mate vibes. Some of the best spots to hang at to up your chances are places that are edgy, like your local dive, a pool hall, or a venue that is having a battle of the bands.

All Coupled Up: Any issues you have been having with your partner regarding going to the next level finally gets resolved peacefully. The two of you are able to move forward and transform your situation-ship from “What are we” to actually being in a committed relationship. So, any of the gray areas of your union that left you feeling like you were treading water will be resolved.


Single and Mingling: After delving deep, you have made the decision that it is time to focus on your love life and become open-minded about what kinds of people you are going to date. You will attract the more spiritual types that are into things that aren’t typically your style, but you have a sudden interest in them. Also, your opposite sign Pisces will be more appealing to you, so this is a month of actually giving your polarities the chance to impress you.

All Coupled Up: This is going to feel like a time where you and your partner are psychically connected with one another. These highly connective vibes will help you two get how the other one is feeling causing the dreamy romantic side of your relationship to become stronger.



Single and Mingling: You’re going to be drawing in a type of individual who is clashing with what you are generally fascinated by personality-wise. You are going to get more of the Water Sign types in your day to day interactions. Energetically, you will be interested in the ones who were right under your nose this entire time which is going to catch you off guard but in an exciting way.

All Coupled Up: You’ve been looking for a way to change your relationship and make things balanced. This is your opportunity to finally get the harmony you deserve. Additionally, this transit causes your spouse to make more of an effort romantically which is going to help you let your guard down and be receptive to their affection.


Single and Mingling: This transit brings out your playful energy causing you to be ready for some social outings. The dreamy types with a sweet disposition and a way with words that blends like poetry will be more your style with this transit. You are into the intense kinds of people, and luckily this aspect brings in a barrage of what you’re into which are the artistic types, musicians, and even the kinds that are into theater or enjoy the art of acting.

All Coupled Up: Emotions that you have been holding back come to the surface because you need to express how you feel about your relationship. This is going to help your partner understand why you have been pulled back. Because you guys leave the drama behind you, the relationship has a chance to rekindle and bring back the flirty energy that brought you two together.



Single and Mingling: People from your past come back around because some areas of your love life need to be revisited so that you can understand why situations might not have happened the way you hoped. However, some of this nostalgic energy brings in someone that might have been off your radar for a while and is now coming in for something more serious.

All Coupled Up: The two of you are desperately needing alone time at this point and finally can connect deeply. You guys will go over the things in your relationship that need repair and resolve them. This is going to be a healing time for your love life together because the habits that caused friction are finally put in the past where they belong.


Single and Mingling: You’re more chatty than usual so use this opportunity to be open to the new people coming into your life. There are going to be more potentials coming in that are all for an adventure and want to connect on a level that is both spiritual and intellectual. Even if you are not in the mood to go out don’t at all be surprised if a cool person slides in your DM’s.

All Coupled Up: You’re more open to expressing your emotions at this time and are able to admit you’re true feelings. Your partner is going to be receptive as well, and the two of you have an exchange that breaks a lot of ground but also allows the two of you to let your walls down and just be emotional for a change. Because you are finally showing a vulnerable side to your special someone, it actually helps them fall harder for you and start devoting more of their energy into the relationship.



Single and Mingling: Normally, you are a free spirit when it comes to dating, but this energy will have you wanting something more relationship oriented. You will be all about looking for something stable and wanting a relationship that isn’t as detached for a change. The best way to be emotionally open to a deep relationship is to start out as friends because this is where your comfort zone is, and it will allow you to not be so standoffish.

All Coupled Up: Adventures in adulting cause you and your partner to be interested in more sophisticated happenings. As dull as that might have seemed some time ago you guys decide to do something fancy which usually is not your speed, but it ends up being fun. The vibes are ultra-sensual with this transit causing you guys to indulge in each other’s company.


Single and Mingling: It is beyond vital for you to meet someone who is aligned with your truth and can be the kind of partner that connects with you on a spiritual level. You will be attracting the high vibe types that are on the same wavelength. Surprisingly, you could run into a Virgo that has this quality causing the two of you to connect.

All Coupled Up: Even if you’ve been with your partner for awhile you are going to feel as though things are finally getting started. It’s like you two get a jumpstart and are able to be excited like you were in the beginning stages of dating each other. Romantically, your union becomes intense in a way that is everything you could have wanted from the relationship.



These are the transits that this celestial body will be making as it is in Pisces. I recommend looking at your chart on Astro.com to see where these aspects will affect you because this section is a reading for the collective and not your own Zodiac Sign.

Venus Square Mars Sensual and Not Afraid to Speak Up When Necessary

Venus Squares Mars in Gemini causing you to look at what you need regarding fun, change, and freedom in your love life. This transit is useful for causing you to act in your dating situations and finally putting yourself out there in a brave way. It is the source for friction in relationships so there might be an argumentized tone if you are with someone who is restrictive. Also, it is good for makeup sex, flirtation, and overall intimacy.

Venus S*x tile Jupiter Your Lucky Match Maker

Just before Jupiter goes Retrograde, he lends you a helping hand in love and money. This aspect is powerful because Jupiter is the ancient ruler of Pisces and loves to celebrate when making aspects to Venus, so you have a ton of luck on your side. This transit will pull in new people that are worth knowing, it will cause you to be more alluring so you will attract others easily.


Venus SemiSquare Pluto Significant Relationships That Cause You to Transform and Heal Yourself

Use this transit to transform the areas of your love life that have left you in a place where you aren’t able to get over suspicions or issues with control in a relationship. In other words, if you have experienced a love life filled with power struggles, possessiveness, or insecurities that caused you to feel jealousy in any way this is going to give you the ability to heal. If this is a relationship that you are getting out of because a partner has been treating, you unfairly then it is time to take this opportunity to move forward.

Venus S*x tile Uranus Keeping An Open Mind In Your Love Life

Uranus in Taurus lends some stability to your love life by opening up your options and allowing you to see the ones you generally overlook or who have been right under your nose this whole time. You will be curious about those who are different than you because this transit will cause your mind to think “Maybe my usual isn’t right for me!” This is going to open up a whole array of options for you.

Listen to Your Gut!

Spiritually, you will be more open and receptive to other energies so use this time to feel out if situations are right for you. Let your intuition guide you to making decisions in your love life because you will get a better opportunity to make the right choices on a level that is beyond the superficial.


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