Love, Make Me Wild


I’ve always seen myself as more of an introvert, even though I love surrounding myself with loved ones. When I was in high school, I rarely left my house, and I preferred it that way. I liked the safety of my room, the comfort of my onesie, and the warmth of my favorite Disney movies and rom coms. But once I reached university, well, this little caterpillar had spent a little too long in her cocoon of comfort. What changed this cozy caterpillar’s mind? One man changed my life—well, one fictional man changed my world before the literal man changed my life.

William Traynor. Yes, you read that right. It is no secret that Me Before You is my favorite book and movies (I have my own pair of bumblebee tights). But before I get sidetracked by my fangirling, Will Traynor’s influence on Louisa’s “little world” made me realize that I wanted someone who would make me comfortable enough for me to want to leave my comfort bubble.

I would re-watch Me Before You, waiting for my very own Will Traynor—and trust me, he was better than I thought he would be.

It was like he unzipped my cocoon, held out his hand with a smile, and led me into the unknown.


Suddenly, I wasn’t thinking about the consequences or possible chaos of tomorrow or next week—I was thinking about the endless possibilities of today. I used to overthink every little decision and every possible consequence of those decisions. My life used to be consumed by anxiety and worries; thinking ruled my life. I’m not saying I don’t overthink anymore—I mean, I wish that were so. But he made me want to live in the moment. There were moments of chasing each other down streets, spontaneous adventures, some impromptu recipes-turned-disasters and so many laughs, and most importantly, infinite amounts of love. He has filled my life with love.

When I lived in my bubble, I was terrified that if I stepped outside, I wouldn’t be safe. I never imagined that my happiness and his love would blanket me and keep me safe. It’s because of him that I don’t live my life in fear.

He calls me his Yellow Light, but has no idea that I could never be a Yellow Light without him. I wouldn’t have found my light out in the wild if he hadn’t led me out of that cocoon.

And you know what? I think I like living out in the big, wide world so much more.


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