I Couldn’t Accept Your Love Because I Didn’t Love Myself

It was so hard for me to let you love me because I didn’t love myself to begin with. I couldn’t understand why you loved me. I couldn’t see for myself all these things you thought were so lovable about me. That’s why, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t let you love me, because all along I thought I wasn’t worthy of it.

Loving someone is not actually the hard part; making a person who doesn’t love themselves fall in love with themselves is one of the hardest things you could ever do. Because it’s something that you can’t simply do. It’s something that the person has to be the one to do themselves, and no amount of love you ever give to that person will help—they are the ones that have to fall in love with who they are.

It’s really hard to accept anyone’s love or receive any kind of love if you can’t accept or receive that love from your own self in the first place. Apparently, your relationship with yourself affects all your relationships with other people.

No matter how much the other person wishes that you could see yourself through their eyes so you would know how beautiful and how worthy of love you are, it still wouldn’t work. Because you just can’t see yourself through anyone’s eyes but your own.

That’s why working on self-love and falling in love with yourself should be your priority. It’s such an important thing and such an important relationship that I can’t even begin to describe or stress the importance of.

You learn to love better and to accept the right kind of love by loving yourself first. Your whole life and world completely shifts the minute you start to do that. It’s a journey that’s worth going through. Self-love can make a whole new person out of you—it can make you a better person, a happier and more loving person. Loving yourself is not a luxury; it’s a necessity in life. It’s something that you must do for yourself and actually acknowledge and take the time to work on.


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