30 Men And Women Reveal What S*xual, R-Rated Thing Turns Them On

Some men and women from Ask Reddit have revealed their biggest turn ons.

1. I like watching a guy get hard. Like going from soft to erect is just magnificent. You never know what the end result will be, is he a grower, shower, curved?

2. A man wearing a white button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows so he can cook or clean. The forearms are so s*xy! Bonus points: a beard and glasses.

3. Men who aren’t afraid to make noise during s*x! Come on, men! Moan! Grunt! Whatever! Let me know you’re enjoying it!

4. Blowjobs. I like watching men come undone. Makes me feel powerful.

5. I have this problem when anyone even JOKINGLY calls me a “good girl” that I get immediately turned on. Especially if you have an Australian accent. Say it again.

6. I used to get so turned on when my old boyfriend would pull some complicated knowledge or obscure fact out of his back pocket. Dude was really smart and when he demonstrated that I couldn’t keep my hands off him. Sigh.

7. Holy fucking shit do I have such a thing for suits. Like I don’t want to undress you I just want to admire how attractive a man looks in that. Suits are just so nice and elegant.

8. Passion. I don’t see a lot of people talking about it, but something about passionate s*x and making the girl enjoy it and feel satisfied just gives me chills man.

9. When I give my boyfriend a boner without doing anything s*xual or s*xy. Boosts my low self-esteem.

10. A guy with long fingers is incredibly s*xy, no idea why though.

11. I can’t get enough of black pantyhose. Not sure why, but it is always guaranteed to drive me wild.

12. Balls. Not sure why, just want to see and play with them all.

13. Girls running their fingers through their hair and then tucking it back behind their ears.

14. People smiling for real. Like after hearing a compliment or good news.

15. Necks, it’s weird but sometimes necks really turn me on and I don’t know why.

16. Premature ejaculation… it’s annoying because guys spend so much time trying to make sure that doesn’t happen. It’s very rare.

17. Thigh-high socks. Yes, please.

18. When a woman makes the first move. It makes me feel wanted, and it feels wonderful.

19. Yoga pants and sports bras.

20. Girls who are genuinely having fun without caring about what other people think/say about them. Want to get on the dance floor and cut loose in a room full of strangers? Fuck it, let’s go!

21. When a lady tried to talk about something dirty, gets embarrassed, and giggles.

22. Women in their 40s wearing business suits. Put your hands on your hips and tell me how disappointed you are with me.

23. Girls that wear ponytails, or pigtails.

24. Girls who wear choker necklaces. No idea what it is about them but they’re a huge turn on for me.

25. Accents, especially British or Scottish accents, but accents in general. Dirty talk sounds more exciting and normal conversations feel exotic. Really sucks to live in the middle of nowhere USA.

26. Girls with their hair covering one eye.

27. Women in sundresses.

28. Girls in oversized shirts/hoodies.

29. Weirdly enough, I’ve always found medical masks to be extremely s*xy. There’s something hot about hearing someone talk while their mouth is covered, but I can’t articulate what I find so appealing about it. This era of Covid-19 has been an interesting time for me.

30.Birth marks… Also freckles.


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