You Are Worth More Than How He Treats You

We’re all guilty of accepting less than we know we deserve. We somehow find ourselves in less than perfect situations that we know are toxic or leave us questioning our self-worth. We don’t do it on purpose. We don’t somehow believe that this is how we should be treated. We simply accept the love we think we deserve. Who decided we deserved some piece of shit guy who treats us like trash? Who decided it was okay to keep accepting this behavior and running at the ding of a text from him? Who decided any of this?


We need to stop doing this and realize that we deserve so much better than we’re giving ourselves. He only calls or texts when it’s convenient for him. He only calls or texts when he needs something from you, including your body. He only calls or texts when he’s in a bad spot. What do we do? We accept this and are right there when he needs us because having any attention from him is better than none at all, right? WRONG. We’ve allowed this behavior for so long that he now finds it the norm.

You love him. But is loving someone worth more than loving yourself? Is making yourself smaller to make sure you don’t outshine him worth it? Is sitting at home crying, wondering why you aren’t good enough for him, worth the few and hard to find smiles he does leave you with?

Absolutely fucking not.

It’s important to understand we’re worth so much more than we’re giving ourselves. He’s clearly not going to change. It’s been two years and he thinks he owns us, but of course, only when it’s convenient for him. He doesn’t own shit. We are our own person. We have feelings and thoughts, and those things matter, even if they don’t mean anything to him.

We need to spend less time wondering if he’s going to text us. We need to spend less time wondering if maybe we should reach out first. We need to spend less time sitting in the bathtub crying over someone who doesn’t give a shit about us. We need to spend more time finding who we are and what makes us happy. We need to start realizing all of our amazing qualities and worth.

We’re much more than we ever give ourselves credit for. We’re go-getters. We’re boss ass bitches. We’re loud. We’re givers. Our smile is huge. Our personality is vibrant and can light up any room. This is our time to reflect on what an amazing person we are and do whatever is takes to make US happy.

Aim higher and the rest will follow.

Also, say no to dirtbags.


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