How to Know if You Love A Person – Very Early Indicators of a New Romance

Contrary to the movies, and your friends’ stories about their own relationships, sometimes love just… happens. Without ever realizing it. Sure, you find yourself liking someone, thinking they’re attractive, spending time with them, but the love part? That comes later, it grows over time, and often, you wake up one day and realize you fell head over heels for that person. Understanding how to know if you love someone eludes us at times, but there are always ways to see the signs.

Enough of this, what are the signs?

The love part? It’s silent, and takes you over, until you realize you’re doing things and thinking things that aren’t normally part of your daily life.

#1 You do one specific thing to see if they follow or react in some way. This is especially true if you work together or attend the same class.

#2 You turn down dates with other people. It’s no secret single people go on many dates. Bad dates, okay dates, good dates, “friend-zoned-for-all-eternity” dates. But when you find that one person, dating other people seems to take the backseat.

#3 Having trouble controlling your words–in the beginning. This doesn’t happen to everyone, but it’s a stereotype for a reason. This goes away after a while, and we touch on it more below. Initially, realizing you’re attracted to someone, you’ll be a little… weird.

You may say dirty things by accident. Or you may be very quiet and shy. Others simply stand in stunned, awkward silence, not knowing what to say. Then there’re those who simply don’t know when to stop talking.

#4 You feel strangely… comfortable. After a while, you find yourself oddly comfortable around this person. You could talk for hours, get to know each other, play games, hang out, etc. And somehow, you’re not awkward anymore, if you ever were.

#5 You went from caring to really caring, without realizing it. Remember back when you first met and that special someone told you things about themselves that you thought were decent or funny, even though they may have actually been… anything but qualities?

Well, if you find yourself actually caring about those things now, and they bother you, welcome to being in love. For instance, if they say they’ve slept with over 20 people, and you didn’t think much of it before, you start to question it a little now. And that may be a sign you developed feelings.

#6 You prefer to spend your time with them, rather than anyone else. You’re at a friend’s house, maybe a restaurant, or a get-together, and all of a sudden you get the text that they’re free and would love to see you if you have the time.

If you invite them to join you and spend the rest of your time with them, or if you simply walk out of wherever you’re at and go see them, then you may be in love.

#7 You text, call, or Snapchat–a lot. It’s been a day or two, maybe three, and this entire time, you’ve texted each other. Life may be busy, and you may not be officially in a relationship, but it’s heading in that direction.

#8 You start caring *a lot* more about how you look. This is just something that happens as if by magic. You could already take pride in your appearance, but when you fall in love, it’s worse.

#9 It’s easier to open to them than it is with anyone else. That person makes you feel safe and capable of opening up about things you may not share about with someone else. Whether it’s your insecurities, doubts, or life history, they’ll know.

#10 You’ve picked up new hobbies and routines. A person should always be themselves, no matter what. Being in love doesn’t mean you stop being who you are. However, it’s no secret that when you’re in love, you do pick up on a few things from that particular person. It could be a show, a new hobby, maybe a new restaurant. Anything.


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