Exactly how to Make Her Miss You – 10 Sweet Ways to Win Your Way Back

When you left, she slammed the door after you on the way out. There is nothing worse than being dumped… literally. Well, besides feeling like she is the one, only to find out she thinks you aren’t.

If you got the boot but aren’t ready to say goodbye just yet, the good news is that unless you cheated on her or did something really awful, there are steps for how to make her miss you.

When any relationship ends, there are things that you still love about that person, whether you want to be with them forever or not. The secret is to remind her of all the things she loved while erasing all the things that she didn’t.

How to make her miss you – The 16 tips you really need to know

It isn’t about being manipulative… okay, maybe it kinda is. But manipulation in a good way, if there is such a thing. These are the tips for how to make her miss you, and she will be begging to have you back.

#1 Think about those things that made her smile. If you were together a while, then you probably learned exactly what it takes to make her smile. If you lost her, it might have been because you stopped doing those fun things that used to make her heart shine.

Try to remember back to a happy time, and take the time to do whatever it was that made her shine.

#2 Fix those things she used to nag about. If she cut you loose because you simply refused to get off the couch and get serious about work, then do it. If something drove her crazy, and it is fixable without you having to compromise yourself, then create a change in yourself and prove to her that you have listened and are ready to make her happy.

#3 Show her what she is missing. If she is the jealous type, nothing is going to make her miss you more than seeing you making someone else happy. Even if you want to get her back, sometimes you have to put yourself back out there. You can’t sit and wait forever.

#4 Say you’re sorry and take responsibility. If you want to make her miss you, then you have to be someone that is miss-worthy. If the reason she broke up with you is that you did something bad, or you never took responsibility, now is the time to give it a try.

Saying you are sorry and admitting fault will show her that you are capable of change and will make her miss the good things about you. And, it might possibly allow her to forget the not so good stuff.

#5 Return her things. Sometimes we do the opposite of what we should when we want to make people miss us. Holding onto her things may seem like a good idea and a way to keep you in her consciousness, but it may just be irritating her more and making her dislike you.

#6 Don’t answer her… right away. If you want know how to make her miss you, then you have to stop being her go-to. When girls break up with guys, they forget in times of crisis that you aren’t their boyfriend, nor are you responsible anymore.

#7 Change your Facebook status. If you change your Facebook status, that may flip a switch in her called “fear.” Even if she thinks she wants to move on, she may not want you to. Showing her that you are going to let her go is the best way to know how to make her miss you.

#8 Post pictures of how happy you are. Make sure that you show her through your social media sites that you are moving on just fine without her. Every girl wants the guy she left behind to grieve and mourn her.

#9 Get your shit together. Nothing will make her miss you more than being the guy that she wanted all along. Sometimes we have to lose something to realize what we had. That is true on both ends. If she is worth it, then get your shit together. If she sees that you have made real changes and didn’t think you were capable, she will want you back… I promise.

#10 Don’t move on immediately. If you know that she is more than jealous, then moving on and finding someone else may have the reverse effect on her. If she tends to be a little vindictive, you moving on and replacing her too quickly won’t make her miss you.



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