Fundamental White Lady – 20 Stereotyped Indicators You Simply Can Not Forget

Basic girl, or basic white girl, is a fairly new term, but has caught on like wildfire. The reason? There is NOTHING more annoying than someone who is trying very hard to be unique by trying so hard to fit in all in one.

The biggest conundrum of all, it is like when you name your child something you think is totally outlandish only to find that the “unique” name is number one on Good Morning America for the year *that actually happened to me*.

20 signs that you might be a basic white girl

The definition of a basic white girl is someone who tries to show her individuality by doing things that are cliche, shallow, and irritating to those of us who aren’t in the “know.”

If you are someone who can’t get the latest Ugg boots quickly enough for the fall, can’t wait for the pumpkin latte at Starbucks to resurface, or own twenty different “North Face jackets,” then you just may be trying too hard to be unique by trying too hard to fit in.

Here are 20 signs you’re a basic white girl.

#1 You update your status every day, if not multiple times a day. As if once isn’t enough… news flash, no one cares that you are having a bad hair day!

#2 You post pictures of your meal. Sushi always looks amazing, but your meal is nothing special.

#3 You own 20 pairs of Ugg boots. Last year’s model simply won’t do for the new season ahead, but you can’t seem to part with the other 19 pairs!

#4 You think Starbucks is a major food group. Need I say more about this one?

#5 You drive an SUV and have run over so many curbs you have lost count. A basic white girl is always in a hurry, running late, texting, on the phone, or immersed in something other than the road.

#6 You use phrases that are out quicker than they are in. Just so you know, if you are using it… it is already popular. You didn’t invent cool words – you picked them up elsewhere.

#7 You won’t walk out of the house in anything that doesn’t have a brand name on it. Seriously? There are a lot better things you can spend your money on.

#8 You wouldn’t get caught dead at Walmart. Walmart has discounts, and that is basically uncool and for the general public.

#9 You think that your cleaning lady taking the week off is a major life event. First world nation problems can take your week down.

#10 You treat your nanny like a servant. You refer to her as “she” and talk about her as if she can’t hear you… she can!

#11 You have more selfies than you have of your family members. Ummmm, like, come on. Really?

#12 You order everything with specifications that makes the waitress roll her eyes. Your taste buds aren’t that special… live life a little.

#13 You have children whose names have to be sounded out phonetically. If you use a popular name, just spell it like everyone else please.

#14 You think a dive bar is any tavern that doesn’t sell cosmos. While that may be true, maybe you should try out a real dive bar sometime.

#15 You never leave the house without documenting it with a group photo. Why do you live your life on social media?

#16 You throw some off-color rap songs into your mix to mix things up… hey, you can be raunchy too! – Heads up! Drake and Eminem are basic white girl icons.

#17 You quote girl cult movies as if everyone knows what you are talking about. Not everyone has seen Mean Girls, nor do they want to hear you quoting it.

#18 You complain about how poor you are while handing over $7 for your spice latte. Not to mention the Gucci purse that you are carrying.

#19 You wouldn’t dare go out with a guy who isn’t a minimum of 7. You care more about how attractive your friends will find your date than you do.

#20 You use U instead of you and emojis to express everything from mad to upset to crazy, just in case. Acronyms are a MUST.


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