Here’s What You Both Need In A Relationship Based On Your Signs

Sometimes, it can be difficult to figure out what we want in a relationship. And many times, what we think we want is different from what we actually need. This is why we often end up in relationships that end in nothing but heartbreak. We think that on the surface, we want one thing…but deep down, we actually want another. So, how do we figure out what we really want in a relationship? Well, if you’re really feeling confused about what you actually desire, it might not hurt to look into the details of your zodiac sign. Our sign can give us many important clues as to how we actually relate to people, and by reading up on compatibility, we might figure out what we really need from the person that we’re dating. The following points apply to both guys and girls of each sign, here’s what you really need in a relationship!

24Aries Girl

Aries, you love the chase. And you have such a sense of adventure that when you really want something, you just for it, and you can’t hold back! In some ways, this is great. But in some ways, it can be your downfall. Because when you meet someone that you really want, you can’t stop yourself from going for it with all you have. That’s why Aries girls need a partner to balance out that impulsiveness. They need someone who will be able to slow them down, to be patient, and to stop them from rushing into something that they don’t really want. They need someone who knows how to take baby step, who doesn’t want to put a ring on it after the first date. Aries may love to dive headfirst into the unknown, but a partner who takes it slow is a much better match for this sign.

23Aries Guy

So, when an Aries girl meets someone she really likes, she goes for it with everything that she’s got. But what about the Aries guy? What does he do when he meets a girl who he just can’t take his eyes off? Well, at first, he’ll be just like the Aries girl, he’s all in for the long haul. But what happens when he runs into another girl he’s attracted to? It can be hard for him to remind himself how good he already has it. It’s that Aries impulsive streak acting up! That’s why an Aries guy needs someone who can spend a ton of time with him and will shower him with attention. Because if he lets his eyes wander for a second too long, he’ll be off chasing the next fling. An Aries guy needs serious commitment from the start, otherwise, he’ll never be able to settle down with one girl.

22Taurus Girl

Others may not expect it from you, but Taurus, you crave physical intimacy. There is absolutely nothing more important to a Taurus girl than that very first kiss with someone they’re falling in love with. Even just a hug or a quick peck on the cheek can still give you butterflies. You’re sensitive to touch, and your love language is absolutely a language of physical affection, an expression of love that you can really feel. So Taurus, you need someone who feels the same way. Many other signs would do better in an “opposites attract” scenario, where they need someone who balances them out. And while Taurus may need that balance in other areas, physical affection is extremely important to them. Taurus, if you end up with someone who doesn’t place a ton of importance on the physical aspect of your relationship, you’re going to end up being very disappointed eventually.

21Taurus Guy

Just like a Taurus girl, Taurus guys crave physical intimacy, but to a Taurus guy, it’s not all about getting a girl into bed with him. No, it goes so much deeper than that. Taurus guys see affectionate touch as a reminder of how much they are loved. They don’t just want someone for the sake of physical satisfaction. To them, it’s important on an emotional level. So what a Taurus guy really needs is someone who will take the time to learn exactly what he likes. He’s the type of guy who definitely would not mind a little shoulder massage when he gets home from a long day of work. And he’s also the guy who will always want to hold your hand in public! To a Taurus guy, being close is super important. He really just wants to shower you with affection in any way that he can!

20Gemini Girl

Gemini, you’re a bit of a jack of all trades. You have a million varied interests, and you don’t fit easily into one box. That’s one reason that you have no problem meeting people that you could see yourself dating. You can click with almost anyone because you can usually find something to relate with them on. However, this can also pose an issue when you get into a relationship and find that one person can’t necessarily fulfill all of your needs and interests. But don’t worry, not all hope for monogamy is lost! Gemini girls need someone creative. You need someone who has an endless list of unique date ideas in the back of their mind. You need someone who can manage to surprise even you. Maybe dating another Gemini isn’t the best idea, but male and female Geminis alike can relate to this issue. You need someone who keeps you on your toes.

19Gemini Guy

Every Gemini guy needs a girl who is intellectually curious. He doesn’t want someone to stay up all night binging the latest Netflix series with him or watching reality TV. He needs a girl who is down to watch some crazy documentary and then sit up for hours discussing all the finer points. He needs someone who is cool with spending an entire day at the library. Just like a Gemini girl, he needs someone who is constantly in pursuit of new knowledge. Why? Well, he wants someone who can both keep up with him and challenge him. To a Gemini guy, a relationship is not only an opportunity for deep connection, it’s also an opportunity for personal growth and development. He wants to be with someone who he can encourage and support, and who will do the same for him. He wants you both to grow together as people.

18Cancer Girl

Cancer, you already know that you’re one of the most loving and compassionate signs in the entire zodiac. In fact, you might take the top spot when it comes to these qualities. So, why would you have any trouble in a relationship? Well, you know that you’re going to give and give and give, so you can’t stand the thought of being with someone who isn’t going to reciprocate in the same way. That’s why you need someone who you can truly trust. Look, if you’re going to be showering this person with all of the love and affection that you can muster, you never want to be stuck wondering if they’re really going to return it all to you in their own way. You need someone who you know you can trust. It’s tough in this day and age, but never settle for someone who you cannot fully trust.

17Cancer Guy

Cancer guy, you know that you can’t wait to settle down, get married, and start a family some day. But you seem to struggle with finding a girl who is right for you. Why is that? Well, we live in a modern, fast-paced world, and the truth is, you’re looking for someone who’s a little more traditional. Cancer guys love the idea of having a couple kids in a cute neighborhood and a house with a white picket fence. Don’t worry, it’s not like a Cancer guy will want to stick you in the kitchen and make you do chores all day like it’s the 1950s. But he is looking for something a little old-fashioned. He feels like that as a guy, it’s his duty to provide for you in certain ways. Cancer guys, you might feel like you’re searching forever, but eventually, the right girl for you will come along.

16Leo Girl

Leo, you have one of the brightest and boldest signs of the zodiac, and you love to be that person who lights up the room as soon as they walk through the door. There’s nothing wrong with your love of the spotlight but all too often, it can go hand in hand with an obsession over being right. People may think of Taurus as the stubborn sign, but Leo girl, you can be dead set in your beliefs to the point where you take serious offense at disagreement. That’s why when you get into a relationship, you and your partner will need to have some serious patience when it comes to tough conversations. And dating another Leo is probably out of the question. Leo guys and girls should look to other signs for romantic fulfillment, because you would always have trouble disagreeing. Leo, you need someone who will be patient in the midst of arguments.

15Leo Guy

Leo guy, people can easily mistake your confidence as arrogance. You always want to look the part, and you know how to work a room. Some girls are super into this, but more often than not, you find that the girls you really like are just…well, not. Why is that? Well, you’re attracted to girls who are a little more down to earth than you are! And the thing is, they’ll see right through you if they think you’re faking it. So what kind of girl do you really need? You need someone who sees you for who you are right from the start and encourages you to bring down your walls. You need a girl who is willing to work through the façade that you tend to set up in order to appear more impressive. Beware of the girl who is happy to be your arm candy and nothing more.

14Virgo Girl

Virgo, you are one of the hardest working signs of the zodiac, but sometimes, that hard work goes unnoticed. Yes, we agree it’s annoying, but you’ve probably gotten used to it at this point. You can deal with it when friends or family members occasionally neglect to notice just how much effort you’re putting into something, but if your significant other doesn’t see it oh man, get ready for a fight, because you just can’t accept it. Virgo girls need a guy who will surprise them with their favorite coffee when in they’re in the middle of an intense study session and let her know how proud he is. You work super hard, and you put so much into every single thing that you do that you need someone who will always meet you halfway. Virgo, you may not show it, but you need a lot of support to work as hard as you do.

13Virgo Guy

So, a Virgo girl needs a guy who will show her tons of support at all time. What does a Virgo guy need? Honestly, someone very similar. This is why Virgos tend to end up together, they have a deep understanding of each other’s crazy work ethics, and they understand why they each feel the need to put so much effort into everything that they do. Virgo guys will always be the ones to go above and beyond for the girls they like. For example, she won’t just be getting roses on Valentine’s Day, she’ll be getting a full weekend of surprises planned at all her favorite places. Above everything else, Virgo guys need someone who will consistently show them appreciation for all the work they put in to their relationship and everything else. In other words, he needs someone who will also plan crazy Valentine’s Day surprises for him in return!

12Libra Girl

Okay, everyone needs some sense of balance in a relationship but Libra craves balance like no other sign. Libra girl, you can’t be with someone who is just like you. Sometimes, your best relationships will make people shake their heads and wonder “Well, I guess opposites really do attract.” So, Libra, what do you really need in a relationship? It depends on your individual personality, because you need someone who is going to balance that out perfectly. And yes, this can make finding the right partner difficult. Other Libras who understand that struggle might make good significant others, but don’t limit your search to people who share your sign. You’re the type that will probably have to search long and hard for the right person, and casual dating will never be a simple affair for you. But when you do find that person, your future will be full of pure, balanced bliss.

11Libra Guy

Libra, you’re a sucker for good taste. A Libra guy needs a girl who holds herself to a high standard in all areas of her life, because this is the way that he conducts himself, and he expects the same from any girl he chooses to date. He needs someone who is invested in her personal health and wants to exercise and cook healthy meals together. Someone who would rather spend her Friday night at an art museum than a wild party. Someone who knows how to let down her hair when the occasion calls for it, but also knows all the right manners to impress his judgmental relatives when the holidays come around. Is it tough for the Libra guy to find this perfect girl? Yes, especially when he’s young. But Libra guys, be patient, you’ll probably end up meeting that special someone when you’re both a bit older and wiser.

10Scorpio Girl

Alright Scorpio girl, you already know what we’re going to talk to you about, your emotions. Obviously, all of the intense emotions that you already deal with are going to become an even more important aspect of your life when you’re in a relationship. When you fall in love, you fall harder than anyone else. And when your heart breaks, it shatters. So you need someone who can ride all of those intense emotional waves and handle the real you. Finding that person may seem like an easy task at first, but trust us, it’s harder than it looks on the surface. Someone who’s along for the ride in the beginning might find that they can’t handle it and dip out before you’re ready to end things. Be careful of who you give your heart to, Scorpio, find someone who provides a calming presence in your life instead of taking you on an emotional rollercoaster.

9Scorpio Guy

Here’s the funny thing about Scorpio guys, they’re just as emotional as Scorpio girls. But they often try to do their best to hide that. Why? Well, think about it, our world is not so kind to guys who show their emotions. We tell boys not to cry, to “man up,” and that they can never show weakness. This makes the world a cruel, cruel place for the Scorpio guy. So, Scorpio guy, you need to find a girl who is okay with you showing your emotions. The good news is that there are lots of girls out there who actually wish that guys were more sensitive and emotional, so you probably won’t have an issue with that. But you also need to find someone who will provide the right support for you during those times when your emotions are super intense. She’s got to be there for the best and worst of times!

8Sagittarius Girl

Sagittarius girl, you’re known for being a free spirit, and this is a side of your personality that you embrace wholeheartedly. You love being that girl who would jet off to another country without a second thought, or that girl who is always planning her next big adventure. You wouldn’t settle for anything less than a life with no limits. Unfortunately, it can be hard to find a partner who feels the same way! It can be tough to trust a Sagittarius, will they leave you at the drop of a hat? Will they still feel the same way tomorrow? It can be hard to really pin down what a Sag wants. That’s why every Sagittarius girl needs to find someone who isn’t clingy or dependent, who gets their need for freedom. They need someone who also knows how to do their own thing and understands the need for a lot of personal space.

7Sagittarius Guy

So, a Sagittarius girl needs someone who will give her a ton of space to run off and do her own thing while trusting that she’s going to come back. But what about the Sagittarius guy? Well, he’s looking for someone similar…but slightly different. A Sag girl doesn’t expect the guy she’s with to want to accompany her on all of her adventures, and in fact, she prefers it that way, but a Sag guy DOES want a girl who’s down for whatever. Sag guys tend to be attracted to girls who are pursuing nontraditional career paths, who enjoy having a flexible schedule, and who are always ready to book a spontaneous plane ticket whenever the mood strikes. Sag girls wants their own adventures, but Sag guys want adventures together. See the difference? So if you’re looking for a road trip partner, you’ve definitely got to land yourself a Sag guy.

6Capricorn Girl

Capricorn girl, you can relate to Virgo in a few areas because you’re both very hard workers. You’re known for always being the best at your job, and you never give anything less than your very best. Even the thought of giving only a half-hearted effort makes you feel a little queasy. But when it comes to relationships, this can translate into you wanting to plan every little detail, from being in charge of every date to even feeling critical if your significant other wears something that looks a little silly. This is why every Capricorn needs someone who will help them find appropriate boundaries for the relationship. They need someone who can understand why they’re a little overbearing at times, but also who knows how to tell them to back off if they’re taking it too far. It’s a very delicate balancing act, so hey, maybe a Libra can handle the challenge.

5Capricorn Guy

Capricorn guys are looking for something very similar to a Capricorn girl, and this is why Capricorns generally should not date each other. Honestly, they are just not compatible because they become too controlling of each other’s actions. So, what kind of girl SHOULD a Capricorn guy date? Well, similar to a Virgo, he needs someone who will be supportive of all his hard work, but he will also need someone who reminds him how to have fun every once in a while! A Capricorn guy needs the kind of girl who will let him know when he’s been up too late working and suggest a quick midnight pizza run. He needs the kind of girl who will plan fun activities for the weekend because otherwise he’ll be tempted to stay in and work! Hmmm, maybe a Sagittarius girl would be up for the challenge of dating a hard working Capricorn?

4Aquarius Girl

The mind of an Aquarius girl is like no other. Yes, you might compare them to a creative Pisces or a unique Gemini or an adventurous Aries…but at the end of the day, an Aquarius is an Aquarius, and they can’t really be defined in relation to the other zodiac signs. It’s not just that Aquarius is unique, it’s that they truly have no interest in feigning normalcy. They aren’t just different from everyone else, they have no desire to fit in with everyone else. So yes, dating an Aquarius can be a special kind of challenge. An Aquarius girl needs someone who can bring them back to the real world when they feel like isolating themselves. Aquarius, you need someone who has their own unique qualities you wouldn’t want to date someone who fits the status quo too well but you also need someone who can keep you down to earth at the same time.

3Aquarius Guy

There’s another name for an Aquarius guy, a hipster. An Aquarius guy was the one in your friend group who got a record player and started a vinyl collection before everyone else. He’s the one who always listens to weird indie rock bands and only reads the classics. Recently, lots of girls have been voicing their distaste for this type of guy, so what’s an Aquarius dude got to do to find a girl who will appreciate him? What kind of girl does he really want? An Aquarius guy needs a girl who knows when to take him seriously and knows when to call his bluff. He needs a girl who is bold enough to let him know when he’s being too pretentious and sweet enough to know when to nurture his interests. Sounds like quite the balancing act, if any Libra girls want to walk that tightrope, they might be perfect.

2Pisces Girl

Pisces, you can be just as emotional as Scorpio! You totally embrace this side of yourself, and you channel these emotions into some crazy creative pursuits. However, it can definitely be tough to find someone who understands you on an emotional level. Let’s be clear, putting two Pisces together in a relationship has the potential for disaster. You’re both too dreamy and emotional to really make it work, and these relationships will typically end in lots of heartbreak and empty boxes of tissues on the floor. Pisces needs someone who can both understand their emotional side and balance it out. This can be a difficult task, but it’s totally possible. An earth sign could be the perfect match for this water sign because while Pisces likes to float through dream world, earth signs pride themselves on staying grounded, and they can help Pisces get in touch with that side of themselves as well.

1Pisces Guy

Pisces guys are super creative. They are likely to pursue a career in the arts, and they don’t really care too much about fitting in with the status quo. They aren’t really interested in girls who have traditional views of careers, relationships, or life overall. They want someone who is a little different. The main thing that a Pisces guy needs in a relationship is someone who will support his creativity and understand that artistic, emotional side of his personality. No, they’re not looking for a woman who will support them financially, just emotionally. They want a girl who understands why they can’t force themselves to fit into any box that society has set up. They need a girl who has her own creative pursuits and therefore understands that artistic drive on a personal level. An Aquarius girl and a Pisces guy could easily be a match made in heaven!

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