Your Most Common Relationship Issues Based On Your Zodiac

We all look to the stars to help guide us every now and then, and if you don’t, you should! The dating world is already impossible and unpredictable, so you need all the tools you can get. The characteristics of each zodiac are all too accurate, and the simplest of research can steady fast turn a nonbeliever into a believer. Each sign comes with a set of distinct qualities that can either make a relationship thrive or ultimately become its downfall. Hopefully, this list will serve as a constructive guide in helping you bring some awareness, and what to do differently per your sign. Whether you are fire, earth, or air; each sign comes with its own set of challenges. After all, no one is flawless, and we all have our quirks. After reading this, we dare you to tell us that the zodiacs aren’t on point!

12Aquarius: Remember It Takes Two To Tango

You are extremely independent by nature, so it is quite hard to tie you down – but remember that stability is key in a thriving relationship. You are now sharing your life with someone else instead of riding solo after all! You also tend to be distant and emotionally unavailable so make sure to be aware of that and make sure that you are listening to your partner’s needs. In a new relationship it is important to include your partner in your everyday life. Don’t leave them hanging with plans because you found something more exciting to do. In order for you to be in a happy, stable partnership you must find someone who can keep up with you and who will make you comfortable enough to open up to. Be careful not to fall for someone just because of their fun personality. Most importantly, do not give up when the going gets tough. You tend to get very impatient and bored in situations and flee. No ghosting allowed!

11Pisces: Giving Yourself To The Unworthy

The compassionate Pisces. You are always leading with your emotions and behave in a completely selfless manner – which comes with its own set of challenges. You tend to be overly trusting, giving your heart to the unworthy. Once you have fallen for someone, you fall hard. However, be sure to be careful with who you give your sacred heart to- because you have the tendency to have it stepped on! You will go above and beyond for your bae, so make sure to find someone to do the same for you, otherwise you will for sure get hurt. You’re selfless, doing things for people with nothing expected in return, and people recognize that and take advantage of you. Make sure to stand your ground. When you find the right person, you are a generous, giving partner and a natural born romantic, just make sure that you pull out all the stops for someone who deserves it!

10Aries: A Relationship Is An Equal Partnership

Tenacious and fiery, the Aries takes sh*t from no one. If there is one sign you don’t want to get into an argument with, it is an Aries, because they will win every time. You bring this aggressiveness and righteousness into a relationship, and you can be extremely explosive and impulsive in your words and behavior. You often do not think before you speak and have the habit of hurting people’s feelings in the process, especially people that you care about. This will not go over well in a relationship. In addition, you’re used to being the best and the greatest – number one if you will, and when it comes to relationships – there is no number one. It’s an equal partnership, 50/50. Sometimes for the sake of your relationship and your partner’s feelings, it is okay to be wrong at times. Swallow your pride and take your ego out of the equation – it will do you some good and your S/O will thank you for it.

9Taurus: Your Way Or The Highway

The Taurus is the most stubborn of all the signs. You are forever stuck in your ways and your routine, and you hate for it to be broken. You are a master planner, and you cannot stand someone who wants to shake up your life. With relationships comes unpredictability and you must learn to be prepared for anything that will be thrown your way. Sometimes life happens in ways that we couldn’t have expected, especially when you are sharing it with someone. You must learn to go with the flow a little bit more. The only thing you cannot stand more than unpredictability is insecurity. If your partner is unsure of themselves of any way, it can be a huge turn off for you. As a boyfriend or girlfriend, it is your job to sometimes pick your love up when they are down, try and not to be so insensitive.

8Gemini: All Over The Place

Flirtatious and lively, who doesn’t love a Gemini?! You are usually the most popular person in the room and you adore the spotlight. Being the most social of the signs, there is nothing you hate more than being alone. With that said, you tend to dive into short-term flings by your own fruition that usually end in disaster. You love some good excitement and drama! For you to settle down, make sure to take the time to get to know a person before you dive head first. Forever fleeting and traveling with the constant urge to meet new people and experience new things, it is extremely difficult to keep you in one place let alone your attention! Stability is key in a relationship, and you are the last thing from stable. You also are extremely unpredictable with your moods and your behaviors, which can be frustrating to a significant other.

7Cancer: Trusting Someone Is Very Hard

The biggest challenge that you face is learning how to come out of your shell, Cancer. The crab is all too quick to retreat into its safe haven the moment it senses danger. It is very hard to get to know you because of your instinct to be overly careful with people. Being able to trust is a huge challenge for you, and you tend to write people off if you feel that they are flakey or unreliable. Once you fall for someone, you are dedicated to them, to a fault. You would rather stay in an abusive relationship than not be in one at all. Cancers have a hard time letting go of relationships because they value them so very much. They also take great pride in their family unit, it is everything to them. This is a double-edged sword- because you would rather stay in toxicity than to break up a family unit.

6Leo: A Diva Is The Female Version Of A Hustler

Leos need to feel like royalty always – after all you are the king of the jungle! With this comes somewhat of a diva attitude. You are constantly attention seeking from your partner, and they can become overwhelmed with your demands and egotistical nature. You are uncompromising and nothing seems to be good enough for you. You think you are the best, so you deserve the best. You are also way too concerned about self-image and how others perceive your relationship, which can put a lot of pressure on your S/O. You are also well-known for a good, ferocious temper tantrum or two after bottling your emotions in for extended periods of time. You do not do well with other fire signs, for it will be the battle of the century. Make sure that the partner you choose is patient and willing to give you the upper hand in most situations.

5Virgo: You Need To Let Loose More

You are your own worst critic, Virgo. You tend to disavow your own feelings and emotions when it comes to relationships. You are constantly seeking your partner’s approval and attention, which in turn can make you a little needy. You are also conventional to a fault, and you have a hard time accepting someone, no matter how much you love them, if you see them as different. You are a natural born perfectionist, and you expect the same from the person that you are with. You are not one for the parties or social functions, which can be challenging if you are dating someone who loves to go out and have a good time. Stability is key for you, but being too stable can mean that you are missing out on life, or an amazing partner! Make sure to learn how to be a little more open minded.

4Libra: You Need To Be True

Libra, as the scale as your symbol you always try to see thing from all perspectives and you are extremely level-headed, but with that comes a price. You tend to be overly fair and giving, and you’re also the “fixer”. You believe that you can change and help someone, when the reality is that people only change if they want to change. You’re also always the caretaker of the relationship, when in fact sometimes you need to be taken care of. You absolutely despise arguing, and as the natural born diplomat that you are; you will say anything to smooth a situation over. Sometimes healthy conflict is key for a relationship to thrive and prosper. You also go above and beyond for your partner – even if it means lying to other people. It’s important to remember that an honest relationship with yourself and the person that you are with is everything. Otherwise, it will sure be a failure.

3Scorpio: You Love Yourself A Good Grudge

Scorpios are the most loyal of the zodiac. You will go to great lengths to be a good partner and you make the best of friends. However, you can be also extremely vengeful and volatile. You hate deceit more than life itself, and you love yourself a good grudge. People make mistakes, but you will never make your partner forget theirs. If someone lets you down once, there is usually no coming back. It is crucial to remember that no one is perfect! You must try and be forgiving of your partner. After all, these grudges can backfire on you! Your boyfriend/girlfriend may start to be afraid to tell you things and lie to you even more. You are also jealous often when there is no reason to be jealous, and you tend to be extremely insecure in your relationships. With that jealously comes possessiveness and you become extremely attached to the person that you are with, so much so that it becomes unhealthy and codependent.

2Sagittarius: Too Free For Some

Sagittarius are open to all things and possibilities. They love to travel, there is nothing they love more than a good, spontaneous adventure. With that you absolutely despise being constrained in any way/shape/or form – which can make you the professional commitment-phobe. You are the type of person who will sacrifice a lot, but being tied down is not one of them. You value your freedom more than anything in this world and you will not put yourself in a situation where it can possibly be taken away from you. However, you can always find someone who is just as adventurous and daring as you! After all, what good is an awesome experience without someone to share it with? You are also honest to a default – you have no filter! You say anything that you feel is right without thinking about the consequences or how it might affect someone else. This kind of an attitude comes off very insensitive, and you need to learn how to adapt to conversations in a social acceptable manner. Otherwise, you will push people away who may be interested in you!

1Capricorn: Being Alone With Your Success

You are a total bada$$. Your career and your goals come first in life, but that usually doesn’t leave much time for anyone else. You can be extremely selfish only focused on yourself and your dreams, and that is a recipe for a disaster in a relationship. You are extremely self-aware of this characteristic, so often you avoid relationships all together. It is impossible to break down the walls you have built for yourself. Also – be mindful of becoming too emotionally closed off in your relationships. You tend to be cold and reserved. You need to learn to be more open because there is nothing greater in life than a healthy, loving relationship. Although being extremely goal oriented and professionally successful is great as well, you will be alone in your achievements if you don’t make time for your dating life. Make sure to do this when you’re taking over the world, Capricorn. After all, you are a master multi-tasker!

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