Before You Engage in an Unlabeled Relationship, You Must Know The 5 Things That Are Here

When you think about it, a non-binding relationship looks perfect.

It is an opportunity to spice up your life with the ideal dose of passion and these butterflies in your stomach that help us brighten up our day.

We have someone to call when we are alone, without having defined duties which could force us to reorganize our life.

We do not need to change, nor to compromise for the good of the other and we can continue to lead our bachelor life, while having someone who gives us a little affection and tenderness when ‘we need it.

It’s a great arrangement, isn’t it? After all, how could it go wrong?

Well, that’s exactly what I said to myself when I started my almost relationship. But life has shown me that I was wrong.

This is why, I want to give you an overview of what this kind of relationship really looks like, thanks to 5 handpicked tips.

You are about to discover 5 things that will likely change your opinion about undefined relationships.

1. It’s not a real relationship

Our modern conception of love has taught us that unlabeled relationships are almost in every respect similar to a true relationship.

We spend time with our partner, we talk regularly, we are physically intimate and in general, we do all the things that classic couples do.

However, it is important to dwell on the word “almost”.

This relationship is not a real relationship, even if it looks like it and it is something you need to be aware of before you get into it.

Call it a bond, a pseudo-relationship or whatever, but if you were really in a * relationship, that’s how you would describe your couple, right?

2. But it will cause the same problems like any normal relationship

Your almost companion is not someone you can count on at all times.

He did not promise to be by your side in good and bad times, just as he did not sign on to be your best friend and your life partner.

Nevertheless, it will be the source of your sleepless nights and your tears.

He will be the one to whom you will give your precious time and efforts, as in a normal relationship.

And even if this pseudo unlabeled relationship is not a real relationship, it will cause the same problems as the latter.

It will make you suffer as much as if you ended a real relationship.

Just because you’ve never officially dated a guy doesn’t mean you can’t break your heart.

Make no mistake – I’m not saying that a classic relationship is the guarantee of a stress-free life.

I’m not saying that classic couples have neither problems nor disagreements because it’s false!

But they can enjoy the benefits of a real relationship and thus know that the difficulties are worth it.

And this is something that you will not have. When one is in a pseudo-relationship, one has no right to ask for something.

We have no right to demand loyalty, loyalty, commitment, effort or clarity.

Whenever you want to complain, remember that you are the one who accepted this situation.

3. It will probably never get serious

If you plan to engage in this type of relationship, in the hope that it will one day turn into something serious – do nothing about it.

Someone who has no doubts about you and is certain of his feelings for you would behave in agreement with them from the start.

Please don’t tell yourself lies by telling yourself that your love will change this man and that he will come to understand that you deserve the title of girlfriend.

Do not be fooled by his false excuses that he needs time.

Do not believe its empty promises that this arrangement is only temporary and that the situation will evolve by itself.

The truth is, nothing will change.

You will simply end up wasting many years of your life, alongside someone who sees you only as a practical arrangement, when you have been waiting for an unlikely miracle.

4. You have no right to be jealous

One of the other things you should know before entering into an unlabeled relationship is that you are probably not the only girl this man has in your life.

After all, he never promised you loyalty or exclusivity. Which means you have no right to be jealous.

However, I guarantee that it will make you angry and that it will hurt you – you will only know that you have no right to let it show through.

You will spend many nights crying, wondering what your almost-boyfriend is doing.

You will try to find out everything there is to know about the other women in his life, secretly hoping that you are the only one and without being able to say a word, knowing that he will never give you the right to ask any question.

5. You deserve better

Before entering into an unlabeled relationship, know that it is not what you deserve and it is certainly not something you should be happy with.

No, you deserve a man who will be proud to hold your hand in public, to show you his affection in front of everyone, and to call you “his girlfriend”.

You deserve better than being hidden, better than being a practical arrangement for a man unable to make up his mind about you and waiting for something better to come his way.

You deserve a man who will never make you doubt your worth and who will think you are important enough to label your relationship.

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