You Will Have The Worst Relationship Of Your Life With Someone Who Will Do These 15 Things

1. Never go out with a guy who hides his phone from you. There is clearly no trust in your relationship. If he had nothing to hide and was honest, he would have no need to hide his phone.

There are probably things he doesn’t want you to know and it can be problematic in the long run.

2. Never date someone who deprives you of your self-esteem. Never go out with someone who makes you feel like you are not well enough. Someone who makes you feel stupid and useless. Someone who feels more valuable than you.

3. Never go out with someone you catch lying. He may have told you it wouldn’t happen again. He panicked and he didn’t know what to do. He didn’t want to hurt you, so he lied to you to protect you.

These are just fabrics of lies, meant to deceive you.

4. Never go out with someone who doesn’t know what they want. Someone inconsistent. Perhaps he is really lost, but it is also possible that he takes on this role, because he plans to disappear once he has had enough.

5. Never go out with someone who decides what to wear. Someone having a problem with the way you dress. By starting to tell you what to wear, it steals your freedom.

Today he tells you what to wear and tomorrow he will tell you what to do.

6. Never go out with someone who does not accept you as you are. Someone wanting to change you. You are what you are and if he doesn’t like it, he can go elsewhere.

There is one person for each of us. It is not yours.

7. Never date someone who wants to be chased after them. You deserve better than that. Never run after a guy, because you deserve to be run after.

Never go out with someone who is waiting for you to take the first step or organize your dates. Someone who obviously doesn’t care about you that much.

8. Never go out with someone who makes you seem worthless. Someone who thinks above you. Someone who insults you because he thinks he is better than you.

He is not sure of himself and he needs to behave like an as**hole, to convince himself that he is better than you.

9. Never go out with someone who doesn’t treat you as a priority. Someone who always thinks of him first. Someone who is so selfish that he is unable to see your needs and the fact that you, too, need to be loved.

10. Never go out with someone who treats you like a stress reliever. Someone who spills anger on you. Someone who dumps on you after having a bad day.

Never go out with someone who doesn’t care that you too had a bad day. Someone who screams for no reason. Someone capable of becoming violent when things do not go their way.

11. Never go out with someone who has been unfaithful. Someone who took another’s heart and broke it into a million pieces. There is no guarantee that it will not do the same to you. Unfaithful one day, always unfaithful.

12. Never go out with someone you don’t know anything about. Someone who is so mysterious that he doesn’t open at all. It is normal to have a little bit of mystery at the beginning, but if it continues, it is absolutely not healthy.

13. Never go out with someone who cannot listen. Someone whose problems are important, but for whom yours are not.

Never go out with someone who will carry your burdens and cry on your shoulder, but will be unable to be there when you are going through a difficult time and will need their support.

Someone who talks about their problems, but never listens to you when you are talking.

14. Never date someone who refuses to formalize your relationship. Someone who swears eternal love for you when you are alone, but refuses to take your hand in public.

He may swear to you that he loves you, but if he is not ready to shout it all over the place, it is not true love. Hiding is terribly cowardly.

15. Never go out with someone who criticizes you all the time. There is a big difference between positive criticism and malicious criticism, the sole purpose of which is to harm you.

Never go out with someone who continually comments on things you have done or not done. Someone who feels so insignificant that he needs to put you down to feel good about himself.

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